Qabbani Slams Politicians’ Inaction, Demands Opening of Lebanon’s Borders to Syrian Refugees

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Grand Mufti Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Qabbani revealed on Friday that Lebanese gunmen have deployed along the Lebanese-Syrian border to prevent refugees “fleeing their country’s massacres” from entering Lebanon.

He therefore demanded during the Friday Muslim prayers from the president, speaker, and prime minister that the border between the two countries be opened to the refugees.

He added that he contacted a Lebanese official to inquire about the refugees, saying that the official informed him that only refugees arriving at the border in cars are allowed in Lebanon, while the rest “are poor” and therefore not granted entry.

Qabbani slammed the policy, demanding the opening of the border to all Syrians in need.

“Didn’t Syrians harbor Lebanese refugees during the days of war with Israel?” he asked officials.

“Why are you adopting such a policy? Is it for political purposes?” he wondered.

“The Lebanese people will be the first victims should the state of politics in Lebanon remain as it is now,” warned the grand mufti.

“Why didn’t officials head to the Masnaa border crossing and convince the security forces to allow the refugees to enter Lebanon?” asked Qabbani.

He revealed that he had contacted Prime Minister Najib Miqati more than once to tackle this issue, but his telephone calls were unanswered.

“Be warned that Lebanon will not be spared of strife in the region. They are headed to the country and they will be more destructive here than elsewhere,” he declared.

Up to 30,000 Syrians have fled into Lebanon over the past 48 hours, the U.N. refugee agency said on Friday.

"Thousands of Syrians crossed into Lebanon yesterday. Reports vary between 8,500 and 30,000 people having crossed in the past 48 hours," UNHCR spokeswoman Melissa Fleming told reporters in Geneva.

In Thursday's fighting, more than 300 people were killed, the majority of whom were civilians, making it the heaviest toll yet in 16 months of fighting, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Friday.

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Default-user-icon Gabby (Guest) 20 July 2012, 18:07

The Shia of Lebanon were given refuge in Syria in 2006. Now the Hezz don't want to help the Syrians. That is the reason for the inaction of helping the Syrians.Hey Nassy......the future is coming quickly, they won't forget what you are doing.

Thumb bigsami 20 July 2012, 18:45

Wow that's a tough one. Yes our brothers need help to escape the wrath of a madman but then again the collateral damage could be heavy for Lebanon with this flood of people. Look what happened and we are still feeling the consequences of the Palestinians. Tough call!

Thumb phoenician 20 July 2012, 20:00


Thumb bigsami 20 July 2012, 20:24

Even the Jews our brothers if you go wayyyyyy back in history. :-)

Thumb bigsami 20 July 2012, 21:44

We are all humans......African/Chinese/White/Hispanic/Indian/etc. does not matter at the end. What does matter (and cause of all problems) is the nature of the beast that enjoys segregating one from the other in a manner that he/she is far superior. Sad but true. With that in mind achieving peace will be very difficult.

Thumb jadski 20 July 2012, 23:13

This is an opportunity for Lebanon to be helpful to PEOPLE. since when has lebanon done anything for another country ? we are always the ones in need and always the ones taking from other. Lets live up to our ideals of hospitality, These people, syrian or WHATEVER, NEED help and support, how do u refuse it ? there is no BUT. Syria allowed my family and i in in 2006. open the damn useless borders. the only thing those borders are good for are smuggling illegal weapons to an illegitimate organization.

Thumb ado.australia 21 July 2012, 06:07

Since when has Lebanon done anything for others? What do you call the 400,000 palaestinians still in Lebanon after 60 years? What did the PLO and the Syrians, and Israelis do to Lebanon? They raped, killed and plundered every inch of Lebanon.

Yes Lebanon should open and allow the Syrian refugees into Lebanon but they must be processed properly and maybe even sent to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and turkey. They support this revolution then they should also do more to support these refugees. Lebanon is too small and poor to accept more than 50,000 refugees. There are still 20,000 Iraqi refugees here.

Default-user-icon rightorwrong (Guest) 20 July 2012, 23:18

Open your arms to all who arrive at your borders. Imagine yourselves in the same situation!

Missing marmaroun 20 July 2012, 23:25

Got banned from tayyar forum because i said mabrouk for the killing of the butchers of damascus! Unbeleivable!!! Are the aounist so in love with bashar n his gangs!! Impressive

Thumb Bandoul 21 July 2012, 08:12

A lecture on insensitivity from a person who advocates shooting M14 supporters in the head and dissolving them in acid. What a hypocrite!

Missing marmaroun 20 July 2012, 23:26

They are a bunch of racist specially against Sunnis

Thumb primesuspect 21 July 2012, 08:32

of course he isn't folling anyone, he doesn't need to, you're fooling yourself. jajajajajajaja

Missing rognation 20 July 2012, 23:53

only refugees arriving at the border in cars are allowed in Lebanon, while the rest “are poor” and therefore not granted entry. WOW shame

Help the refugees no matter who they are!

Missing castro@46 21 July 2012, 00:40

God bless you mr Qabbani.Lebanon should help our Syrian Brothers and Sisters espicaly the people from South Leabnon cause they are the ones who took refuge in Syria when Iran asked them to attack Israel in 2006.

Default-user-icon Gabriel (Guest) 21 July 2012, 04:35

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Default-user-icon Micheal Zoghbi (Guest) 21 July 2012, 05:10

Qabbani you're a con artist just a month ago you were meeting with the Syrian ruler of Lebanon in the consulate. Now the tide is shifting and you suddenly feel sorry for these refugees? what a change of heart and i demand you shut up and spare us your demands..

Default-user-icon Ahmad (Guest) 21 July 2012, 08:50

I remember in 2006 when the lebanese fled to syria, it is a shame that some ppl are just fools and should be killed on sight, REMEMBER when the Hizbollah ppl went to syria and started asking for money on the streets, remember who gave you shelter and food, remember when you came back ya "ASHRAF L NAS" tfeeh 3ala heik 3alam lezem ahel l jnob wel b2a3 awwal nes ye2wohon.....

Thumb geha 21 July 2012, 09:45

Unfortunately lately I discovered what is the common denominator between hizbushaitan and fpm: they both hate sunnis.
I know FT will insult me for this but it is clearly true.
hizbushaitan and fpm are racists, although they try to hide it, and accuse others of being racists.
what a bunch of hypocrits.
as for bassil: he is just an opprtunist, a thug, and a thief.