Mansour Says Lebanon to Boycott 'Friends of Syria' Conference

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour confirmed on Tuesday that Lebanon will boycott “Friends of Syria” international conference that will be held in Tunis this week.

“In harmony with our decision to disassociate Lebanon from developments in Syria, we will not join the conference in Tunis,” Mansour told OTV.

He stressed that Lebanon’s stance is taking into consideration the country’s best interests.

The Friends of Syria group will meet for the first time on Friday after being created in a response to a joint veto by Russia and China of a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Syrian President Bashar Assad for the violence.

The group is backed by members of the European Union as well as some Arab nations and the United States.

The pan-Arab daily al-Hayat reported on Tuesday that Lebanon is still studying the decision on whether to participate in the conference.

“Lebanon doesn’t want to take part in the conflict (in Syria),” according to foreign ministry sources.

Al-Hayat reported that Lebanon’s response to the invitation sent by Tunisian Foreign Minister Rafik Abdessalem hasn’t been made yet.

Lebanon is witnessing a sharp rift between its March 14-led opposition and the March 8 alliance on the developments in Syria.

Activists say more than 6,000 people have died in the Assad regime's 11-month crackdown on dissent.

The foreign ministry sources noted that Lebanon can’t join a meeting that clearly aims at supporting the opposition groups, which would be considered as supporting a side against another.

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Default-user-icon Rami (Guest) 21 February 2012, 13:04

Lebanon doesn't want to get involved, but the Hezb does. What about the two dead bodies they brought back from there, they took them into their custody and forbid any examination to be made from the local authorities.
There is a difference between "Friends of Syria" and "Friends of Bashar".

Thumb lebneneh 21 February 2012, 17:45

My friend I'm replying to your comment below. for some reason the reply button is not there. But I just want to tell you the people will choose and learn whatever you want. Believe the Syrian regime are not smarter than the people. Look how they are managing their crisis. The whole world is against them!

The Conspiracy world does not exist except in our heads. That doesn't meant that the US will not try to arrange things the way they want but they are definitely NOT in control of what is happening. Those ideas has always been and will always be spread around inorder to scare us and control us by who ever is spreading them.

Missing lebcan 22 February 2012, 00:33

FlameThrower... in response to your previous statement... I don't Agree with you... There!
Plus you say
1-the people are stupid and are voting for worse tyrants than the ones they toppled (and this is very probable) .... You ever ask your self the same question...
The people have been ruled forever by a tyrannical regime ... You wake up dude.

Missing ayoor 21 February 2012, 13:07

when the revolution/arab spring comes to Lebanon this man Mansour should be hanged in downtown beirut for his actions against the free syrians

Thumb lebneneh 21 February 2012, 13:43

If a revolution comes to Lebanon I wouldn't want to hang no one because of their views! A revolution comes to liberate not to hang people!

Thumb lebneneh 21 February 2012, 13:39

Al-Qaeda is everywhere...what's new but that doesn't mean that they are revolution. These idiots will stick their nose anywhere and will try to benefit from the situation but it is the Syrian people who are revolting against the regime.

Default-user-icon 442 (Guest) 21 February 2012, 16:00

interior minister? ghosn? where do you live, in china?

Thumb Bandoul 21 February 2012, 16:55

Your irrational hate for M14 both consumes you and blinds you. Why not go spread your innuendos where it is welcome? After all, you are too smart and you know to much to waste your time on us.

Thumb lebneneh 21 February 2012, 13:41

The answer to your question my friend is: nobody knows! this is no conspiracy against the regime by the "Israel and the West" its a revolution of the people against a tyrant...Unfortunately the tyrant will fight till the last soldier, till the last bullet...just like the zenga zenga guy but at the end he will have a horrible end.

Default-user-icon May7 (Guest) 21 February 2012, 14:13

Mansour you are not helping Lebanon image on the world stage , please for the sake of Lebanon

Default-user-icon dempsey (Guest) 21 February 2012, 15:07

Neon the same person says dempsey says that hizbollah is a terrorist organisation, he also said that Bashar is a dictator and was never elected. Also dempsey collaborates with Israel. So now ur telling me that you are an Israeli collaborator since u believe dempsey. Also why believe some things that he says and not everything. Your a fake neon.

Missing helicopter 21 February 2012, 15:26

Who cares what the US, Israel, Iran, or the Syrian Regime says about who is involved and for what reason. I evaluate the situation from a pure Lebanese perspective. The Lebanese regime interfered in Lebanon.s politics throughout its existence. It violated Lebanese territorial integrity at will. It killed thousands upon thousands of Lebanese throughout decades of aggression. It committed atrocities and assassinations at will. It prevents the demarcation of borders. It is responsible for the arming of all anti-State militias as fit to serve its purposes, it undermines the Lebanese state and keeps it weak to serve the interests of the Syrian regime. This regime needs to go and we deal with a new regime accordingly once it is in power (we judge it by its deeds).

Missing sergio 21 February 2012, 15:35

Iraq salafism taking over ? what a lowlife comment . Iraq's governmentmajority is Shia they are Iran's puppet they have another turban head just like Hassouni. and talking about the west the shia's were happy when US & britain toppled the regime in Iraq.. they were happy when US & the west helped topple the regime in Lybia. it's because if US your shia's now control the government in Iraq.

Thumb Bandoul 21 February 2012, 17:06

Sergio, sshhhh, do not contradict FlameThrower, his version of the truth is the only version there is...God forbid there should be another reality outside of his realm of comprehension, then he would learn that he is not as smart as he thinks he is....MEANWHILE here in the USA, the price of a gallon of gas has surpassed $4.00 ya latif we are so smart with our foreign policy and conspiracy for conquering the world, that we can't even control the oil supply in our favor. The level of stupidity never of some people never ceases to amaze me. Very good point Sergio!

