Jumblat 'searching for president', his picks not final


Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat is searching for a president, he told Annahar newspaper in remarks published Wednesday.

"I am trying to find common ground and to break through the impasse in order to elect a president, until an Arab-international initiative crystallizes," Jumblat said.

Jumblat went on to say that not only Hezbollah but all parties are not clear when it comes to the presidential file, and that he is trying to find common ground between all parties.

He added that the three names he has nominated for presidency are not final and that there are many other names.

Jumblat had named Army chief Gen. Joseph Aoun, former MP Salah Honein and former minister Jihad Azour.

A local media report said Wednesday that Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, who had met with Jumblat on Tuesday, has no veto against Gen. Aoun, while sources close to the Democratic Gathering bloc reportedly said that it is not confirmed whether Berri is convinced with nominating the army chief.

Meanwhile, sources close to Berri told al-Joumhouria, in remarks published also Wednesday, that despite the differences between Berri and Jumblat, Berri is convinced that he and Jumblat will always meet on the major junctures.

Jumblat considered MP and presidential candidate Michel Mouawad a confrontational president for some parties, and urged him to cooperate in order to find a consensual president.

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