Wissam al-Hasan Assassinated in Ashrafiyeh Bomb Blast

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Brigadier General Wissam al-Hasan, chief of the Intelligence Bureau of the Internal Security Forces, was killed on Friday in a car bomb attack in the Beirut district of Ashrafiyeh, state-run National News Agency reported.

The powerful explosion rocked a street adjacent to Sassine Square in Ashrafiyeh, leaving seven other people dead and 78 others wounded, in the first such attack in the Lebanese capital since 2008.

Hasan was close to former Prime Minister Saad Hariri and hostile to the regime in Syria. He had been tipped to take over as ISF head at the end of this year.

The ISF played a central role in the arrest in August of former Lebanese information minister Michel Samaha, who has close links to Damascus and was charged with planning attacks in Lebanon and transporting explosives in collaboration with Syrian security chief Maj. Gen. Ali Mamlouk.

Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zohbi, meanwhile, condemned what he called a "terrorist, cowardly" attack, saying such incidents "are unjustifiable wherever they occur."

The incident has touched off painful memories of Lebanon's 1975-1990 civil war and the political unrest that has troubled post-war years.

It occurred in a busy square of Ashrafiyeh as pupils were leaving schools and bank employees headed home.

State Prosecutor Hatem Madi said the car "was blown off dozens of meters (yards)" from where it was parked on a street off Sassine Square. Bomb experts told Agence France Presse the car was packed with 30 kilograms (66 pounds) of explosives.

Mangled remains of the car sat atop another vehicle amid a sea of devastation, broken glass and rubble.

Two apartment blocs were gutted, with balconies torn off by the force of the blast. Windows were shattered, cars below crushed by falling masonry and shreds of what used to be curtains dangled from upper floors.

Firemen rushed to put out flames and Red Cross workers braved the blaze in one building to evacuate bloodied casualties.

"We heard a powerful explosion. The earth shook under our feet," said Roland, 19, among a large crowd of army, rescue workers and onlookers.

Nancy, aged 45, was in tears as she reflected on having narrowly escaped death. "Had we not been out of the house buying medicines, we would have died," she said. "Our house was burned. Thank God we're alive.

A rescue worker, identifying himself as Rahmeh, said "this reminds me of attacks during the civil war and after the war."

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Missing mohammad_ca 19 October 2012, 19:33

now we know how pissed off ASSad and his goons are at the arrest of Samaha...RIP you served your country well...

Thumb bigsami 19 October 2012, 19:58

Hasan was close to former Prime Minister Saad Hariri and hostile to the regime in Syria. >>>>> Need anyone say more....? Can't wait until the day comes when the world is rid of Assad/HA/Iran! Evil people!

Missing peace 19 October 2012, 19:44

the one M8 kept insulting... mowaten and FT should be happy now...


Missing peace 19 October 2012, 22:29

come on it suits the interests of your orange puppet who kept insulting him, it suits you desire to kill M14 people as you once wished it... be happy your dreams come true...

Thumb jadski 19 October 2012, 23:49

Our hate ? some nerve, when a man that served his country was blown to bits along with 7 other innocent people, thats the hate of the people you support. yes .. let the people M8 hang along with all the syrian government . they are murderers, they plot deaths of people and BLOW them up , they wait for them to come to their home and country to kill them and everyone else in their vicinity. the people U follow and support, regardless of ur reasons, they all need to be hanged. and dont i dare bring up the civil war.

Thumb bigsami 20 October 2012, 00:11

Man your an insult to human intelligence schizo Farsi. Not even a sign of remorse or humanity for the loss of a life. Just wish I could meet you in a dark alley.....wish!

Missing Cyanide 20 October 2012, 05:02

I wish you hang flame thrower.. and i wonna spit on you when you do!!!!! MF

Thumb thepatriot 20 October 2012, 10:15

Do yourself a favor FT, at least today... SHUT UP!

Thumb jadski 20 October 2012, 10:50

"people like you are better off dead and i say it with no remorse, because you keep hate and accusations alive in a time where lebanese unity is more needed than ever."

nice man . tfeh 3aleyk. our hate is not the problem in this country. its people like u who support the hate that kills. the hate that murders. YOU are the hate. but your an idiot, and you dont even know it. stop saying RIP to the people that die because of M8, like you give a sh it. ma fee ashtar minak criticizing them when they are alive. khaleek sekit. Tfeh Tfeh Tfeh.

