Lebanon Seizes Captagon Concealed in Tea Shipment


The Lebanese authorities have seized a large quantity of Captagon hidden in a tea shipment bound for Saudi Arabia, the interior minister announced.

"Painstaking police work led to the seizure of a Captagon shipment, which was headed to Togo in Africa," Bassam Mawlawi said at a press conference.

The shipment's final destination was meant to be Saudi Arabia, which the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime says is the world's biggest consumer of Captagon, a stimulant derived from a banned fenethylline-based drug.

The amphetamine pills, likely manufactured in Lebanon or Syria, were concealed in a seven-ton shipment of tea at Beirut port, Mawlawi said.

Saudi Arabia slapped devastating trade restrictions last year on Beirut after a huge shipment originating from Lebanon was seized, containing Captagon concealed in pomegranates.

Lebanon is embroiled in its worst ever economic crisis and is keen to mend ties with the kingdom and other Gulf countries.

In another major seizure at Beirut port last month, around nine million Captagon pills were found hidden in fake oranges.

According to an AFP count, more than 25 million pills of Captagon have been seized across the region since the start of the year alone.

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Thumb marcus 26 January 2022, 13:22

" Captagon shipment, which was headed to Togo in Africa,"
"The shipment's final destination was meant to be Saudi Arabia"

I don't see a Shia connection here, do you?

Thumb marcus 26 January 2022, 15:54

Always providing an excuse for your terror militia! It goes beyond corrupt border police: It is your shia terror militia that harbors these drug dealers and protects them because it benefits from them.

Thumb i.report 27 January 2022, 01:06

In sick people’s mentalities the victims are responsible. A drug addict for using, a girl for getting raped, a car owner for not showing the gloves compartment and trunk are empty of valuables.

Forget it, it’s hopeless.

Thumb Puppet 27 January 2022, 01:37

I have the utmost respect and deepest appreciation for Mrs. wireless for its awareness that drug use in Saudi Arabia is a society problem at large due to underground partying and richesse.