Bou Saab says Aoun may receive Hochstein's proposal within 24 hours


Deputy Speaker Elias Bou Saab has said that he is hoping President Michel Aoun will receive within 24 hours a written proposal from U.S. mediator Amos Hochstein regarding the demarcation of the sea border with Israel.

“The proposal will be studied and if it meets the conditions it will be positive and will be capitalized on,” Bou Saab said in a TV interview.

“The atmosphere is positive and we do not want to go too far in optimism pending the written response,” Bou Saab added.

“We have managed to resolve several pending points between the Lebanese and Israeli sides and the solutions are appropriate for Lebanon,” he said.

The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation meanwhile said that Israel is expecting to receive the final format of the U.S. demarcation proposal within days.

“The Israeli security and political affairs cabinet would then meet on Thursday to discuss approving the agreement,” the Corporation added.

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Thumb cedar 01 October 2022, 09:35

Lebanon's border is Horizontal not Diagonal as purported lately. In 1943 when Lebanon's border was created (before the existence of the State of Israel) the border was horizontal. Over 60 years of corruption has turned a blind eye to Israeli occupation of these areas and redrawing digital maps. However the original maps stand.

ALL of the Qana and Karish field are Lebanese, large parts of the Tanin and Tamar are Lebanese. Even the very top of the Leviathan field is on the true Lebanese maritime border of 1943. Enough corruption.

All the Karish for Lebanon, and if they want to negotiate then 50% of the Tanin and Tamar fields split between Israel and Lebanon - plus 15% of the content of the Leviathan field to lebanon.