Mansour Says Lebanon Confronts Israeli 'Bats' With Landmines

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Caretaker Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour has warned that Lebanon would confront Israelis “bats” with landmines after four soldiers were injured following an incursion into Lebanese territories early Wednesday.

“They have their bats and we have landmines,” Mansour told As Safir newspaper published Thursday.

The Lebanese army said Wednesday that a group of Israeli soldiers crossed the border into southern Lebanon and were wounded in an explosion which reports have said was caused by a landmine.

It called the incident a "new violation of Lebanese sovereignty" and said it was investigating the nature of the blast.

The communique said the Israeli troops reached as far as 400 meters inside Lebanon in the Labbouneh area near the coastal town of Naqoura.

“If (Israeli Prime Minister) Benjamin Netanyahu believes that his troops are protecting the border then we also know how to do that,” Mansour told As Safir.

Netanyahu on Wednesday wished the troops a speedy recovery while on a tour of a military base in the south of the country, and said "we will continue to act responsibly in order to defend Israel's borders."

Israel's Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon also said the blast wounded four soldiers, some lightly, others moderately, "in operational activity along the Lebanon border."

Mansour confirmed that Lebanon would file a complaint with the United Nations Security Council over the incident.

He described it as a violation of Security Council resolution 1701 that ended the 2006 war between Israel and Hizbullah.

It "reveals again the Israeli enemy's hidden intentions through its infiltration of Lebanese territory," he said.

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Missing phillipo 08 August 2013, 11:41

Where exactly are his complaints when Syrian forces infiltrate Lebanese territory?
Oh sorry, he can't get permission for that from Damascus.

Missing ___-wolf-___ 08 August 2013, 12:30

How could you make peace with a neighbour that trespasses , steals , & kills on your property ? Forget filing complaints to authorities it does not work . Best options are yet to come against this thieving neighbour , soon ....very soon ....
Signed Wolf....

Missing phillipo 08 August 2013, 14:41

___-wolf-___ Very good question. So using the same criteria, trespassing, stealing and killing, how is it that Syria and Lebanon are at peace?

Missing samiam 08 August 2013, 15:09

so, both of our neighbors are guilty of this--where do we go from here?

Missing phillipo 08 August 2013, 18:57

Speak to your neighbour from the south to arrange a peace treaty.
You might be pleasantly surprised at the stance of the Israeli Government.

Missing VINCENT 08 August 2013, 21:44

Look it, If I don't like to be slapped on the face, then I don't care who and where the slap is coming from. Whether it is my father, brother, cousin, friend, neighbor, etc. Unless of course I provoked it. I am not sure if the Lebanese should give the Syrians a pass. Most often the worst crimes are committed by those very close to our homes. These are my thoughts.

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 08 August 2013, 13:50

I agree with the Israel is our enemy. But they are our enemies because they occupied, stole, killed and jailed and tortured. If we define enemies by what the did. Then Syria is our enemy for the same reasons. Just a question roar. If the next ministerial statement removes the army-people-resistance formula. Will you still consider HA as our "legitimate" resistance? And if they go bananas would you stand against them AND their allies?

Missing phillipo 08 August 2013, 14:50

"But they are our enemies because they occupied, stole, killed and jailed and tortured"
As you write, all these actions are in the past, so why not look

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 08 August 2013, 17:17

roar.. everything you say is fine, but you are asking for the Lebanese govt to sign a peace treaty first. but my question is, if we dont sign a peace treaty with Israel, but have our ministerial statement exclude the "resistance" from any equation. (something like Syria, they are technically at war with Israel but have no resistance) would you support the move? and acknowledge that then HA has no right to exist as an armed party?

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 08 August 2013, 18:20

and enjoy the snow down under... would love some skiing right about now.. nice break from the

Missing phillipo 08 August 2013, 14:48

"Lebanon is officially at war with Israel & vice versa."
When exactly did Israel declare war on Lebanon (don't quote Hizaballah or PLO)
"If a Lebanese citizens was to even approach the Israeli border, they will be shot."
How many time have there been articles here about Lebanese shepherds crossing the border and being returned. When was the last Lebanese civilian who approached the border shot?
"But until your President & PM decide to sign a peace treaty with Israel" Surely there is a mistake there. If you are refering to Lebanon, there was the draft of a Peace Treaty between Lebanon and Israel in 1988, but it was torn up by the Syrian occupiers of Lebanon.
If the Israeli Government at its next meeting declared that they want to start Peace Talks with the Government of Lebanon, just like the Peace Talks with the Palestinian Authority, what if any would be the reply from Beirut?

Missing phillipo 09 August 2013, 07:50

With the number of Muslem immigrants here ino the UK, we might actually have to change our name to Palestine. There are already calls to have Sharia law .
In my country people of all religions are treated exactly the same way. Unfortunately there a many immigrants who feel that the country should change to suit them and not the other way round.
If by chance you referred to Israel, there are many non Jewish members of Parliament, Heads of Hospitals, Doctors, Judges , Lawyers, Police Officers, yes and even Army Officers. All Israeli citizens have the right to vote .
If you are talking about the illegal Africans in Israel, look first at Lebanon treats the Palestinians, still in "refugee" camps after 65 years, before telling other people how to behave.
When Israel left the Gaza Strip, what happened, missiles were shot from there into Israel. When Israel left South Lebanon what happened Hizballah activities warmed up the border.
What has Israel stolen from Lebanon?

Default-user-icon Ali (Guest) 09 August 2013, 08:45

what a genius, who listens to Mansoor anyway?