Syrian Forces Kill 126 People, 107 from Homs

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Security forces killed 126 people in Syria on Thursday, 107 of them in Homs in the latest government blitz on the besieged city, said Local Coordination Committees.

Six people were killed in Maarat al-Naaman in Idlib, ten others in Reef Damascus, two in Ain al-Arab Koubani in Aleppo, and one in Latakia.

Activists said that some of the Homs victims were burned beyond recognition.

"Twenty three people have died in the shelling that began at dawn on the Baba Amr neighborhood and one died in Khaldiyeh," said Rami Abdel Rahman of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

"The bodies of several of the victims in Baba Amr were completely charred," said the head of the Britain-based group.

Abdel Rahman said the government assault on the central city, which began on Saturday, has left more than 400 people dead.

Ali Hazuri, a doctor in Baba Amr reached by telephone from Beirut, said the shelling had eased overnight but resumed at daybreak on Thursday.

"The shells are raining down on us and regime forces are using heavy artillery," he said.

Omar Shaker, an activist in Baba Amr also reached by phone, added that residents of the neighborhood were hiding on the ground floor of buildings as there were no underground shelters.

"When you venture outside, you can see craters every 10 meters (yards)," he said.

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Default-user-icon Le phénicien (Guest) 09 February 2012, 15:50

Thank you the magnificent President Bashar Assad , do it to the Sunnis terrorists like your glorious father did it to the Christian terrorists in Zahleh !

Default-user-icon Acerado (Guest) 09 February 2012, 16:14

It's all under control. The people are with you Assad. The Israelis, Americans, Qataris, Saudis, French and Martians are behind it all.

Missing mansour 09 February 2012, 16:27

ahh what glorious footage of the Greater civil war may there be more tomorrow.
i gotta buy more popcorn theres just so much entertainment on i cant stop watching.

Missing peace 09 February 2012, 19:09

IQ = 0 and i m generous

Missing allouchi 09 February 2012, 16:34

Regardless of our political views and associations and believing who's right or wrong...It is a sad day whenever civilians get killed and families are terrified of the sound of bombing and gunfire. We Lebanese have been and shouldn’t wish it on no one.

Default-user-icon LebaneseExpat (Guest) 10 February 2012, 20:50

Well said

Thumb jcamerican 11 February 2012, 09:46

Now I like this comment. FYI I have no political affiliation in Lebanon, because I like none of them.

Default-user-icon DCNZogh (Guest) 09 February 2012, 17:13

This is irresponsible journalism on the part of Naharnet and I am disappointed that a news site of its prestige is not more objective and less hyperbolic.

Default-user-icon disappointed (Guest) 10 February 2012, 03:14

you want objective go read Al Watan

Default-user-icon concerned Syrian (Guest) 09 February 2012, 17:27

The blood of the innocent people of homs are on the hands of LCC and SNC, when you start a revolution or a movemant you better know the end game, you don't start something without thinking of the conseqounces

Default-user-icon what are conseqounces (Guest) 10 February 2012, 03:22

Of course concerned Syrian, I remember how the blood of the innocent Christians people of Lebanese were on the hand of Aoun rather than on the the Syrian army that was murdering them because he started a war without knowing the end game and without thinking of the consequences. And I believe that whoever gave you the thumbs up agrees with both of us.

Default-user-icon GINNY (Guest) 18 March 2012, 02:38

Please help me to understand.I am an American.Why are the citizens in Homs, Syria being killed.Please explain.I am heartbroken to see all the suffering and death is horrible.I pray that you will all learn how to live in peace and harmony.God Bless you all.Ginny

Thumb Nade 09 February 2012, 17:59

Mansour, you must be a sick man these are people that are being killed and some are kids and women.. how can you even talk about celebrating about what is going on?

killing of any humanbeing is wrong, especilaly when it is for a reason of nothing....