Missing jayjay 20 October 2012, 12:39

guys guys, dont expect much from FT...his leader is a self preserving, power hungry DICTATOR wannabee...so lets keep smiling till the sunni salafis start retaliating against HA, Aoun, SSNP...WOW who would have thought that one day Aoun would be put in the same box as those other scum!!! FUNNY..sad but funny

Default-user-icon Abb (Guest) 19 October 2012, 19:46

RIP from a Shiite!

Default-user-icon jason (Guest) 19 October 2012, 19:47

i am sure aoun is finally happy!

Default-user-icon Lebanonisfallingbeforeus (Guest) 19 October 2012, 19:47

I would love to hear someone from either side dispute who did this? There is only 1 team that could have done this according the targeted man. RIP Chief Hassan. A true martyr who uncovered bombings like this one, but sadly this bombing caught up to him. I thank you for all the lives you have saved, and god send us someone to protect us.

Thumb geha 19 October 2012, 19:49

lately aoun again was after him.
wisam al hassan will be avenged.
this means clearly war.

Missing gcb1 19 October 2012, 19:56

Man your unrealistic non-sense comments downgrade the content of this whole website.

Missing gcb1 19 October 2012, 19:57

And that has nothing to do with you being with M14.

Missing peace 19 October 2012, 19:57

you shouldn t fall into the trap, it is exactly what those who did this murder, want lebanese to do...

Missing gcb1 19 October 2012, 20:05

Thank you, finally someone says this.

Default-user-icon Canuckian (Guest) 19 October 2012, 20:11

Perhaps it was done by people who want war.

Missing sikoflebanon 19 October 2012, 20:14

it sure is a clear declaration of war. I just hope there are still men in Lebanon ready to stand up to this murderous regime and his chronies. Geha is damn right! it's being killed fighting for your basic human rights or being killed sitting on your balcony by a terrorist attack. Get your weapons ready suckers, if you don't go after them they're coming to get you.

Missing mohammad_ca 20 October 2012, 03:29

a hizbocrap ally talking against war???

Thumb liefighter 20 October 2012, 07:12

You don't know who are them coz you are stupid, and the problem is: you are happy with it

Missing realist 20 October 2012, 08:02

nchala one day a suicide bomber kills 3oon taba3ak and we will nishamt feek, we will see how you feel then, tfeh 3alek teshmat bil amwat.

Default-user-icon georges khoury (Guest) 20 October 2012, 21:00

them is hizballah.proof,,,they refused to surrender the accused in boutros harb assasination attempt.sarcasticly to wissam hassan.u do the math.

Default-user-icon Thalmos Gianatis (Guest) 19 October 2012, 19:50

He was a great inspector who always uncovered assassination plots by assassins he trapped. Too bad this one wasn't one of those. Surely, he will be missed.

Missing peace 19 October 2012, 22:41

at least aoun uncovered that the syrians killed hariri ;)

the other killings he was more evasive as he cannot say it is his new friends....

Default-user-icon Thalmos Gianatis (Guest) 20 October 2012, 01:04

Care should be taken to the phrase: "uncovered assassination plots by assassins HE TRAPPED." This is pure sarcasm that everybody overlooked, and that is reflected in the thumbs up by March 14 and also in FT's comment (who is not M14). As an example, he set Samaha into a trap and so he was able to catch him (the only one SO FAR). He did not catch anyone else, this late great inspector!!! Never mind, though, friends and foes. No hard feelings against anyone.

Missing realist 20 October 2012, 08:03

your aoun will run away like a rabbit when the shit hits the fan and you will be stuck to face the consequences of your arrogance alone.

Default-user-icon RIP (Guest) 19 October 2012, 19:50

RIP ... his blood is on the hands of NASSRALLAH, ASSAD and AOUN for supporting these pieces of shit !

Shame of all their followers for being soooooooooo blind !

Thumb anonymouslb 19 October 2012, 20:00

endant 15 ans à chaque fois qu'un mec trébuchait on disait la seconde d'après que c'était la faute d'israel, du cpl ou des fl... maintenant à chaque fois que quelque chose se passe c'est la faute à la syrie au cpl (again) et au hezbollah... ce qui est dans les 2 cas indecent politiquement et éthiquement... prenez du recul bordel... Pavlov aurait adoré ce pays... vos réactions sont exactement ce que les poseurs de cette bombe prévoyaient... maintenant retrouvons nous tous sur la place sassine à 21h quelques soient nos affinités politiques... avec le drapeau libanais et allumons un bougie à la mémoire des disparus et pour un avenir en paix...

Missing gcb1 19 October 2012, 20:06

Who made you a senior investigator? Quit the blind allegations, that's exactly what the murderers want you to do: divide.

Missing mohammad_ca 19 October 2012, 20:26

"blid" allegations? have you heard what Nasrallah has to say about Rifi?

