Nasrallah dismisses Israeli threats, says awaiting demarcation proposal


Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Monday dismissed Israel’s latest warnings over any escalation related to the dispute over offshore gas, as he said that like Lebanon, his party is also waiting for Israel’s response to the latest Lebanese proposal.

“I will not say anything new. We have said everything that we should say. Now we are all waiting. The Israelis are talking a lot these days -- positively and negatively -- but we should wait,” Nasrallah said in a televised address.

“Those who waited more than ten years can wait for a few more days. No problem,” he added.

“Let us wait and stay calm. We’re always hearing threats and the last one who threatened was (Israeli Defense Minister Benny) Gantz,” Nasrallah went on to say.

He added: “To us, all of these threats are of no value. Our decision, rhetoric and orientation are clear and we are awaiting the coming days to act accordingly.”

Nasrallah has repeatedly warned that Hezbollah will “escalate” against Israel if Lebanon’s demands in the sea border demarcation file are not met.

  • 22 August 2022, 22:58

    Nasrallah: Let's stay calm. We will await the few remaining days and act accordingly.

  • 22 August 2022, 22:57

    Nasrallah: I will not say anything new about the sea border demarcation file and all of the threats are of no value to us.

  • 22 August 2022, 22:53

    Nasrallah: It is a national duty to liberate what's left of the occupied Lebanese territory.

  • 22 August 2022, 22:53

    Nasrallah: The army-people-resistance equation has become a firm equation, even if it does not get mentioned in the ministerial policy statement.

  • 22 August 2022, 22:52

    Nasrallah: We should preserve the resistance and its readiness and all the campaigns and rumors cannot discourage this resistance. This is a humanitarian, religious, national and pan-national duty.

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Thumb gebran_sons 22 August 2022, 23:26

Hizbollah in more descriptive terms:
- Iran’s Foreign Legion
- Lebanese Brainwashed Basij
- Shia Taliban
- Rafiq Hariri Assassins
- Democracy Assassins
- Civility & Freedom Assassins
- Freedom and Sovereignty Mortal Enemy
- Arm worshipers & indoctrinated children soldiers
- Muslim Brotherhood 2.0
- Patron of Useful Idiots from Aoun to Bassil & Frangie
- Lebanon Assassins
- History trash

Missing HellAndWaite 23 August 2022, 00:02

Hiding Hassan: snatching Lebanon's defeat from the jaws of victory for over 30 years.

"Resistance', in all its forms, is a lie.

Thumb 23 August 2022, 00:52

I found a photo of lord Hassan without turban: Google cercopithèque blanc

Thumb sevilla 23 August 2022, 04:08

يقول السيد ابراهيم الأمين (قيادي في الحزب) في جريدة "النهار" بتاريخ 5/3/2013: "نحن لا نقول اننا جزء من ايران، نحن ايران في لبنان، ولبنان في ايران"

Thumb ansarullah 23 August 2022, 04:19

Major General Abbas Ibrahim may be appointed as State Minister for National Security Affairs in the new cabinet.

Shia Shea Shia !!!

Missing phillipo 23 August 2022, 10:35

"Nasrallah: It is a national duty to liberate what's left of the occupied Lebanese territory."
Could he please inform usas to where exactly he is refering to. If it is Shaba'a Farms he needs to take into consideration that the UN recognises this as Syrian territory.

Missing cedars 23 August 2022, 14:07

If Beirut suburbs are erased from the face of earth could you imagine the aftermath of Nasrallah to come out of his rat's hole. Could you imagine the US dollar to the Lebanese lira rate drop because we become a free country of the farm boys.