AMAL Bloc Rejects How Budget was Passed and New Taxes


The Development and Liberation bloc of the Amal Movement on Friday stressed its “rejection of the manner in which the state budget was approved” Thursday in Cabinet.

In a statement issued after a meeting, the bloc also rejected “that the budget include any new taxes or fees targeting the Lebanese, of whom the vast majority has become under the poverty line.”

It also said that it categorically rejects maintaining “the approach of exhausting the state’s finances by giving loans to Electricite du Liban without obtaining electricity and amid the absence of the sector’s regulatory commission and a clear plan by the relevant ministry.”

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Thumb sevilla 11 February 2022, 16:16

Mere Propaganda! The Finance Minister who prepared the budget is an AMAL member-:)
Demagoguery at its best!

Missing kuluna_lil_watan 12 February 2022, 15:38

totally agree... this is all staged to delay elections until the US-Iran negotiations are over

Missing kuluna_lil_watan 12 February 2022, 15:41

This "government" is nothing more than different mafia factions fighting for wealth distribution

Missing rabiosa 12 February 2022, 18:03

Cut the size of the bureaucracy and the redundant useless employees of who show at 11 and by 2 PM they're gone for the day, that if if they show up. That's where you need to start, then the keiminatio of some ministries and other government agencies. You will have a surplus in no time.