Missing gcb1 19 October 2012, 21:35

Yea and apparently a murderer would publicly call out the man he wants to kill a few days before he dies...let's be realistic. I don't think any of the mainstream parties are behind this, but rather some underground force behind the scenes benefitting from all this chaos.

Thumb anonymouslb 19 October 2012, 22:10

Une grande partie des politiciens qui accusaient systématiquement Israël accusent aujourd'hui la Syrie... Il se peut que ce soit une collaboration d'ailleurs... ils l'ont déjà fait...

Missing peace 19 October 2012, 20:04

mais anonymouslb tu ne peux pas nier les coincidences... il est arrive hier soir, meme scenario que le pauvre gebran tueni, (qui controle l aeroport?) il voulait poursuivre des responsables syriens, M8 n arretait pas de l insulter.... que de coincidences non? alors tu ne peux pas empecher les gens de penser a faire des rapprochements. mais l intelligence voudrait de ne pas tomber ds le piege des affrontements armes comme l aimeraient ceux qui ont fait ce crime....

Thumb anonymouslb 19 October 2012, 20:53

Je ne nie pas que le hezb soit l'un des nombreux suspects... par contre ce qui est triste c'est de voir les libanais se sauter à la gorge les un des autre à la moindre occasion... comme si c'était un interrupteur que l'on pressait...

Missing peace 19 October 2012, 22:50

le probleme est qu aoun defend becs et ongles le regime de bashar... on voit le genre de personne avec qui il est allie! s il avait une once de dignite il quitterait le 8 mars pour combattre ceux qu il avait tj combattus avant!

Missing peace 19 October 2012, 23:34

poor FT... your aoun always said the day the syrians will retreat they ll leave behind their intelligence services and will infiltrate islamic groups to destabilize the country! he always accused the syrians of killings all the lebanese who voice against them..he also said that till the assad family will stay in power no stability will occur in lebanon... forgot that too it seems ... we are witnessing that he was right.
oh! by the way syria still is in lebanon through your beloved friends who are at its order..
now knowing all that he allies with them: it makes him morally accomplice of all these crimes and you share it too...

one day you ll wake up to the truth and see how blind you are, just wait and see.

Missing vaclav_havel 19 October 2012, 20:07

ya jame3a lezim nrou2! l wade3 sa3eb w hek eshya bet wadi 3a 7areb!
Please ya jame3a khalina metmeskin ka sha3eb lebneni!
ana w into 3erfin enno l nizam l souri nizam barbari, w houwi l 2arja7 3am bi 7ewil yfajerna l balad! bass khalina metmeskin.
Please ya jame3a khalina netwa7ad!
nasi7ti lal shabeb li le72in l generale 3on yfakro bi masla7it baladoun, w yerja3o 3al tari2 l sa7i7, khat l 2este2lel wel siyedi ded l nizam l souri l barbari!

Thumb gebran_sons 19 October 2012, 20:08

This brings the question was Hizbollah trying to assassinate Boutros Harb to please Aoun so his son in law can win election in Batroun? To what extent is Aoun involved (directly or indirectly) with Hizbollah and Assad in assassinations throughout Lebanon? He already practices political mafia, has now evolved to mafia enforcements? This government formed by a criminal organization and a criminal regime, if it has any dignity and patriotism left, should start by freezing all relations with Syria until full answers are provided to Samaha case, and Syrians implicated in this case are questioned by Lebanese justice. Enough cowardness!

Default-user-icon Whatswrongwithyou (Guest) 19 October 2012, 20:20

Are you smoking some of the Beka weed by any chance?

Please stop. That is really effecting your thinking.

My condolences to all who passed away and injured. It is sad to see such things while the population still embarks on silly arguments and irrational thinking such as the person above.

I hope one day we realize that the powers who do such things are above us all, and only when the population unites can it be confronted.

Default-user-icon Whatareyousmokingmyfriend (Guest) 19 October 2012, 20:45

I would love to know what you found so alarming to gebran_sons argument??

Default-user-icon Humphry Belgarte (Guest) 19 October 2012, 21:15

Would you please go to church, pray and rub some holy oil and water on your forehead? For Christ's sake do it!

Missing realist 21 October 2012, 03:19

People can only take so much and pretty soon people like you will taste their own poison. Those who can punish asef shawkat, raj7a, and all the rest of those devils will one day have Aoun pay the price of his death threats to the shaheed 7asan. Criminals like aoun, nasralah, etc. do not deserve moderates and moderation but crazy fundamentalists like them and pretty soon you will see the backfires.

