Change MPs say Geagea part of system, 'another face of Hezbollah'


Change MPs Halima Kaakour and Ibrahim Mneimneh accused Tuesday Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea of being part of the sectarian and traditional system, after he attacked them in a press interview.

Geagea had said that Kaakour and Mneimneh are "on another planet" as he accused them of living in the past by refusing to coordinate with the opposition.

"They want to abolish political sectarianism, and they want Arab unity and they want to liberate Palestine at the same time, and they are hypersensitive to everything that happened in the past, including the Lebanese Forces," Geagea said.

Kaakour responded that Geagea does not have the right to decide how the opposition should be and that he is part of the sectarian system that the Change MPs have rebelled against.

"We have not and will not bow to any pressure from any side to become part of the (rival political) camps. I will only side with the concept of the modern state and the rights of all people," Kaakour said.

"These MPs are ideological," Geagea had said earlier. "But they are ideological in the other direction, not against Hezbollah but against something that doesn't exist anymore" he stressed, which led Mneimneh to respond that "confronting Hezbollah does not exclusively have to pass through Maarab."

"You and all the other establishment's parties are a cover for Hezbollah and another face for it," Mneimneh said.

"We did not enter the political work to revive previous polarization and divisions, or participate in shady deals and quotas," the Change MP went on to say.

The Lebanese Forces snapped back that the MPs comments are not logical or factual, challenging them to mention a single corruption instance related to the LF.

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Missing rabiosa 28 March 2023, 17:52

I am not a special pleader to any party, but I suspected and have been proven right as i have been about money exchangers, that these so-called "Change MPs" are not about change or anything. They are just bunch of go against the flow just to go against the flow. They stand for nothing, have no principle, they just shout slogans with no effective way of going about it to affect the "change" they so stand for. Bunch of losers.

if the election law was just on the basis of One Man One Vote, most of the 128 MPs will not be there, let alone the se so-called "Change MPs"

Missing thecause 28 March 2023, 18:01

These so called 'change' MP'S are a disgrace!

Thumb chrisrushlau 28 March 2023, 19:26

There is a limit to how incoherent political speech can get before people decide to get involved. Forces of Change accuse Geagea of being an ally of Hezbullah!
One of these days, Lebanon's Shia majority and, separately and belatedly, Hezbullah will decide to face the wrath of the US, Israel, and partners by getting rid of political sectarianism and installing majority rule.

Thumb _citizen_ 29 March 2023, 00:24

God and the Mahdi bless you @Chris; you are a true Christian.