Default-user-icon Gabby (Guest) 09 February 2012, 18:01

ASSad is tying the rope from which he will be hung for the world to see.

Thumb Marc 09 February 2012, 18:23

And the world is still watching and contemplating more meetings???

Default-user-icon Rita (Guest) 09 February 2012, 18:30

It seems this guy mansour is with the Syrian regime or hizbollah.! There plan B is to add hatred between the Lebanese & Syrian citizens . But never mind mansour you won't see these scenes of ur heroes bashar & Nasralah killing innocents . For these 2 dictators will be soon from the past

Missing hmorsel 09 February 2012, 18:33

now if this was Israel doing this to any of the arab civilians, oh my god, its just unacceptable but since its Syria than its ok.

Default-user-icon bourse (Guest) 09 February 2012, 18:45


individual like mansour defy the definition of a human being.
You would never ask the question to a sadist or deranged person, mansour is one of those. Regardless of political affiliation or gender or religion,
people should not endure atrocities. All I can say, may their faith, whatever that may be, help them through this dire calamity.

Missing samiam 09 February 2012, 18:48

Syria hasn't used a bullet on the Israeli's since 1973--all of them have been spent on their own people, and our people unfortunately.

Missing hmorsel 09 February 2012, 19:04

typical arab responce, "oh no the world wont help us" "we need the west to help"

Missing peace 09 February 2012, 19:07

oh! didnt bashar promised the russians to stop violence? LOL!

Missing realist 09 February 2012, 19:34

The Syrian army has been designed and prepared for this day for 40 years, not to fight israel of course but to fight the people. the beauty of this revolution is that it destroyed all the masks from damascus to the slums of da7iye. The real mission of the army is to kill as many Syrian sunis as possible to keep the alawis in power. Israel is an artificial "enemy" (for sale to idiots like habalamel and mowaten) and tacit allies, the real enemy is the suni masses. This is a classic example of minorities holding on to power at any cost.

Missing realist 10 February 2012, 03:25

99% of the victims happen to be sunis and 99% of the perpetrators happen to be alawis. Who has the heart to snipe children?: serbs against bosnian muslims, jews against palestenian muslims, alawis against syrian muslims. Genocides are 99% of the time sectarianly motivated. Take a wild guess what type of war it is.

Default-user-icon Murad (Guest) 10 February 2012, 08:40

Who has the heart to snipe children? The Alawis, right? Is that what you're saying? I guess you're not sectarian, right? Videos of dead children is not proof of Alawis sniping children you piece of sectarian shit.

Missing mansour 09 February 2012, 21:45

peace the only person with an IQ with 0 is you , and i dont give a shit who dies or gets kidnapped or raped in Syria.Do you want to know why,because it is what they deserve and alot more for what they did to the Lebanese and for the lebanese they still hold in there jails so before you want to come here and play the Angelina Jolie O we love everybody just remember what you do to others comes back full they deserve what there getting and if anyone wants to educate me and say that im wrong then by all means but dont come here and play the I LOVE everyone shit!

Missing peace 09 February 2012, 22:00

oh! you are going to get an ulcer very soon... what do syrian citizens have to do with lebanese? you should hate their regime not the citizen who just has to shut up...

you d better learn to love, it good for your ulcer :)

Missing allouchi 09 February 2012, 22:20

monsour, I truly hate the Syrian government but not the people who are oppressed by their criminal regime.

Missing realist 09 February 2012, 22:33

msansour, the syrian thugs who did evil to the lebanese are the very same thugs doing thugs doing evil to the syrian women and children in humus and elsewhere. you have to be educated and mature about this man, 3ayb

Thumb jabalamel 09 February 2012, 22:14

the filthy zionist media terrorist are furious because rebelion will be crushed soon and now they have all sorts of raging hallucinations.

Missing peace 10 February 2012, 00:40

lol the zionist jabalahbal has again tried to say something!