Default-user-icon Obvious (Guest) 19 October 2012, 20:09

Obviously MOSSAD

Missing realist 20 October 2012, 08:06

iran/mossad, same wine different bottles.

Missing phillipo 20 October 2012, 08:13

What utter nonsense you write.
I'm pretty sure that if the Mossad really wanted to kill someone, they wouldn't kill 7 innocent bystanders and injure over a hundred more.

Default-user-icon + oua nabka + (Guest) 19 October 2012, 20:10

allah yerhamo
but walaou the head of the ma3loumet and he didnt have a clue of what is going on

Missing mohammad_ca 19 October 2012, 20:27

wen elmoawame elli 3am bitdafe3 3an siyedet lubnan?

Default-user-icon Aoun (Guest) 19 October 2012, 20:13

Aoun Slams Rifi, al-Hasan over Roumieh 'Major Scandal' http://www.naharnet.com/stories/en/57313

And now he will start defending hezbollah and syria before anyone officially points the finger... like usual

Missing samiam 19 October 2012, 20:14

Time to throw out the scum of a syrian ambassador to homs or daraa and let the people his government killed have their way.

This is 100% syria at work here probably with its mercenary HA at work here. Notice the silence from HA.

Missing vaclav_havel 19 October 2012, 20:18

@anonymouslb & gcb1
Vous avez tout à fait raison de lancer l'alarme, de faire attention à ne pas rentrer dans un conflit intérieure, de ne pas s'affronter intérieurement, de ne pas accuser sans preuve. Je suis complètement d'accord avec vous...
Sauf que tout n'est pas hasard, un simple raisonnement logique dont je ne rentrerai pas en détail nous oblige en tant que citoyen Libanais d'accuser le régime tyrannique syrien!
Il faut demander à nos concitoyens, notamment du FPM ( que nous aimons bien sincèrement) de rejoindre notre cause, de faire obstacle au barbarisme, de nous protéger en quelque sorte face au régime syrien!!!

Mais vous aviez raison on n'a pas à ce battre entre nous, que cette bombe s’expose chez celui qui l'a posé par notre acte de solidarité contre le régime barbare syrien!!!!

Default-user-icon John Wolf (Guest) 19 October 2012, 20:18

Some idiot will now blame Israel for the assassination. Wait for it...

Default-user-icon Flatlo Blakweed (Guest) 19 October 2012, 21:41

And some other idiot will now exonerate Israel. Wait for it... or the proof is already here? Pathetic.

Missing phillipo 20 October 2012, 08:13

Some already have.

Thumb farres 19 October 2012, 20:20

There's no such thing as a clean politian in lebanon!! they all got blood on their hands...ALL of em no matter what side the play for!! c u all in HELL mother FCKERS!!!

Default-user-icon assaad (Guest) 19 October 2012, 20:23

chapeau bas M.Hassan. Je vous considere hero et martyre. Dieu aie votre ame, vous avez notre reconnaissance. MERCI

Missing sikoflebanon 19 October 2012, 20:23

Enough wussing out! We wussied in 2005, they kept killing us. We wussied in 2006 they took over. We wussied in 2008 they invaded us... we kept saying that they want to drag us to a civil war and kept silence after they killed our true leaders (Jebran, Samir...) one after the other and blowing up inocent bystanders.
You want to keep talking, go ahead and go to the "dialogue table", me, I'll be in my street with a weapon in hand, and keeping an eye on who's parking here or there and if that fukin army of ours will show up to stop me, they better be ready for a gunfight.

Thumb CarlRachid 19 October 2012, 20:31

$1,000,000 dollars will be paid in CASH FOR THE HEAD OF HASSAN NASRALLAH! $5,000,000 dollars in CASH FOR THE HEAD OF BASHAR AL ASSAD! I am Chrisitian Saliba, I live at 588 Placido Plaza - Sau Paulo-Brazil, you will receive your payment in cash! I am legitimate in every way!

Default-user-icon Ken (Guest) 19 October 2012, 20:46

This man served his country so well, and it's screamingly obvious who's responsible. RIP Mr.al-Hasan and all the innocent victims of this senseless and barbaric crime... Hey, where's flamethrower and motawen? (just saying)

Missing roger@10452 19 October 2012, 20:55

May you rest in peace. You are a true Lebanese hero. We need more honorable people like you in this country which is full of filth and hatred.

Ya ASSad your day is coming...and you can take this to the bank!

Missing roger@10452 19 October 2012, 20:57

this reminds me of the assassination of Gebran...Wissam got back to Lebanon last night...you figure out the rest!

Thumb thepatriot 19 October 2012, 21:19

Yes... mission "213". ... this was mission 214!

