Report: Shea tells Berri US not opposed to Franjieh election


Speaker Nabih Berri has recently asked U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea whether her country is against the election as president of Marada Movement chief Suleiman Franjieh, a media report said.

“Why would we want to be against him and what if he gets elected?” al-Akhbar newspaper quoted Shea as telling Berri during the Ain el-Tineh meeting.

The daily also noted that Shea and her French countrepart Anne Grillo had repeatedly told Lebanese officials that their governments have no candidates for the Lebanese presidency and that they do not intend to engage in nominations.

“They also said that the U.S. and French governments are confident that no president elected in Lebanon would be hostile to them so that they take a negative stance on any of those whose names are being circulated,” the newspaper added.

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Thumb gebran_sons 23 February 2023, 22:42

The US again selling Lebanon to the Basij, similar to have abandoned Iranian freedom seekers. It seems Biden is Competing with Aoun for worst president in history, structurally and irreversibly damaging the foundation of their respective countries. If this other HizbIran Useful Idiot Frangieh is elected, after disposing of the previous Useful idiots Aoun & Bassil; it will be time for diaspora to stop all money transfer to Lebanon and declare Lebanon under occupation and form a Mount Lebanon government in exile. Let us see how long the Basij & puppets can stay afloat without diaspora financial support.

Missing HellAndWaite 24 February 2023, 14:04

It is we who are doing it to ourselves, not the United States.

Past time for Lebanese to stay on two feet, come what may. Reclining at te curbside and begging from others was never our way before

Thumb 24 February 2023, 18:19

Finally, you're realizing just like I did that the US, France and the West are no better than Iran. They've sold us to foreign entities over and over since the inception of Lebanon. tour à tour, they sold us to Syria, Israel and finally Iran.

We musn't rely on anyone for help.

Thumb gebran_sons 24 February 2023, 06:17

Gebran_sons values are the same as the Cedar Revolution principles and at the heart of Lebanese culture. The principles of freedom, independence, sovereignty, justice, civility, tolerance and human rights. Half the country participated in Cedar Revolution and share these principles. Only one missing were those with allegiance to Iran or Syria. Complete waste of time to convince those not believing in Cedar Revolution principles. Yes, FPM, SSNP, Marada are all traitors by any objective standard. Time to regroup those believing in these principles. In any civilized nation it is a crime to pass next to someone desperate for help and not assisting. Us in the diaspora are sending money that is preventing hunger but indirectly supporting the occupation and political mafia. Time for this to change and clear out all this mafia in one stroke: Cedar Revolution II with or without the rest of Lebanon.