Mikati says presidency solution being prepared abroad


Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati revealed Monday that foreign countries are “preparing” a solution for the Lebanese presidential crisis.

“Yes, according to foreign information, there is something that is being prepared to resolve the crisis, but things need time,” Mikati said in response to a question, during a meeting with a delegation from the Press Editors Syndicate.

As for the possibility of holding new caretaker cabinet sessions following the controversy over the December 5 meeting, Mikati said: “When necessary and urgent, I will call on Cabinet to convene, according to the constitutional powers vested in me, but at the moment there is nothing urgent that requires holding a session.”

Mikati also rejected the so-called “roaming decrees” formula that has been proposed by the Free Patriotic Movement, noting that it would be unconstitutional.

Asked about the deadly attack on UNIFIL in the South, Mikati warned against exaggerating the incident as well as against taking it lightly.

It was not “an ordinary or an occasional incident. It must be taken seriously and full investigations and accountability must take place. I’m following up on this file with the Army Command, which is conducting the necessary investigations, and we hope to reach an outcome soon,” the caretaker PM added.

Responding to a question, Mikati said: “Seeing as the incident took place outside UNIFIL’s area of operations, it is likely that it was not premeditated.”

As for the incidents in the southern border town of Rmeish between residents and elements affiliated with Hezbollah, Mikati revealed that he has requested a “full report” on the issue from the Army Command.

“Cooperation is ongoing between the army and UNIFIL in this file and the posts belonging to the Green Without Borders NGO are being inspected and surveilled,” Mikati added.

Commenting on the reports that alleged that Iranian arms are being brought into the country through Beirut’s airport, Mikati said: “I met last week with the army chief and the security chiefs, and they all emphasized that the investigations that took place had confirmed that the reports were baseless and that no arms were entering through the airport.”

“When the reports on the airport file surfaced and after the UNIFIL incident I intended to call on the Higher Defense Council to convene in my capacity as its deputy head, but I refrained from the move so that I don’t get accused of provoking anyone,” the caretaker PM added.

Mikati also said that his latest meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was “excellent.”

“We talked about matters related to the country and he expressed his love for Lebanon, especially for the Lebanese who live in KSA,” Mikati added.

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Thumb lubnani.masi7i 19 December 2022, 15:40

" but at the moment there is nothing urgent that requires holding a session.”

Exactly! There is nothing urgent ......

Thumb chrisrushlau 19 December 2022, 19:04

The plan reportedly would see Cardinal al Rahi created Emperor.

Thumb i.report 19 December 2022, 21:26

Elagabalus, also known as Heliogabalus, served as a Roman emperor from 218 to 222. Ancient historians put him on the worst emperors' list along Caligula, Nero, and Vitellius. Elagabalus's besetting sin was not as murderous as the others, but rather simply acting in a manner ill-befitting an emperor. Elagabalus instead behaved as a high priest of an exotic and alien god. 

Writers including Herodian and Dio Cassius accused him of feminity, bisexuality, and transvestism. Some report that he worked as a prostitute, set up a brothel in the palace, and may have sought to become the first transsexual, stopping just short of self-castration in his pursuit of alien religions.

His most stable relationship was with his chariot driver, and some sources suggest Elagabalus married a male athlete from Smyrna. He imprisoned, exiled, or executed those who criticized him.

Elagabalus was assassinated in 222 CE.

Thumb i.report 19 December 2022, 21:21

This piece of news is an insult to every Lebanese... "Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati revealed Monday that foreign countries are “preparing” a solution for the Lebanese presidential crisis."

Rise up people, take the matter in your own hands, don't let foreigners decide of your fate and future!