Default-user-icon Ken (Guest) 19 October 2012, 20:59

RIP to all the innocent victims of this senseless and barbaric act. It's obvious who committed this disgusting act...HEY! does anyone see any of these HA supporters coming out to justify? What a coincidence...come on motawen and bsthrower, lets see you defend this one....

Default-user-icon mr_lebanon (Guest) 19 October 2012, 21:05

Guys, by jumping to conclusions you are doing exactly what the criminals want you to do, whoever they are... Our country is close to the state of war so we should stay calm and keep a cold blood. May all the dead rest in peace, and my god be with the ones who lost their loved ones.

Thumb beiruti 19 October 2012, 21:06

This is a tragedy of the first order. However, the best way to avenge the assassination of Brigadier General Wissam al-Hasan to continue the march toward statehood for Lebanon, not to give in to the impulse to exact revenge on the streets or to take matters into our own hands against the most likely assassins. This only empowers those who express their political will with bombs on the streets.
The best revenge is for all of Lebanon, Resident and expatriate, Moslem, Christian and Druze to turn away from those in the body politic who encourages, aides assists or executes such political violence by voting them out of office. It is time for the Shia to turn away from Hezbollah and for the Christians to turn away from Aoun and Aounism. These are the destructive forces in the country's system that created a political climate that considers assassination as a legitimate means of dealing with one's political adversaries.
Honor Wissam and all who have died so that Lebanon will be free.

Default-user-icon mr_lebanon (Guest) 19 October 2012, 21:11

Guys, by jumping to conclusions you are doing exactly what the criminals want you to do, whoever they are... If things were that simple, then we would have already known who killed the prime minister... Our country is close to the state of war so we should stay calm and keep a cold blood. May all the dead rest in peace, and my god be with the ones who lost their loved ones.

Thumb MakaWaka 19 October 2012, 21:14

shame ... a true SHAME on ALL of Lebanon. and ALL the lebanese that have sold their souls to the devil. History has taught us that NO bad deed goes unpunished. Yet yet people continue ta yetjabarou 3a edrit rabbna. RIP.

Default-user-icon Lebanese (Guest) 19 October 2012, 21:16

RIP from another Shia.

Default-user-icon Humphry Belgarte (Guest) 19 October 2012, 21:20

March 14, I desperately need your help. I would say that Wissam al-Hassan was probably hated by Syria. But he also caught over 30 Israeli spies and agents in Lebanon and was still at their tails. Would you say Syria hated him more than Israel or less? And who do you think has a higher interest in silencing him at this critical and turbulent time, Israel or Syria? Please explain. Your prompt response will be very much appreciated. Thank you for your understanding. I look forward to your objective analysis as you are well known for that. May his soul rest in peace.

Missing realist 19 October 2012, 22:51

israel and iran, two faces of the same coin, both consider wissam an enemy, after all..fayez karam was released in less than 2 years. The mask has fallen man and sadly enough the war in lebanon will happen..it is a mathematical certainty. Law kan wisam alone kena elna.. what about hariri, 3eedo, pierre, wisam 3eed??? what about the STL and the four hizbala suspects. I know that there are sincere she3a who honestly believe the irani rhetoric, it is those she3as who need to re-examine their position and their faith in iran because they can still save lebanon the destructive civil war to come.

Default-user-icon Fambo Lokayda (Guest) 20 October 2012, 17:02

So far I don't know about hariri, 3eedo... Still waiting for the STL and the investigations of the latest victim, Wissam al-Hassan, and those of Rifi, Mirza... If you know, let us know. We already know about "suspects."

Default-user-icon mfawaz (Guest) 20 October 2012, 00:31

funny you bring up, after he was murdered, the over 30 israeli spies he caught knowing that aoun hassan and similar filthy m8 cowards never gave him credit for those when he was alive

Default-user-icon assaad (Guest) 19 October 2012, 21:29

ceux qui ont proteste' contre la facon utilisee par la police pour arreter samaha, doivent nous dire si les regles ont ete respecter dans l'attentat contre M. Wissam el-Hassan. ils ont proteste pour la porte cassee, le cartier detruit a ashrafieh, cela les genent moins.

Default-user-icon zebra (Guest) 19 October 2012, 21:46

After this, I finally am willing to dig up my once buried weapon and come back from North America to get rid of the people we have handed over this country to, some 22-years ago, and who still think and act as if Lebanon was theirs; rise up, ZEBRA will be the name of your assassin ya ASSAD...

