Report: Lebanese parties to be invited to dialogue in Riyadh


France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt are mulling the idea of inviting all Lebanese parties, topped by Hezbollah, to a dialogue table that will be held in Riyadh, after Paris, Doha and Cairo were ruled out as locations, informed sources said.

“The French envoy (Jean-Yves Le Drian) will discuss the idea with the Iranians and will propose it to the Lebanese parties after Eid al-Adha, seeing as his current tour is exploratory,” the sources told ad-Diyar newspaper in remarks published Thursday.

“Le Drian’s meetings will lead to a ‘new Doha’ (conference) that will be held (in Riyadh) between mid-August and September 1 due to the Saudi preoccupation with the Sudanese file,” the sources added.

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