Lebanon to send rescue teams to quake-hit Syria


The Lebanese Civil Defense announced Tuesday that it will send a team of twenty members to Syria to provide emergency relief to the populations on the ground after a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake that rocked southeastern Turkey and northern Syria early Monday.

The Lebanese Civil Defense members will participate in search and rescue operations.

The Lebanese Army meanwhile announced that it will send 15 soldiers from its Engineering Regiment to the neighboring country.

A Lebanese Red Cross team is also on its way to assist with search and rescue efforts in Syria, at the request of the Lebanese and Syrian governments and in coordination with the Syrian Red Crescent, the LRC said Tuesday in a statement.

The Amal-affiliated Islamic Rissala Scout Association also said it was sending rescue teams to neighboring Syria.

Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati had asked Monday caretaker ministers Nasser Yassin and Ali Hamieh to contact the Turkish and Syrian authorities in order to provide aid after the earthquake.

Later on Monday, the Lebanese Army dispatched 20 soldiers from the Engineering Regiment to Turkey, while Hamieh said that Lebanese rescue teams will help Syria, despite the economic crisis in Lebanon.

Hamieh announced Tuesday that Beirut's airport and the ports of Beirut and Tripoli will be open to receive tax-exempt humanitarian aid destined for Syria.

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Thumb shoo-yaba 09 February 2023, 17:37

Why doesn't HA send a group of their men to help suffering people, or are they only sent to fight and destroy?