Default-user-icon Patrickk (Guest) 19 October 2012, 22:09

It's dangerous to accuse the opponent of doing these cowardly and highly immoral acts, but for years now, one party only has been targeted and no one has ever claimed these terrorist acts.

One should wonder if the opponent is guilty by association if they're benefiting indirectly from these acts.

Therefore, if someone is trying to create a war inter-Lebanese, shouldn't the other party contribute to the loss through a political gesture such as a seat in parliament?

The moment all Lebanese parties are equally affected by these acts of war, no one will try to create a rift as it brings Lebanese closer together.

Too bad I'm dreaming, Lebanon is a tiny tank with sharks that turn more ferocious at the smell of blood.

RIP to all the victims and their families!

Missing realist 19 October 2012, 22:53

dude, the STL already has evidence and already accused people, there is no mystery anymore, dont you see what is happening in Syria?? who is bombing all these cities?! the israeli airforce?!

Missing realist 19 October 2012, 22:53

dude, the STL already has evidence and already accused people, there is no mystery anymore, dont you see what is happening in Syria?? who is bombing all these cities?! the israeli airforce?!

Missing peace 20 October 2012, 11:33

and the biggest filpflopper is aoun , why you never mention that? strange... so for aoun too change is honorable , he is pragmatic as you say but for the others no, they are not pragmatic? how full of stupidity you fpmers are....

Default-user-icon Skyfallpe (Guest) 19 October 2012, 22:38

Allah yer7amak ya Wissam al Hassan, you were an amazing man, devoted to your country , that has undercovered many attempts on people as good as you like on Sami Gemayel. If it was not for you, many more would have been dead now. You have arrested people regardless the country they serve because both ways they were against Lebanon as whole ( syrians and isralis agents), Some people have insulted you on a weekly basis for now more than 3-4 years, and we all know who that is. They wanted to get rid of you politically, they couldnt becausse nobody would fire you because they knew what u meant to the country and how patriotic you were.

Default-user-icon Skyfall (Guest) 19 October 2012, 22:42

General Aoun always used to attack you, as well as syrians foes in Lebanon. I do not believe it is hezbollah who did that, but i am sure u bothered someone way too much. and i really think it is syrian intelligence with Hezbollah help . I mean this guy was the head of police secret servicesin Lebanon . He had all information and wiretapping. But guess who again is out of reach of the state with networks from south to north Lebanon ? Hezbollah. Who controls the airport and could have checked Wissam el Hassan's every move since then? Hezbollah. Im not saying Hezbollah did it, but they were partners in crime, but the signature is clearly syrian. It is their coward ways of killing those against them

Missing peace 19 October 2012, 22:54

aoun said that the day syria would leave lebanon they let their intelligence services in lebanon to keep destabilizing the country, that they ll infiltrate islamic groups nobody ever heard of before to perpetrate bombongs (see nahr el bared as an example!) ...

he forgot that and allied to the ones he knew will keep on destabilizing the country... it makes him morally accomplice of the murders of lebanese people standing against that regime...

Default-user-icon Skyfall (Guest) 19 October 2012, 22:48

It is impossible that it is Israel, for the simple reason it cannot afford a war in Lebanon right now. It must have planned it yes, or is planning it, but its waiting for the american elections and to act just after the result is favorable to her. Thus by putting Hezbollah in combat with other lebanese, they would keep him busy while they pound Iran. But yet again this is a scenario only possible after the american elections. This came way too early. Meaning there is only Syria left. It could have done it to divert attention on her and as a revenge to hassan discovring their plots. Anyway wheter the claoun is involved or not, with all his bad argyments about the guy and all he did for his country.Too bad the bsst go first

Default-user-icon Simon Hokayem (Guest) 19 October 2012, 22:48

habib el alb di3anak

Default-user-icon salwa (Guest) 19 October 2012, 23:05

My heart goes out to the families of the dead and to those who are injured.

I agree with those who counsel calmness and not to jump to conclusions as who committed this heinous crime. However, if Lebanese factions & people start fighting among each other, only those who want to control and own you will be the winners.

Please do not allow the past to repeat itself. Allow the official investigation to proceed even if they cannot immediately find the culprits. Do not allow your enemies to succeed to manipulate & control you in getting you to fight each other & weaken the country through many wounds, no matter what.

Default-user-icon david wehbe (Guest) 19 October 2012, 23:08

While Lebanese and Syrian people continue to suffer from mass killings, political assassinations, torture, disappearances, for 40 plus years, the narrow sighted amazingly foolish american policy is not to arm the Syrian rebels because some stinger rockets just may wind up in hands of few "extremists", but the americans are perfectly ok with Assad conduct ( not extreme at all- he wears a suit and tie), as long as he keeps a lid on anti aircraft weapons. looks like some have a real hard time defining extremism.

