Reports: Hariri, Mustaqbal Won't Run in Parliamentary Elections


Ex-PM Saad Hariri has told al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc and al-Mustaqbal Movement’s political bureau that he has decided not to take part in the upcoming parliamentary elections -- neither in person nor as a political movement, media reports said on Saturday.

Referring to the meetings that Hariri held on Friday, Mustaqbal bloc sources told al-Joumhouria newspaper that the ex-PM “demonstrated the political scene in general, stopping at the disastrous impact on the economic and financial situations due to the policies adopted by the current presidential tenure.”

“Hariri stressed to the conferees clearly and frankly that he has decided not to take part at all in the elections, neither in person nor through his political movement,” the sources added.

“Some of the bloc’s MPs expressed their rejection of this decision as others expressed their fears, insisting that ex-PM Hariri should stay in this race. Hariri, however, underlined his insistence on the matter and told them that it is final and irreversible,” the sources revealed.

The sources added that Hariri told the conferees that he would not endorse any candidate and that those wishing to nominate themselves can do so in their personal capacity.

The ex-PM is meanwhile scheduled to hold another meeting with his bloc on Monday, after which he would officially announce the non-participation decision.

Al-Joumhouria for its part reported that “intensive contacts are underway in a bid to convince ex-PM Hariri to reverse his decision, especially that such a step can lead to unpleasant scenarios.”

“Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat does not prefer Hariri’s exit and considers it -- should it happen -- a big mistake,” the daily said.

“The contacts with ex-PM Hariri have not stopped,” PSP sources told the newspaper.

Speaker Nabih Berri is also exerting efforts with Hariri through his political aide MP Ali Hassan Khalil, stressing the importance of “ex-PM Hariri and his political movement’s representation, both on the Sunni level and on the general political level,” al-Joumhouria said.

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Missing formerlebaniz 23 January 2022, 02:30

It's not a mistake, it's the smartest decision he has ever made. It's a sham election regardless of who is elected, Hizbullah will be in control of the country. The people that will be elected are going to be clowns a facade a make believe government that has no control over anything and ruled by HIzbullah. Than whoever from these elected stands up to them and gain some traction a bullet is waiting for them.

Thumb 23 January 2022, 05:21

it looks like the sword of damocles is hanging over their heads... those who'll seek to sabotage Lebanon's salvation will be minced meat, Mustaqbal is probably the first of a long list to bail out of the elections.