Netanyahu warns Hezbollah as Halevi approves 'defense and attack plans'


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday issued a warning to Hezbollah amid escalating tensions on the border, saying the Lebanese group is “playing with fire.”

“There are those who think they can expand their attacks against our troops and against civilians. This is playing with fire,” Netanyahu said, without explicitly mentioning Hezbollah. “Fire will be met with much stronger fire. They must not try us, because we have displayed only a little part of our power. We will harm those who harm us,” he added.

“We are going to win. There are no pauses. This isn’t an operation, this isn’t another round of fighting. We are going here for total victory … We will restore security in the north and in the south … Hamas will be eliminated,” Netanyahu went on to say.

Israeli army Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi meanwhile held a situation assessment at the Northern Command together with the Northern Command Commander, in which he approved “defense and attack plans” for continuing the battle on Lebanon’s front and instructed that all forces maintain readiness, an army spokesman said.

"We are preparing strongly with action plans for the North. Our mission is to bring security. The security situation will not be abandoned in such a way that the residents of the north will not feel safe to return to their homes,” Halevi said, according to the spokesman.

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Thumb farsical.resistance 13 November 2023, 22:23

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the main event! In this corner, weighing in at 64Kg soaking wet, in the light blue trunks, hailing from Tel Aviv: Bibi The Clown Yahoo! And in this corner, weighing in at 135Kg wearing his turban and yellow and green onesie, hailing from Somewhere under Dahieh, with 0 defeats, 0 wins, but plenty of self proclaimed "divine victories: Mr undefeated, hassin The Septic Taaank! These two hate each other and the exchange of verbal threats earlier almost broke out into a full on brawl.. almost."
Bibi and hassin are like professional wrestlers, they scream, threaten each others, but when it comes to fighting, although spectacular and entertaining, everyone but the gullible know it's fake.
Unfortunately unlike in the WWE, in their fake fight here the innocent announcers, spectators and even people outside the venue are the ones getting injured and killed. Bibi, hassin and their managers get to share the proceeds from the merchandise sales and gate receipts.

Thumb 13 November 2023, 22:46

Natanyahu doesn't know what he's doing! The Chief of Staff's approval of "defense and attack plans" without a clear exit strategy or de-escalation plan raises concerns about unintended consequences and further escalation.

In a way it's akin to witnessing a child struggling in the vastness of the sea, desperately expending energy in a state of agitation. Despite the fervent efforts and the visible turmoil, the inevitable outcome seems bleak—there is a sense of helplessness as the child is bound to succumb to the overpowering force of the water.

Thumb farsical.resistance 14 November 2023, 16:24

You are correct In fact the only thing Bibi knows for sure is that, when all this is over, he's going to jail. This is why he's prolonging this war with everchanging goals, hoping for the best. At least in Israel they will ultimately hold their leaders accountable. I wish did this here. But how could we with the general mentality we seem to have, despite it all, "my leader right or wrong".

Thumb 14 November 2023, 22:16

In the intricate landscape of politics, there are moments when individuals like Natanyahu bear a resemblance to a metaphorical cornered rat. Picture a scenario where the pressures of intense scrutiny, political adversities, and crises converge, creating an analogous corner. In this constrained space, he may, akin to the unpredictability of a rat, exhibit unexpected maneuvers and a readiness to make sacrifices in order to safeguard their political viability.

Thumb 14 November 2023, 22:16

scrutinizing Western democracies, a stark reality emerges—one that doesn't necessarily inspire envy. Take, for instance, the case of Sarkozy in France, found guilty of numerous offenses yet never stepping foot in prison. Similarly, the U.S. has witnessed the likes of the Bushes, Clintons, and Obama, figures burdened with accusations that, despite their gravity, never translated into trials and prison sentences. It's a pattern that suggests a disconcerting truth: certain individuals, seemingly impervious to legal repercussions, operate beyond the constraints of the law.

Thumb 14 November 2023, 22:17

This observation forces a blunt acknowledgment of a two-tiered justice system, where the lofty echelons of power provide a shield against the consequences that others might face. It raises pointed questions about the integrity of democratic institutions when those who should be accountable seem, at times, untouchable. Far from subtle, this stark reality prompts a critical examination of whether the principles of equal justice under the law hold true when some individuals, by virtue of their position, appear exempt from the very accountability democracy promises.

Thumb chrisrushlau 15 November 2023, 22:21

This observation forces a blunt acknowledgment of a two-tiered justice system,

Thumb chrisrushlau 15 November 2023, 22:24

This observation forces a blunt acknowledgment of a two-tiered justice system, whereby proponents of Lebanon's Christian supremacy (Article 24 giving half of parliamentary seats to Christians) become stooges and pawns of NATO.