Thumb lebanon_first 19 October 2012, 23:37

RIP those who were killed.
I hope those who were wounded to get better.
Rest in peace Hassan. You were a patriot and you left your footprint on our country.

Missing ulpianus 19 October 2012, 23:51

Guys, I think what is going on is an internal struggle in Lebanon. Maybe, simplified those with the syrian regime against those that are against it. As the ones against the regime are uncovering past plots, like the samaha case, some political figures are getting cornered which leads to bombings like these.
One thing is sure, that whoever ordered it ( if we think somebody from outside Lebanon ordered it) it was done physically andp planned by an important Lebanese inside Lebanon.
Unfortunately, things like these later takes us to "civil war"...

Default-user-icon adnan something (Guest) 19 October 2012, 23:59

By the time the security various Lebanese forces get over the chock of this assassination and get their act together Bashar would have sent a few dozen Michel Samahas cross over with trunks full of explosives ready to implement his stalled sectarian strife.

Default-user-icon sabarka (Guest) 20 October 2012, 00:02

What fascinates me is that after all that has happened to Lebanon, some still believe they have the answer!!! It's either the syrian or the Israeli. Ever thought it might be both together?

Missing peace 20 October 2012, 00:09

you cannot say that aragon! you don t like ft but it is not a reason to say such horrible things! it is disgusting....

Missing peace 20 October 2012, 00:12


Default-user-icon free-lebanon (Guest) 20 October 2012, 00:27

the head of Bashar Hafez Assad should be served on a plate and his body used as dog food

Default-user-icon ahlen (Guest) 20 October 2012, 01:11


Default-user-icon Greenie (Guest) 20 October 2012, 01:26

No need for CCTV.All you have to do is belong to the traitors and terrorist ,Tayyar and hiszbolla.
By the way ya wateh ya Ft so assuming that the syrians left leb you become friend?El 3ama ma awtak inta ou Michel Aoun,Wlak anno btenso thousands of slaughtered lebanese?
Hizbolla are related to every single crime that happens in lebanon from car theft to harriri crime

Default-user-icon greenie (Guest) 20 October 2012, 01:33

it s not horrible ya peace when you know hizbollah were celebrating the death of Wissam today with fireworks.The aounist calling May Chidiac Half a human,the aounist el watyin waza3o be2lewa when Pierre was murdered.
do you want me to feel sorry for the 1600 who were killed bil mosta7 el amni???hell no i just cannot do it,do they feel sorry for the tens of thousands of lebanese who were murdered on the hands of the Syrian army??
NOOOO ask hassin ,does he acknowledge the syrian crimes in lebanon?

Missing shark25 20 October 2012, 01:40

God bless you rest in peace..
Israel behind this for sure they are trying very hard to protect their dog Assad.

Default-user-icon free-lebanon (Guest) 20 October 2012, 02:16

(Syrian Social National Party: The Ashrafiyeh blast bears the hallmark of Israel.)
are these people stupid, this has the assad all over it, he is killing his own people
wake up SSNP and smell the houmos

Missing freeforever 20 October 2012, 02:51

Hezbshaytan is expermenting well with the drone. What was the code name for this operation. These pack of backwards animals should pack up their shit and return to Iran. Lebanon got no place for them. NEVER EVER. We should no longer wait till we become leaderless to fight to free this beautifull country from Assad and Ayatollah evils. Remmeber evil flourishes when good men fails to act.

Thumb fadi_albeiruti 20 October 2012, 03:25

May you rest in peace brigadier, it's time we abandon dialogue and speak their language, to those who support those scumbags your day is coming soon, WE WILL NEVER KNEEL.

Default-user-icon democracy (Guest) 20 October 2012, 07:52

That is precisely what the people who assassinated him want you to do.

Good job being a pawn.

Missing phillipo 20 October 2012, 08:18

Unfortunately, the old saying "Actions speak louder than words", needs to be made operative in this case.
The whole world knows who did it and why, so if ever the Lebanese Government and Army had due cause to attack the internal enemies of the state that time has now come.

