Gemayel says Lebanon reached 'point of no return' after Kahaleh clashes


Kataeb party leader Sami Gemayel said Thursday that the situation is dangerous and unacceptable, after deadly clashes between Hezbollah members and residents of the Christian town of Kahaleh left two dead.

"We are no longer ready to coexist with these arms and this armed militia in Lebanon," Gemayel decried.

A truck belonging to Hezbollah had overturned on the Kahaleh highway Wednesday and was followed by a shooting during which a Hezbollah member and a Kahaleh resident were killed.

"We know that the political power is hijacked and that the army is carrying out orders, but the army must realize that it cannot protect or cover the transfer of arms and militants across all of Lebanon," Gemayel charged. "Protecting Lebanon and the Lebanese is the army's responsibility."

"What would have happened if this truck was carrying explosives," he angrily asked. "We cannot continue like this, we've reached the point of no return."

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Thumb 10 August 2023, 16:07

Completely useless, all Talk talk talk and no plan of action.