Missing realist 10 February 2012, 03:26

was the rebelion in south lebanon "crushed" by israel??? allah yehdeek

Missing realist 10 February 2012, 03:30

You just can't wrap your brain around the fact that nasralah might be wrong lol. Ya 3ayb chum ya jabalamel, how do you support the genocide of your fellow muslims?

Missing aboulabed 10 February 2012, 11:56

min kil 3a2lak 3am tredd 3ala ha satleh haida... habal sorry t2akhart 3laik bil 3admeh lyom yalla jeyilak habibi....

Missing lebanesso 10 February 2012, 17:25

Jabalamel is a secular non religious shiite, why would he care about religious muslims?

actually ppl like him want more bloodshed.

Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) 09 February 2012, 22:39

The rebellion will be crushed soon? The whole Syrian armed forces can't stop women and children from protesting and it's been going for almost a year. The mighty Syrian resistance army resisting by killing its own people and bombarding its own cities while the Golan heights are occupied and the people are being starved. Reminds me of the resistance of Huzb Allah that spends its time assassinating Lebanese leaders and occupying Beirut.

Thumb shab 10 February 2012, 01:50

Things will change. Slowly but surely

Missing realist 10 February 2012, 03:28

The french revolution lasted for three years. The right question is this: is the regime weaker than it was 11 months ago? yes, are the defections in the army on the rise? yes, is the economy falling apart? yes, is the rebelion wider? yes. Do the math and you would know that versus time the regime will fall as a mathematical certainty.

Default-user-icon A proud Lebanese (Guest) 10 February 2012, 05:22

Dear Mansour. While I sympathize with the Lebanese families that have suffered at the hands of the Syrian regime (including mine), I'd like to remind you that it wasn't the Syrian women and children who inflicted pain on the Lebanese, but the Syrian army. It's quite disrespectful, inhumane and inconsiderate to wish pain on others... And while I will continue to pray to Jesus to protect the innocent in Syria, I will also pray for him to give you wisdom and knowledge so you can be a more loving and caring individual.

Missing mansour 10 February 2012, 08:29

peace i do love, i love when i watch the news and see syria in flames.And as for your comments as to not blame syrian citizens well tuff was the syrian army who were following orders but they had a choice back then to either help or to commit crimes such as Murder,kidnappings,rape and the crimes go on and on.One last thing the same people who were in the syrian army back in the 70 thru to present were all those grubs who are some how calling for freedom may they never see it.thank you

Missing peace 10 February 2012, 10:54


Missing lebanesso 10 February 2012, 17:22

So going by your logic , all the people killed by lebanese should also blame all lebanese. Right? The recent terror plot in thailand, gives all of the thai people the right to hate all lebanese...

Lek skout we khras wlak majnoun. If we are to hate all syrians then lets start by hating ourselves first bcuz not only are we syrian in origin but nobody killed more lebanese than we lebanese.

Grow up. And you should change your name bcuz mansour is a common name among syrians, both first name and family name :)

Default-user-icon Jameel (Guest) 10 February 2012, 18:52

Dear Mansour
Like many of us, you have probably suffered a major loss in the Lebanese war, be it a house, a hometown, or a the life of a loved one. It's easy to look at what's happening in Syria and say payback time. I was like you at one time, consumed with anger and bitterness and it almost destroyed me. It also reduces you to the level of these evil monsters. We will never forget the Syrian atrocities in Lebanon but we have to forgive and move on. Let God be the judge.

Default-user-icon Girgis (Guest) 10 February 2012, 18:21

It is the evil regime that is responsible for all the atrocities in Lebanon. Unfortunately, all the troops who served in the Syrian army in Lebanon were trained to be ruthless and oppressive and they're practicing that brand of violence in their own country now. This applies to both sides.

Default-user-icon nellie (Guest) 22 February 2012, 03:26

such evil in this world..only a monster would be killing innocent makes me sick...Vengenace is mine says the Lord...their day will come..maybe sooner than they think.....