Default-user-icon Maroun (Guest) 20 October 2012, 04:20

All our mess is because Michel Aoun...think deeply and you'll agree wih me

Default-user-icon marc a (Guest) 20 October 2012, 05:54

flame, t es un idiot qui trouves encore le moyen de montrer son idiotie apres un attentat... ton cerveau de moineau ne s est jamais demande pourquoi ce sont toujours les personnes d un meme cote politique qui etait vise????? essaye d etre un peu independant et eloigne toi de ton courant politique pour reflechir un peu (si tu y arrives...) quand tu dis, et je te cite : "qui veut tuer qqun ne perd pas son temps a l'insulter", le penses-tu vraiment??? parce que les relations humaines ont toujours prouves que c est justement celui qui en parle le plus qui le plus coupable...mais bon cette technique fonctionne avec certains abrutis... je ne suis ni 8, ni 14, j ai decide de quitel la France il y a 3 ans pour m installer dans notre beau pays, et ceux qui veulent me pousser dehors n y arriveront pas.. ceux qui veulent me pousser dehors s en iront avant moi et par la plus petite des portes..reveil toi, sinon tu risques de partir avec eux

Default-user-icon ANTOUN BUFARID (Guest) 20 October 2012, 06:15

We've had the taste of all sorts of occupations, each brought its own style of brutality,400 years Turkish occupation, 30 years French occupation,7 yrs PLO occupation and 30 yrs Syrian occupation ....
Now comes the distinguished brand of Persian occupation.
Hell no! We will not kneel .People of Lebanon,it is a brother who lost his life yesterday,Because his fearless opposition to the Mullah's of Persia.His holy soul is a sword in the face of their tyranny.
We will not rest , we will not give up, until freedom is restored to our beloved Lebanon.Born Maronite, but today, I am a Sunni Muslim.WISSAM HASSAN IS MY BROTHER AND I AM MY BROTHER ' S KEEPER.

Thumb habib 20 October 2012, 07:20

Wisam ken 7ami l7ima

Missing realist 20 October 2012, 08:04

i hope aoun taba3ak will be killed one day.

Default-user-icon samaha clones (Guest) 20 October 2012, 08:25

assad, nasrallah, berri, aoun, ssnp, wiam wahhab, suleiman franjieh ... all culprits in the murder game. all guilty. blood on their hands. all samahas.

Default-user-icon May7 (Guest) 20 October 2012, 11:20

Flame thrower I hope one day you become electricity payer, you moron

Thumb sasi 20 October 2012, 13:11

Hate all over. you are not humans all of you. simply middle ages war lords and evil. You have your Lebanon and i have my Lebanon, now i understand Jobran. My Lebanon of 2012 of development, of civilization, of tourism, of technology of future for its youth, of equality, of humanity, of respect to human values. Your Lebanon is of war and war lords and evilness. You kill without mercy, you hate each other over the name of GOD. the God of your books is love not of hate. The blood didnt dry of humans, our brothers that speak our same language and share our hopes and sadness, their blood is shed and their homes are destroyed and you still fight with the same comments daily. Syria/Iran VS Saudi/Qatar etc... you make me sick all of you people that comment here. Full of hate and the simple reality is they don't care about you the war lords, you are all targets like sheep's of their political games.

Default-user-icon TJ (Guest) 20 October 2012, 13:55

Brave Man with he know the threats and the price and yet he insist to go on, Death is only begining

Missing cedars 20 October 2012, 15:57

We all are aware and know it's Bashar, the real painful question is how to remove the cancer/cleanse our state.

Default-user-icon John (Guest) 20 October 2012, 16:10

Denial: receiving a total 139 Dislikes for "comments" (if they actually qualify as such), as opposed to just 2 likes and STILL going at it.

Thumb anonymouslb 20 October 2012, 17:45

Au-delà des clivages politiques et des responsabilités des uns et des autres, ce que je trouve dingue c'est qu'un haut fonctionnaire de police, donc de l'Etat soit totalement assimilé à un camp politique donné et phagocyté par lui... C'est aberrant... ça montre le degré de déliquescence de l'Etat Libanais, la corruption de sa classe politique et le pourrissement du système...

Thumb anonymouslb 20 October 2012, 17:46

Miyyeh bel miyyeh, miyyeh bel miyyeh...

Default-user-icon Organo Mudzikki (Guest) 20 October 2012, 18:22

la tel3ab bel nar! wawa a7... wa qad ou3zira man anzara

Missing realist 21 October 2012, 03:12

People will take revenge of people like your Aoun and he will be punished just like asef shwakat, daood raj7a and rest of the bastards. You will tetra7am 3ala ayam moderates like 7ariri ya 7mar. The sunis from Syria and all over the world will eventualy come and destroy your aouni ass. People can only take so much. Aoun will be punished with his life (go read his threats to 7asan).

Missing realist 21 October 2012, 03:14

And so will Aoun. People will seek revenge. The hurricane from Syria will destroy all this garbage.

Default-user-icon Najat (Guest) 22 October 2012, 17:46

what we say ,,we lost this hero