Berri says won't open parliament in absence of 'serious nominations'


Speaker Nabih Berri on Thursday stressed that he will not call for a presidential election session in the absence of “at least two serious nominations.”

“Parliament’s doors have not and will not be shut in the face of a presidential election session should at least two serious presidential nominations be announced,” Berri said in a statement, emphasizing that “distortions and threats” against him are “of no use.”

The opposition and the Free Patriotic Movement have recently said that they have agreed on ex-minister Jihad Azour as a presidential candidate, but the FPM is yet to officially endorse him, arguing that there should be consultations over “the program and the election mechanism.”

The FPM has also argued that Azour should be a “consensus” candidate and not a candidate aimed at “confronting” the Hezbollah-led camp.

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Thumb lubnani.masi7i 01 June 2023, 14:47

Berri says won't open parliament in absence of 'serious nominations'

Where does it say in the constitution there has to be a serious nomination before Berri will open parliament? Who decides what a serious nomination is?

He needs to meet @Skeletor!

Missing rabiosa 01 June 2023, 15:05

As if his own candidate is serious. The guy has not annoyed his candidacy and say he only will dose when he has enough votes. What kind of idiocy is that. It's time all announced candidates whomever they might be and after the deadline day has passed, must have their names and pictures printed on the ballots and distributed to the 128 so-called MPs and a box next to their name and let them check mark who they vote for. No white ballots or written names. Any one that has such a thing will be automatically thrown out. So you idiot MP that writes a name or some slogan you deserve your vote to be voided.