Hezbollah MP: Israeli attacks on Baalbek, any region won't remain unanswered


During a funeral procession for a Hezbollah fighter on Monday, one of the group's lawmakers, Hassan Fadlallah, lambasted the Israeli airstrikes on Lebanon’s eastern district of Baalbek, a Hezbollah bastion near the border with Syria.

"This Zionist encroachment will not push us to retreat, it will rather increase our determination," Fadlallah said in a televised address.

Israel's "aggression on Baalbek or any other region will not remain unanswered, and the resistance will respond in the appropriate manner," he added.

Israel struck Hezbollah targets near Baalbek on Monday, killing two group members, security sources said, the first such attack on Lebanon's east since hostilities began after the Gaza war erupted.

The Israeli army said the strikes targeted Hezbollah air defense systems in retaliation for the group’s downing of one of its drones in south Lebanon earlier on Monday.

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Missing HellAndWaite 26 February 2024, 16:32

Those that strike first and when not directly threatened are aggressors, not resistors.

"Resistance" is a lie. The enemy to the South is targeting Hezbollah, not Lebanon.

Missing samiam 26 February 2024, 17:36

Such a brave and honorable man... Remember when he found all of this 'corruption' and miraculously it was everyone else but kizb and its allies. SMH

Honestly, this guy should should really shut up. He can't see the forest through the trees and is trying to play the good soldier, while hiding.

Missing gabriel01 26 February 2024, 17:50

You’ve got to give it to them. The hezb, like their Iranian masters are great at speeches and unfulfilled threats. Anyway, Lebanese young men should not be dying for the weak Iranians in Tehran.