Israel 'Will Know What to Do' over Russia Missiles

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Israel "will know what to do" if Russia delivers anti-aircraft missiles to Syria, its defense minister said Tuesday, in an apparent allusion to another air strike on the war-torn neighboring country.

"The deliveries have not taken place, and I hope they do not. But if, by misfortune, they arrive in Syria, we will know what to do," Moshe Yaalon said.

His comments came after Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said providing the missiles to the regime of President Bashar Assad would be a "stabilizing factor" aimed at deterring any foreign intervention in Syria.

Speaking in Moscow, Ryabkov said "we consider these supplies a stabilizing factor and believe such steps will deter some hotheads from considering scenarios that would turn the conflict international with the involvement of outside forces."

Earlier this month, Israel launched air raids inside Syria targeting what sources said were arms destined for its arch foe, Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, whose fighters have entered the conflict alongside the Syrian army.

The strikes ramped up regional tension, with Syria threatening to hit back.

Israel and Russia's opposing standpoints over Syria surfaced shortly afterwards, with the Jewish state criticizing Russian arms deals with Assad, and Moscow appearing to warn against further Israeli strikes.

The minister also stressed that the weapons were purely defensive, insisting that they were designed to protect the regime against outside forces, rather than serving to crush the domestic opposition.

Ryabkov reiterated that Russia's arms deliveries to Assad's forces were legitimate because they were conducted under pre-war agreements that were reached with an internationally recognized government.

Nations such as Israel are concerned by Russia's reported decision to supply S-300 surface-to-air missiles that could help Damascus eliminate incoming warplanes and missiles over a radius of dozens of miles.

Ryabkov also argued that the fractured opposition's failure up to this stage to appoint a single representative at the proposed conference was the biggest existing stumbling block to peace.

"The fragmented nature of the groups fighting the government and the inability of our partners including the United States and the EU to ensure a sufficient level of representation by the opposition at the conference are the main stumbling block today."

The European Union agreed late Monday to lift its embargo on arming the opposition after much debate and a strong push for the measure by France and Britain.

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Default-user-icon John Marina (Guest) 28 May 2013, 14:59

The mini Zionist state is defying Russia beside the fact that they defy anything else that does not suit their targets. Any defiance they go on talking about holocaust. They have the right to procure any kind of weapons, no questions asked, but when someone else tries "we know what to do"

Thumb geha 28 May 2013, 15:11

hizbushaitan is going to pay a dear price for their involvement in Syria, and their end is near.
this time round, no one will harbor shia from south Lebanon and bekaa when the war with Israel will start.
hizbushaitan has alienated everyone along the years, and perception of Lebanese has dramatically changed: they will find no support from the Lebanese people.

Thumb primesuspect 28 May 2013, 15:22

Well at least in his kibbutz he has freedom of speech and they don't tell him go back to his undeveloped country that has no electricity or water.

Thumb geha 28 May 2013, 15:34

if ever there is an Israeli agent on this site, it would be ft for spreading sectarian hatred.

Default-user-icon Idiotgeha (Guest) 28 May 2013, 17:43

Aren't you tired of writing the same things over and over again?

Get a life dude.

Thumb bigsami 28 May 2013, 19:04

Shattttt up farsi fagblower. Your sewer trap does not stop. Mish-makoul!

Missing VINCENT 28 May 2013, 20:16

Farsi, and I guess you would go to Iran. Is going to Iran better than going to some crappy kibbutz?

Missing tourettes 28 May 2013, 15:21

Dream on mr waleed. If Damascus attacks Israel the first thing israel will do is destroying the air force of syria n by doing that assad will stand weak in front of the rebels.assad is a butcher not an idiot.

Default-user-icon Ghodafri Bisanjou (Guest) 28 May 2013, 15:45

Surely they do know what to do. We, too, know what they will do: go to the wailing wall and cry like little girls.

Thumb beiruti 28 May 2013, 15:58

The Russians today issued diplomatic condemnations of the EU for lifting the Arms Embargo on the FSA. They said that lifting the ban would be destabilizing. And yet, they continue arming the Assad Regime without abatement. Is this not destabilizing?? Maybe their position rests on just who is being destabilized -- Assad, Syria or the region. One does not equal the other. If all parties sought a peaceful resolution, then none would be arming any of the parties.

Thumb bigsami 28 May 2013, 19:06

Do the world a favor....please don't just stop at Syria, clean Lebanon of it's sewage aka HA as well!

Missing VINCENT 28 May 2013, 20:43

Sunnis will do whatever the oil rich clans want them to do. If their political and financial survival is contingent on going to bed with the West, Russia, China, India... and open the door for Israel, they will do so. So, it is not a far fetched conclusion. Likewise the Shiites, as evident by their handing over Lebanon's interest, running her affairs to Farsi filth. If this would clean up the Palestinian camps and move their arms out of Lebanon, I may consider going to bed with the Farsi and take my chances. Wake up! Arab/Muslims you are being played. Why? Because they have divided you. Why were they able to do so? Because you are greedy and hate each other. Israel fears of the Christians and the Persians. They do not fear oil rich Clans sitting in the desert and picking their toes.