Berri says border deal draft meets Lebanese demands


Speaker Nabih Berri said Saturday that the draft final agreement submitted by U.S. mediator Amos Hochstein for sea border demarcation with Israel is positive and "in principle meets the Lebanese demands that refuse any impact for the sea agreement on the land border."

In remarks to Asharq al-Awsat newspaper Berri added that the draft consists of "10 English-language pages and requires examination before a final response can be given."

The Speaker also said that the agreement would be signed at the Naqoura border point.

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Missing phillipo 02 October 2022, 13:27

All well and good, but does it neet Hizballah's demands? I very much doubt it, and they will do everything possible to prevent the President from signing the agreement.

Thumb gebran_sons 03 October 2022, 04:30

Of course, demarcating our land borders is far more important for Lebanon's sovereignty, independence and economy. Not to mention all our woes started with Hizb war for Shebaa Farms that Syria still claim it. Now all they care about is selling our gas to give Basin and political mafia more power to oppress and rape the Lebanese population. Never history has seen more corrupt, evil and destructive political mafia with Berri its kingmaker. Wake up people!

Missing phillipo 03 October 2022, 11:38

The only land border problem between Lebanon and Israel is supposed to be the Shaba'a Farms. However, as Syria claims this land as their territory it ceases to be a problem between them. However, the Hizballah terrorists have to continue with their claims on this territory for Lebanon, otherwise they would have no legal basis for their existance, as they stated way back in 2006 that once there are no more land border problems between the two countries they will disband. What we all know now is that even (in our wildest dreams) Lebanon and Israel signed a peace treaty, Hizballah would, under the orders of their bosses in Iran, do all they could to undermine it.