UAE Advises Citizens to Avoid Travel to Lebanon


The UAE foreign ministry on Sunday advised Emirati citizens not to travel to Lebanon “except in case of utmost necessity” due to “the current situation in the region, especially in Lebanon.”

''If necessary, holders of diplomatic and special passports planning to travel to Lebanon should obtain prior permits from the Ministry and should coordinate with it before departure,'' the ministry said in a statement.

It asked holders of normal passports to sign a pledge at the airport to take full responsibility when they travel to Lebanon.

Abdullah bin Mohammed al-Hamed, the ministry's undersecretary, said the travel advice was issued “out of the ministry's keenness to maintain the safety of citizens.”

He appealed to Emiratis to comply with the travel advice until further notice and take utmost caution when traveling abroad.

In December 2012, the United Arab Emirates issued a similar travel advisory.

“We have taken this decision because of the political situation in Lebanon and in surrounding countries,” the foreign ministry said back then.

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Default-user-icon G seaman (Guest) 12 May 2013, 22:04

Very sadddd indeed... We are left with no one to visit n spend money in beautifully Lebanon.. This is bs now...

Missing ghzayel 12 May 2013, 22:09

i dont blame the uae for taking care of its citizens and issuing similar statements.

after all when you have hezballah controlling the airport and the surrounding areas when you have no touristic sea lines to lebanon,

when you have the syrian territories off limits, then you have to cross the hezballah infested bekaa if you make it to the masnaa border town.

when tourists worry about being kidnapped and facing a life and death situation and the possibility of losing a sizable fortune for their release, well that is not what you call a tourist paradise.

Missing ghzayel 12 May 2013, 23:57

the ahbals are the ones like you being thumbed down day after day for promoting 8th of march crap agenda that has ruined this country for the last few years.

since you started it i will let you have it i would like to tell you moron sh-t thrower i have been to the bekaa more times than you did and i recently stopped going there because your allies yellow flaggers.

unlike you idiot taking brain washed lessons from your 8th of march mentors no one is conditioning me.

thanks to you for awakening my angers and getting the worst out of me !!!

Missing love4lebanon 13 May 2013, 04:21

Well said ghzayel

Missing love4lebanon 13 May 2013, 04:22

FT you let me down agian .

Missing love4lebanon 13 May 2013, 04:20

I agree password.

Missing rami 13 May 2013, 09:02

Password & Love4Lebanon, you are both wrong. There are 450 hotels or 67000 rooms in Dubai, between October and March the average occupancy is 90%,with a minimum room rate of 250$, 80% of the business is leisure.

Default-user-icon peter (Guest) 13 May 2013, 13:13

there is nothing in dubai. ugly city without soul with almost no visibility and costing a lot of energy. i visited dubai once ant that´s it. but in lebanon i was 5 times and will come back for sure!!!

Missing amir_taqieddine 13 May 2013, 15:16

Hehehe ya ok. Dubai is awesome, thats why its succesful. There is soul, modernity, hospitality, peace, security, history. If we are trying to save lebanon tourism by attacking dubai, then be sure to lose big times. Most of lebanons tourists are the lebanese diaspora, after them comes arabs and after them comes western volunteers helping out in various developing fields or arab language students. Lebanon was built by ancient civilizations and destroyed by modern day lebanese.

Default-user-icon Maxx (Guest) 13 May 2013, 20:42

It's not normal Lebanese that cause them "sleeplessness", but the criminal factions that have hijacked this country and who are all too keen to resolve their own sleeplessness by taking to the streets and murdering people left and right. That's Hizb I'm talking of, in case you're too dense.