Aoun Says Incitement Leads to War: Any Electoral Law with Known Results Will Not Pass

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Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun warned on Tuesday against the current “dangerous security situation in the country”, explaining that not responding to “incitement, provocation, killing and kidnapping incidents will lead to an internal war”.

"Politicians and those keen on preserving the constitution are held responsible for any conflict that may erupt in the country,” Aoun stated in a statement he gave after Change and Reform parliamentary bloc's weekly meeting, adding that “armed forces on ground are preparing for this war”.

He said: “The cabinet has not taken any step to arrest people blocking roads or attacking people”.

"No one has been penalized,” he noted. "Whether the defect is in the security forces or among ministers, we call on them to resign and urge replacing them”.

Commenting on the electoral law debate, the FPM leader said he will not accept any alternative to the Orthodox Gathering's draft, except when a better suggestion is put forward.

"Any law that predicts the elections' results beforehand is rejected,” he confirmed.

"Those saying the Orthodox proposal is illegal can refer it to the constitutional council for a judgment in this matter,” he stated.

Regarding his comments on the situation in Bahrain, Aoun said that “he might have been misunderstood”: “We are on good terms with Bahrain and we are keen on its security and stability”.

“We do not want to meddle in any other Arab country's affairs,” he remarked.

Aoun had criticized earlier in February the international community and the Arab League for their lack of support for Bahraini protesters.

His statement to Iran's al-Alam television was considered by Bahrain as an “irresponsible meddling in its internal affairs.”

Meanwhile, several internal political factions attacked the FPM leader's remarks, expressing that they “threaten the businesses and the futures of many Lebanese in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council”.

Aoun had responded to critics, saying “we support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Bahrain would incur a lot of criticism if it does not advocate it.”

  • 26 February 2013, 17:29

    Aoun: We are on good terms with Bahrain and we are keen on its security and stability and my statement might have been misunderstood. We do not want to meddle in any other Arab country's affairs and we did not call for violence or for changing the regime. We encourage national dialogue away from foreign interference.

  • 26 February 2013, 17:23

    Aoun: We support reconsidering the wage scales and we have proposed a taxation approach that does not affect the poor but the professors' strikes are being criticized by the parents.

  • 26 February 2013, 17:19

    Aoun: We will not agree on the 1960's electoral law.

  • 26 February 2013, 17:18

    Aoun: We have suggested an electoral law based on proportional representation and to consider Lebanon as one electoral district although we favor the Orthodox proposal, but we did not get any response.

  • 26 February 2013, 17:17

    Aoun: Televisions are giving a chance to all out-of-law people to voice out their opinion freely.

  • 26 February 2013, 17:15

    Aoun: If the security forces can not take on this responsibility, officials should be replaced and if ministers were found responsible we call them to resign..

  • 26 February 2013, 17:15

    Aoun: Who gave the order to block roads, attack a hospital and release an arrested man? Who justifies this lack of security control?

  • 26 February 2013, 17:14

    Aoun: There are not arresting criminals although they are collecting the data of communication.

  • 26 February 2013, 17:13

    Aoun: Incitement will lead to internal war and the armed forces will take on the task of preparing for it. Politicians and the protectors of the constitution are responsible for this.

  • 26 February 2013, 17:12

    Aoun: We are in a very dangerous state of security where there is incitement to murder, provocation, and attacks on military forces.. and there is no appropriate respond to all of this.

  • 26 February 2013, 17:10

    Aoun: I ask those accusing me of aiming at the presidency how can I be present in the light of an unconstitutional law?

  • 26 February 2013, 17:10

    Aoun: There are evil intentions behind accusing us of dragging people into war.

  • 26 February 2013, 17:08

    Aoun: They want to know the outcome of the elections before it takes place and we will not accept this.

  • 26 February 2013, 17:05

    Aoun: Let us refer the Orthodox draft to parliament and the MPs will decide on its unconstitutionality.

  • 26 February 2013, 17:04

    Aoun: Article 95 of the Lebanese constitution states that true equal power-sharing is the way to eliminate sectarianism and I do not understand MP Robert Ghanem's statement about the unconstitutionality of the Orthodox draft.

  • 26 February 2013, 17:03

    FPM leader MP Michel Aoun after Change and Reform bloc's weekly meeting: The Orthodox Gathering's draft electoral law might be referred to parliament for vote but al-Mustaqbal movement opposes this step.

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Default-user-icon Edmund Burke (Guest) 26 February 2013, 17:13

It is a general popular error to suppose the loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for its welfare.

Default-user-icon Edmund Burke (Guest) 26 February 2013, 17:14

all that wise men ever aim at is to keep things from coming to the worst. Those who expect perfect reformations, either deceive or are deceived miserably.

Default-user-icon Albert Einstein (Guest) 26 February 2013, 17:16

The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits.

Default-user-icon Euripides (Guest) 26 February 2013, 17:17

Whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad

Default-user-icon H. L. Mencken (Guest) 26 February 2013, 17:18

The demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.

