Bassil: Accepting Extension of Parliament Mandate is Conditional

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Caretaker Energy Minister Jebran Bassil stressed on Monday that accepting the extension of the parliament mandate is conditional and linked to canceling the controversial 1960 electoral law.

A high ranking FPM figure, Bassil told al-Akhbar daily: “Our stances are clear. We agree on a parliament session to vote on a new electoral law. And if it was necessary we agree on a technical extension for a very short period of time.”

“We only accept a conditional parliament extension linked to formulating a new electoral law and canceling the 1960 law. If it was necessary to hold the elections based on the 1960 law, we prefer the parliament extension to be shortened to the minimal,” the Change and Reform MP added.

A preliminary agreement has been reached among major political parties to extend the parliament's mandate to the autumn of 2014, sources said.

Although the Amal movement, Hizbullah and Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat have agreed on the extension. Meanwhile Al-Mustaqbal bloc chief Fouad Saniora expressed readiness to provide an answer on the proposal on Monday.

Hizbullah on the other hand expressed readiness to try to convince its ally Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun on such an extension, they said.

Moreover, Bassil stressed the necessity to address the inflamed security situation in the northern city of Tripoli in order to hold the elections. He said “the security situation must be addressed as soon as possible. It must be contained so it will not affect the polls.”

Deadly clashes have gripped the northern city of Tripoli as Syria's civil war has spilled over into Lebanon.

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Missing abraham 27 May 2013, 13:44

1phoenix, you are a very smart man, and your thoughts are well received, but shouldn't you also criticize all those energy ex ministers who have come and gone without doing anything to the energy sector since mid 70's