Thumb jcamerican 21 February 2012, 21:10

Price in Europe is almost 8 dollars a gallon. You still think the US has no control? Don't forget US is further away. It is not a conspiracy, it is a fact. This is the new world order.

Missing lebcan 22 February 2012, 00:38

Yes that is Correct.

Missing allouchi 21 February 2012, 15:51

Shame on this government and M8 for supporting the butcher Assad. You will pay dearly soon enough.

Missing lebcan 22 February 2012, 01:03

Man I hope when we have a real government you get arrested for illegal position of Fire Arms... You talk scary man. *(,

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 21 February 2012, 16:25

nobody will miss u there.. they know whom u represent

Thumb Bandoul 21 February 2012, 17:18

Shoulda, coulda, woulda...easy to say after the fact. Saddam was removed for the wrong reasons and his removal gave rise to the thugs who took his place. Only if if if I were... president of these United States of America...I would bring all of our troops home, close our borders, expel all non patriots and YES by that I mean American Muslim who won't defend America and denounce terrorizm and let everyone everywhere kill each other to their hearts content. No more foreign aid, no more policing the world. No more being accused of being responsible for everything that is wrong in this world.

Thumb Bandoul 21 February 2012, 17:21

LOL, not only is FlameThrower a Aounist, he plays one on TV...just kidding...he may very well be a paid antagonist funded by FPM but I have no proof, only suspicion...I never understand why they hang out here and waste their has to be because it is a paying gig.

Thumb lebneneh 21 February 2012, 19:13

Guys agree to don't have to insult each other!

Thumb cedar 21 February 2012, 18:37

Lebanon should not participate in anything. Be independent and neutral! NO Israel, No Saudi, No Iran.

Default-user-icon yoyoma (Guest) 22 February 2012, 01:00

Everybody agrees with this, good post Arz

Default-user-icon Hitech (Guest) 21 February 2012, 19:41

(Comment 1/2)Lebanon cannot play a material role or influence what is happening in Syria. The facts are that half of the Lebanese support Assad so any support for the opposition is going to create divisions. Lebanon has no business attending such conferences. Lebanon should be very adamant in calling for the bloodshed to stop, and offer all the humanitarian aid they can to the population no matter what side they are. As for the revolution in Syria, revolutions are not run behind facebook pages and 3 different bodies (Syrian National Council, Local Coordination Committee, and Free Syrian army). Conquest is much easier when there is division. This is not a war among gangs, this is a war to control a key country; many countries, including Lebanon, have interests and if the revolution is to succeed, there should be one leadership to appease the concerns of everyone and be held responsible later.

Default-user-icon John from Koura (Guest) 21 February 2012, 20:26

Majority of the countries attending are friends of Israel (ENEMIES of Syria) and their Arab tyrant puppets.

Thumb jcamerican 21 February 2012, 21:20

Israel wanted him out. The war was planned by Paul Wolfowitz.Three days after September 11, it was Wolfowitz, not Rumsfeld or Bush, who first declared that America's new policy would be "ending states who sponsor terrorism". He was a primary advocate of the preemptive strike on Iraq, eliminating the alleged threat posed by Hussein's frightful stockpiles of still-unseen weapons of mass destruction. In August 2003, after the U.S. had taken Iraq, Wolfowitz said with a straight face, "I think all foreigners should stop interfering in the internal affairs of Iraq."

Missing hasanzibowawa1 21 February 2012, 21:44

i do not understand why anyone bothers replying or commenting on the idiots on here who make stupid remarks, they are either allah, fpm, baath, ssnp, marada, or amal which means all are losers. they have no value for human life. once assad falls, then they will run from posting comments here as they clearly believe that assad will remain in power.

Missing hasanzibowawa1 21 February 2012, 21:46

lebanon does not have to participate with anything, but lebanon as an arab country and an arab population has a duty to call for the end of the massacres that are occuring, and for the immediate aid to all syrian refugees. if you cannot support those two points than you are a bigot and a shiaa who does not value arab blood but rather farsi blood....

Missing lebcan 22 February 2012, 00:17

Neon ... Politics a side ... Who will benefit? the answer is tatatatatattatat the SYRIAN PEOPLE... God!!! people like you fffff.... Screw the Americans and the Iranians and Everything inbetween, Can't you see the DISPROPORTIONATE force used by the 'Government of Syria' Against its own people... and man don't tell me all there LASER guided (not!) weapons are hitting Al-Qaeda guys and terrorists they are TRULY committing war crimes. Man they're shooting at everything!!!... Thank God for the Internet. There is no Al-Qaeda!!! that was an american Zionist invention a long time ago and a Convenient Excuse for all tyrants to use from Bush to Assad and.............

Missing lebcan 22 February 2012, 00:26

Why is the Syrian Regime ....ohohoh Sorry 'People's Government' hell bent to use DISPROPORTIONATE force to crush everything Opposition????... Do you really believe the referendum will be honest and true... or you really think its a start ...NO!! it won't, its a smoke screen man.

Missing lebcan 22 February 2012, 00:56

But that was the Plan, Iran and the USA are in bed with each other... well not that intimate... but you know the saying between them is """ my enemy of my enemy is my friend'''' so We Muslims are there enemies... and don't be fooled, The Zionists have all the Arab Leaders by their Balls (but not their peoples).... and wait... people are revolting ... but you notice the 'smoke screen' trend in Egypt, how egypt's military is still in control, In Yemen the Vis President is the only candidate and in Bahrain were there is a huge US military base and compared to all other hot spots its more hush hush... the americans want Iran to control that little sliver of land between Saudi and GCC ... Why?
Problems = $oil and control of chaos ... The ZIONISTs & IRANIANs just EVIL!!!