3 children and woman killed in Israeli strike on car in south Lebanon


Four relatives of a journalist were killed on Sunday in an Israeli strike in southern Lebanon, the official Lebanese news agency said, adding that the journalist was also wounded.

The border area between Lebanon and Israel has seen multiple exchanges of fire, in particular between Hezbollah and Israel, since the start of the Israel-Hamas war triggered by the Palestinian group's October 7 attacks.

The National News Agency (NNA) said the four victims are the sister of radio correspondent Samir Ayoub and her three grandchildren, aged 10, 12 and 14.

They were following the journalist's car in another vehicle when they were killed.

Earlier Sunday, four rescue workers were injured in an Israeli bombing in southern Lebanon that hit two ambulances, according to the association that owned the vehicles and state media.

NNA said an Israeli strike targeted two ambulances belonging to the Risala Scout association, which operates rescue teams and is affiliated with the Amal movement, a Hezbollah ally.

The association said "a drone from the Israeli occupation forces deliberately targeted... the two vehicles, causing moderate injuries to four paramedics."

It said the attack took place at dawn when the two ambulances were called to evacuate wounded in the village of Tayr Harfa, some three kilometers (two miles) from the border with Israel.

The Israeli army said it had used a drone to target a "terrorist cell that attempted to fire from Lebanon toward the area of Rosh Hanikra in northern Israel."

It said troops had observed "two suspicious vehicles" in the area, but said "the strike was directed at the terrorist cell and not at the vehicles."

Lebanon's health ministry condemned "a cowardly and barbaric attack."

Since October 7, at least 81 people have been killed on the Lebanese side in cross-border skirmishes, according to an AFP tally, including 59 Hezbollah fighters.

Six soldiers and two civilians have been killed on the Israeli side.

On October 13, Reuters journalist Issam Abdallah was killed and six other journalists, including two from AFP, were wounded while covering the cross-border fighting in southern Lebanon.

Lebanese authorities have accused Israel of being behind the strikes.

Hezbollah said two more of its fighters were killed on Sunday morning.

Rising tensions on the border have raised concerns that the Israel's war to destroy Hamas in Gaza could become a wider conflagration.

In his first speech since the fighting erupted between Israel and Hamas, Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Friday accused the United States of being "entirely responsible" for the war.

He also warned Israel against the "folly" of an attack on Lebanon, adding that halting its "aggression against Gaza" would prevent a regional conflict.

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Missing gabriel01 05 November 2023, 20:26

Why would anyone bring his relatives to a dangerous war zone.

Thumb justin 06 November 2023, 03:49

You make it sound it was their fault they were killed by Israel???!

Missing gabriel01 06 November 2023, 07:35

Wasn’t my intention. But the guy is a journalist covering the war. Why bring his family?

Thumb Mystic 06 November 2023, 13:55

Gabriel you must be Israeli. You don't deserve any attention at all. Only inhuman people can condone these acts.

Missing gabriel01 07 November 2023, 13:23

I find you Iranian extremists funny, accusing everyone who don’t agree with your opinion and with your blind hatred towards jews. Let’s say it as it is. Ana libnene who bheb Libnane. Inta Mastique Irani and you’re ready to follow the Iranian mullahs’ orders even if it means the destruction of Lebanon. I love my country Lebanon and life. You love mysticism and death which you call martyrdom. Enough time wasted on writing back to extremists like you, ireport, BKL. You seem to have a mainmise on Naharnet and resort to childish and ridiculous threats and insults when anyone doesn’t agree with your decisions. Good luck and may the True God bless.

Missing gabriel01 07 November 2023, 13:46

Where do you see me condoning this war crime my Iranian buddy?

Thumb i.report 06 November 2023, 15:04

They’re the victims and you blame them, that’s beneath even someone like you.

Missing gabriel01 06 November 2023, 15:17

Didn’t you blame the civilian victims on October 7? That is pretty low as you said.

Missing gabriel01 06 November 2023, 15:28

And no one is blaming the victims of a war crime. Calm down. You people with your extremist views are incorrigible. Always resorting to insults and threats when someone doesn’t agree with you. With extremists like you in Lebanon, our country doesn’t stand a chance. You guys can’t even have a normal conversation and use logical arguments to get your point across. Ya de3anak ya libnene.

Missing gabriel01 06 November 2023, 15:31

I guess all smart and educated Lebanese all left the country. Shi bihazzin.

Thumb Mystic 06 November 2023, 13:52

God bless the martyrs alongside Gaza.