Qabalan Urges Dialogue Panel on Civil Marriage as Shiite Council Says It's 'Legally, Ethically Rejected'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Vice-President of the Higher Islamic Shiite Council Sheikh Abdul Amir Qabalan on Thursday called on the leaders of religious communities in Lebanon to form a committee to discuss the adoption of civil marriage in the country.

"An extensive study of civil marriage must be undertaken,” Qabalan stated during a meeting with a delegation of Lebanese student and youth organizations.

He remarked: “The investigation needs to take into consideration religious laws and concerns and it should be beneficial to the people”.

Meanwhile, the Religious Evangilization Committee of the Higher Islamic Shiite Council stated on Thursday its rejection of civil marriage for “ethical, constitutional, doctrinal and national concerns”.

“This union contradicts with the constitutional form of marriage adopted in the country and it is a revolution on the Lebanese culture of citizenship,” the committee said in a released statement.

It added: "Civil marriage threatens the concept of family founded on ethical and spiritual grounds".

The statement referred to several articles in the Lebanese constitution to describe the handling of personal affairs by religious authorities as a “source of richness and cultural diversity in Lebanon not a matter of a political debate that has long divided the people”.

"Religious marriage does not contradict with a civil and secular state,” the committee stated, adding that it preserves communities' “ethical and ideological privacy”.

It expressed: "Allowing a minority to infiltrate the historical cultural structure of the country is an attack on and a threat to both Christian and Muslim communities in Lebanon”.

The statement urged political and religious communities to “thoroughly reflect and use their wisdom before expressing their views on this issue.

Grand Mufti Mohammed Rashid Qabbani had issued a fatwa on Monday against moves to legalize civil marriages inside the country.

Qabbani branded as an apostate any Muslim politician who approves civil marriage legislation, saying offenders would not be eligible to be buried in a Muslim cemetery.

The religious edict came a day after President Michel Suleiman tweeted that he would remain steadfast in supporting such unions, while Prime Minister Najib Miqati wrote on his Twitter account that a consensus was required to address the issue.

The campaign for civil marriage in Lebanon has gained momentum with a daring initiative to create new jurisprudence.

Kholoud Sukkarieh and Nidal Darwish announced earlier this month they had wed as a secular couple by having their religious sects legally struck from their family registers under an article dating from the 1936 French mandate.

Suleiman has since lobbied for a civil marriage law as a "very important step in eradicating sectarianism and solidifying national unity."

Suleiman had tweeted that he would "respond to the evolution and aspirations of the people and prepare the appropriate laws for the issue of civil marriage."

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Default-user-icon Marry me (Guest) 31 January 2013, 20:02

No ya sheikh qabalan, it is not unethical. What's legally and ethically rejected is your interference in people's private lives. Your like and and the mufti and all other religious figures who interfere in people's lives is outright rejected. It's 2013, not 713 AD. So get over it.

Thumb primesuspect 31 January 2013, 20:09

All retards....

Thumb andre.jabbour 31 January 2013, 20:11

Some need to inform what VOX POPULI, VOX DEI means to these clerics.

Missing peace 31 January 2013, 20:16

"Civil marriage threatens the concept of family founded on ethical and spiritual grounds".

hahahahahaha!!!!! it mostly threatens the privileges of the different sects making money on the family laws!!!

they will issue a fatwa soon, don t worry!

Default-user-icon Pro Civil State (Guest) 31 January 2013, 20:37

Compare the Shiite reaction to the Mufti (Sunni) reaction.

Missing gcb1 31 January 2013, 20:51

And we reject your meddling in civil affairs.

If people want to get married religiously, let them, and if people want to get married civil, let them as well. The state cannot force you to marry one way or the other.

Missing samiam 31 January 2013, 21:24

First Sunni, now Shia

both trying to cling to their stranglehold on marriage and the money they rake in from it. Hey, it's the TWENTY FIRST century, learn to adapt or you will be left behind.

Default-user-icon W (Guest) 01 February 2013, 12:47

My favourite people are the ones stupid enough to associate a whole meaning to a shortening of a word. I'm Xtian, and I celebrate Xmas. If you seem to have a problem with that, you can join your closest friends, the Salafis, who are also too stupid to adapt to the 21st century.

And although the Shiite response is not ideal, at least they called for a dialogue. Much better than the idiot Mufti who decided to issue an indirect death sentence on every muslim who supports a civil state.

Missing allouchi 01 February 2013, 18:59

No room for the clergy in political life...leave us the hell alone...