Iran says Iraq-based Kurd groups 'involved' in drone attack


Iran has accused Iraq-based Kurdish groups of being "involved" in a drone attack last week against a defence ministry site in the central province of Isfahan, Iranian media reported Wednesday.

"Parts of the drones that attacked the workshop complex of the defence ministry in Isfahan, along with explosive materials, were transferred to Iran with the participation and guidance of the Kurdish anti-revolutionary groups based in Iraq's Kurdistan region," Nour news agency said.

Iranian authorities reported an "unsuccessful" drone attack late Saturday that targeted a defence ministry "workshop complex" in Isfahan province, home to the Natanz nuclear enrichment facility.

An anti-aircraft system destroyed one drone and two others exploded, the defence ministry said, adding that there were no casualties and only minor damage to the site.

Nour charged that Kurdish groups brought the drone parts and explosive materials into Iran from "one of the hardly accessible routes in the northwest" upon "the order of a foreign security service".

The news agency, considered close to the Islamic republic's Supreme National Security Council, did not specify which country's security service it accused of being behind the attack. It said the drone parts were delivered to the "service's liaison in a border city".

"The parts and materials have been assembled and used for sabotage in an advanced workshop by trained forces," Nour said.

Some Western media have blamed the attack on Iran's arch foe Israel.

Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region hosts camps and rear-bases operated by several Iranian Kurdish rebel groups, which Iran has accused of serving Western or Israeli interests in the past.

In November, Iran launched cross-border missile and drone strikes against several of the groups in Iraq, accusing them of stoking the nationwide protests triggered by the death in custody in September of Iranian Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini.

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