Three Killed in Building Collapse in Anfeh

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A building owned by relatives of deputy Speaker Farid Makari collapsed in the northern region of Anfeh on Tuesday while its residents were still inside it.

A family of three living in the two-storey building was killed in the incident.

The building was being renovated by Nabil Makari.

OTV identified the residents as Kafa Asaad Skaff and her two daughters Aida and Sousou.

The cause of the collapse remains unknown, MTV reported.

The family had been informed that it needed to leave the building due to the renovations.

The heavy rain on Monday caused some damage in the building, which was over a hundred years old, and authorities had been informed of the development, said MTV.

The family was advised to leave the building after cracks were seen in the structure, but it soon collapsed, reported LBCI.

A building had collapsed in Beirut's Ashrafiyeh neighborhood in January 2012, killing 27 people and wounding 12.

One person was killed and seven others wounded in another collapse in the town of Tabraja in March 2012.

A number of building collapses were reported last year.

The Ashrafiyeh incident had raised fears of the occurrence of similar ones given the abundance of old buildings in the country and people’s ignorance of proper construction safety rules.

Despite the outcry over the incident, no official authority has been established in order to monitor similar cases to prevent the repeat of the disaster.

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Thumb andre.jabbour 12 February 2013, 16:51

La maison de barbie.

Missing 12 February 2013, 17:46

Condolences from your neighbors and classmates in Kalamoun.

Thumb smarty 12 February 2013, 19:10

The Seleucid Dynasty ---- Upon the death of Theodosius I in A.D. 395, the empire was divided in two: the eastern or Byzantine part with its capital at Constantinople, and the western part with its capital at Rome. Under the Byzantine Empire, intellectual and economic activities in Beirut, Tyre, and Sidon continued to flourish for more than a century. However, in the sixth century a series of earthquakes demolished the temples of Baalbek and destroyed the city of Beirut, leveling its famous law school and killing nearly 30,000 inhabitants. To these natural disasters were added the abuses and corruptions prevailing at that time in the empire. Heavy tributes and religious dissension produced disorder and confusion. Furthermore, the ecumenical councils of the fifth and sixth centuries A.D. were unsuccessful in settling religious disagreements. This turbulent period weakened the empire and made it easy prey to the newly converted Muslim Arabs of the Arabian Peninsula.

Thumb smarty 12 February 2013, 19:13

Differences between 15 centuries ago and now? NONE!

Default-user-icon OLD OWNER (Guest) 12 February 2013, 21:47

This is another disaster caused by the old rent law!!
When the old renters pay per month between LL20,000 & LL60,000, how can the old owner afford to keep up with the maintenance of the building?
The same happened at Fassouh where the old renters were paying an average of LL20,000!! How can you expect the old owner to make a living and pay expenses and keep maintenance on these low rents? Free the old rents and things will change. The old owners cannot be made liable for this.

Default-user-icon The Watcher (Guest) 13 February 2013, 07:17

May they RIP...