Report: Hezbollah rejects French paper, says it 'has not lost'


Hezbollah has rejected the French paper that was sent by the French embassy in Beirut to caretaker Foreign Minister Abdallah Bou Habib last Wednesday, a media report said.

“Hezbollah, which also received a copy of this paper, has said that it is not concerned with the concessions that it is being asked to offer, due to the fact that the war has not happened and accordingly it has not lost,” diplomatic sources told the Nidaa al-Watan newspaper in remarks published Tuesday.

Bou Habib had announced Monday that Lebanon would respond next week to the French proposal.

The proposal would involve Hezbollah withdrawing its forces 10 kilometers from the border, a Lebanese government official has told The Associated Press.

Lebanese government and Hezbollah officials have said there would be no agreement on the border before there is a cease-fire in Gaza.

Since October 8, Hezbollah and Israel have exchanged near-daily fire. At least 284 people have been killed on the Lebanese side since fighting erupted, most of them Hezbollah fighters but also including 44 civilians. On the Israeli side, 10 soldiers and six civilians have been killed according to the Israeli army.

The fighting has also displaced tens of thousands of residents on both sides of the border and Israel has repeatedly warned that it might use bigger force against Hezbollah to secure its residents' return.

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Thumb farsical.resistance 27 February 2024, 16:50

No Hezbollah has not lost. In fact, as hassin used to tell the new Hezbollah recruits if you get martyred "while performing your jihadi duty®" the supreme leader over there in Tehran's promised each and everyone of you, a few dozen virgins (mostly female allegedly) give or take, flowing rivers of wine (but you can't drink the stuff remember you're a Muslim), a river of milk (I have no idea why, maybe cereal?) ect.
Well you asked for it and now it is done. Without further ado., it is hassin, the Supremo, Hezbollah and my pleasure to announce that since October 8 2023, the Hezbollah brass has put up an "Express Lane"* just like at the supermarket. "We are so happy that many of our brothers are using it" said one high ranking Hezbollah official as he was made to use it himself.

*Please be considerate use it one at the time, we do not accept whole families and don't bring a friend along that's, not kosher.

Thumb lebanon_first 27 February 2024, 19:41

Farsical resistance.