Army contains clash between Hezbollah members, Rmeish residents


Hezbollah members clashed overnight with residents of the southern border town of Rmeish, prompting the army to intervene to contain the situation.

During the clash, residents of the town reportedly urged UNIFIL forces to protect them from “gunmen surrounding the town.”

According to media reports, the incident started when a Rmeish resident was chopping wood in the Qatmoun area in the outskirts of his town. But “Hezbollah members intercepted him and prevented him from continuing his work, opening fire in the area,” the reports added.

On social media, Hezbollah supporters accused the Rmeish man of “cutting trees to expose a resistance post, as Israeli bulldozers were also cutting trees on the occupied side of the border.” Other Hezbollah supporters meanwhile said that the incident will not affect Christian-Muslim coexistence in the area.

Anti-Hezbollah activists meanwhile said that “after the tough response from Bkirki against Haret Hreik in the wake of the detention of Archbishop Moussa al-Hajj, Hezbollah has started provocations in the border areas, as if the Christians of the Lebanese south are an easy prey.”

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Thumb ansarullah 30 July 2022, 13:33

God bless our Shia resistance aka Hezbollah for doing whatever it takes including the use of force to protect the environment and reduce global warming. In addition to using eco friendly ammunition and solar powered drones, our Shia resistance prohibits the cutting of trees due to its negative impact on the environment. Some of the Christian residents of the South are lured in by the Saudi-American-Israeli coalition and are hell bent on undermining our Shia resistance and damage the eco system.

In Shia controlled and governed areas, our rivers are pristine and the water is sparkling. Pollution is at an all time low and tourists from across the globe come to Shia controlled areas to enjoy the beauty and purity of our villages.

Shia Shea Shia !!!

Thumb 30 July 2022, 14:19

Ah , the good people from the resistance protectors of the environment and biodiversity ل و ل

١٤٤٤ will be another good year under the auspices of Hezbollah. ‏شكرا إيران

Thumb boulos1010 31 July 2022, 04:47

Pound sand AH

Missing HellAndWaite 30 July 2022, 19:59

Was anyone arrested and taken into custody for breaking the law?

What did UNIFIL do to enforce United Nations resolutions, as set in their mandate/mission?

Missing gabriel01 30 July 2022, 21:24

Those Iranians in Lebanon are a funny bunch. Hilarious religious extremists.