Default-user-icon H. L. Mencken (Guest) 26 February 2013, 17:19

The intelligent, like the unintelligent, are responsive to propaganda

Default-user-icon Plato (Guest) 26 February 2013, 17:19

Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.

Default-user-icon Aounism (Guest) 26 February 2013, 17:24

truthiness outrageous lies pablum for the fools

Default-user-icon imad marmal zamani (Guest) 26 February 2013, 17:47

"Aoun: We are on good terms with Bahrain and we are keen on its security and stability and my statement might have been misunderstood"

so now you see mr senile coward.. umm.. sorry.. general senile coward, reading hassan's prepared text live without pre reading it first off air make micho a complete idiot.. umm.. sorry.. more of a complete idiot and that's no small feat.

Thumb jcamerican 26 February 2013, 18:24

At least he is punctual. You have to admire his record of attendance.

Missing allouchi 26 February 2013, 18:42

Is it Tuesday already???...ok let us bring the beer and popcorn and have a laugh at the clown...

Missing allouchi 26 February 2013, 19:25

moumou, you are a retard just like your little

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 26 February 2013, 18:52

decadence...from charles malek..fouad efram el this

Default-user-icon bat7at (Guest) 26 February 2013, 19:08

Complete and utter lunacy in a tidy little package.

Default-user-icon Pfizer Karami (Guest) 26 February 2013, 19:19

Dude I told you once I told you a million times quit getting your meds from the Fnesh brothers, I know they're free but they don't help your condition. Oh and stay away from the Moussawi brothers as well.

Missing allouchi 26 February 2013, 19:27

Aoun "I do not understand MP Robert Ghanem's statement about the unconstitutionality of the Orthodox draft" because you are an IDIOT ya ahbal al nass.

Default-user-icon Flangello Sortambie (Guest) 26 February 2013, 20:37

Guys please I implore you give the guy a break, he needs the Orthodox law because he already has the "we returned the rights to the Christians" billboards that Iran financed in 2009 and they won't be able to finance new ones now that the Iranian rial is worth less than a used square of single ply toilet paper. Come to think of it he'll use those billboards no matter what the new electoral law is, after all we can have a law were the Iranian ayatollah appoints every Christian MP and even then Aoun's sheeple will still repeat after him "we returned the rights to the Christians".

Default-user-icon Mahatma Gandhi (Guest) 26 February 2013, 21:19

The world has enough for everybody's need but not for one man's greed.

Missing saynotoreligion 26 February 2013, 21:23

Look I understand that you guys either support Mar 8 or 14 and the idea of being an independent thinker who doesn't have to agree 100% with either side can be a bit scary to you. But regardless who you are with, the Orthodox law is very, very sectarian (by definition - even its name refers to a sect). This is not good for anyone. It makes the sect and its leader a higher priority than the country. Everyone of us should be rejecting this extremely polarizing law.

Missing saynotoreligion 26 February 2013, 21:55

I dont care about the politicians & whether they agree to it or not or if it is polarizing to them or not. It is polarizing to people like me (an atheist) & to my friends who r Shia,Sunni, Druze,Orthodox,Maronite. We r all looking 4 the best person 4 the job in the interest of Lebanon, not the best person from a certain sect in the interest of that sect only. An electoral law that differentiates two people based on their sect is polarizing.

You always make it about this part or that party. If ur party was so great wouldn't they have found a way to move the country forward regardless of the fact that there is opposition? Isn't that what successful politicians do? Do you think there is any country in the world where two political parties always agree? Successful parties/candidates negotiate & they compromise &they do whatever is necessary to move the country forward,even if it is one inch at a time. All I see from M8 & M14 r excuses that the other party is blocking everything. Boohoo

Missing saynotoreligion 26 February 2013, 22:56

Exactly my point FlameThrower. A party can have good ideas, but if they cannot figure out how to implement them then they have a failed. And what I have been trying to ask you is why do you keep following, and voting for, parties that have failed time after time. Why not vote for someone else with good ideas and see if they will be more successful at implementing them?

Missing saynotoreligion 26 February 2013, 23:50

You can't say 1.5 years in power. You need to consider all the 5 years. A member of parliament is a member of parliament whether they are the majority or not. And if they are not smart enough to become successful, even as the opposition, then they have failed. 5 years should be enough for you to realize that they have failed. You seem like a smart guy, start looking at independents and don't waste your time on people who just haven't delivered.

Missing saynotoreligion 26 February 2013, 22:57

sorry for the duplicate posts

Missing peace 27 February 2013, 01:01

yeeehaaaaaaaaaa! we still have aoun best defenders punctual on every tuesday... defending the clown whatever he says!!! if that is not pavlovian reflex and parrot syndrom!!!!
pityful they are.... and so represetative of brainwashed M8ers....

Thumb geha 27 February 2013, 04:25

no one incites more than this clown.

Missing allouchi 27 February 2013, 14:33

the best traitor and idiot...

Default-user-icon Guest (Guest) 27 February 2013, 16:32

It's funny that General Aoun gets the most comments every time he speaks out...This means that everyone listens to him!