Report: Hizbullah to Retaliate from Homs to Any Strike Against Syria

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah will retaliate to any strike against Damascus by firing rockets at Israel from Syrian territory, in an attempt to dissociate Lebanon from the developments in the neighboring country.

“Hizbullah is controlling 8,000 kilometers in Reef Homs and will not hesitate to participate in an attack by firing surface-to-surface missiles from Syria,” a source in the joint operations formed by Hizbullah and the forces of President Bashar Assad said in comments published in Kuwaiti al-Rai newspaper.

The source said the Hizbullah is seeking not to involve Lebanon with any “military initiative” it decided to take.

“The party will not use its tactic and strategical rocket launchers inside Lebanon,” according to the source.

It added that Hizbullah will use its rocket launchers in Lebanon to retaliate to any Israeli aggression against Lebanon, which will be “permissible.”

U.S. President Barack Obama on Saturday asked Congress to authorize military action against Syria.

The move lifted the threat of immediate strikes on Assad's regime. But the fears that the attack would trigger a wider war through a Hizbullah attack on Israel remain.

Syria is intertwined in alliances with Iran, Hizbullah and Palestinian militant groups. The country also borders its longtime foe and U.S. ally Israel, making the fallout from military action unpredictable.

The Israeli cabinet authorized last week a partial call-up of army reservists amid growing expectations of a foreign military strike on neighboring Syria, army radio reported.

The unspecified number of troops are attached to units stationed in the north of the country, which borders both Lebanon and the Golan Heights, seized from Syria in the 1967 Six-Day War, it said.

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Thumb lebnanfirst 02 September 2013, 09:26

Fine, let HA fire rockets from Homs and bear the consequences. Just keep Lebanon and the Lebanese out of it.

Thumb _mowaten_ 02 September 2013, 11:45

everytime i see a silly title starting with "Report: Hezbollah..." i click knowing it's going to say somewhere "according to the kuwaiti newspaper"

ROFL guys, please let's be serious, this is simply an insult to intelligence! there's no way in hell that HA would share their secret strategic plans with that kuwaiti piece of trash.

Thumb justice 02 September 2013, 12:01

mowaten of QOM: nobody is laughing except for you! The insult to intelligence is your complete denial of the facts. You denied HA involvement in Syria from day one and you said "Please be serious, this is simply an insult to intelligence". You truly are a spokesperson for HA. Oh, and you are an atheist yes?

Thumb _mowaten_ 02 September 2013, 13:42

lol guys, keep reading kuwaiti sources on HA's "secret intentions", that'll keep you well informed and knowledgeable :)

Missing helicopter 02 September 2013, 17:54

They do not share their plan with the Lebanese Government, army or people either. Only Iran and Bahsar are worthy of sharing their plans with.

Missing phillipo 02 September 2013, 15:37

So they think that Israeli defences can't reach Homs.
I hope that there will be enough body bags to bring them back to Lebanon after that stupid move.
Can we also understand from this article that the Syrian regime of Assad has given Hizballah these surface to surface missiles, because I very much doubt that they will move their own out of Lebanon. If this is the situation then Israeli will have every right to attack Syria, and not just Hizballah. So once again, very warped thinking on their side.

Thumb Roaring-FlameThrower 02 September 2013, 09:44

God Bless the Islamic Iranian Resistance aka HA (Hussain Army) for adhering to the Baabda declaration and the government's dissociation policy. This news comes as no surprise to confirm the resistance' commitment to distance the Lebanese from the horrors of war. When HA launches rockets at Israel from Homs, Israel will not know these rockets were fired by HA. Any Israeli retaliation against HA in Lebanon will be pure un-called for aggression and will require immediate complaint to the UN. The whole world will see Israel for what it is: an aggressive terrorist takfiri loving outlaw nation. May the Lord bless our warriors and strengthen their resolve in fighting terror.

Thumb general_puppet 02 September 2013, 10:37

Yeah, Hizbullah firing the rockets from Syria is going to make all the difference to the Israelis. The Iranian militia is going to bring war from all sides into Lebanon!

Missing samiam 02 September 2013, 11:00

hizb iran may wonder why it has so many enemies

maybe they should look at what they are doing and maybe that will give them some answers

Missing VINCENT 02 September 2013, 11:41

If Egypt, KSA, etc. is attacked by the H.A. from Syrian territory, these armies would not respect the Lebanese/Syrian boarder specially since H.A. is not part of the official Lebanese army/security forces. If any H.A. attack against Israel would help further the Palestinian cause and Lebanon's sovereignty, may be H.A, should educate the Lebanese people and army and bring us up to speed as to why this is for Lebanon's interest and not Iran/Syria.

Thumb _mowaten_ 02 September 2013, 11:45

well maybe you should stop click on every article that talks about hezbollah. just saying

Thumb eagle_eye 02 September 2013, 12:10

The plan is on track. Those men at the top behind closed doors know Hezbollah (or Syria) will strike Israel which will give Israel (secretly backed by the U.S.) the reason and doorway they want to start striking in order to escalate the destabilization of the middle east arab countries. The next piece in the chess game they'll wait for will be Iran coming to defend Syria.

Thumb bustany 02 September 2013, 13:59

The world has to know that Syrian government never used chemichal weapon against its people. The Kerry evidence is Powell evidence in 2002 against Iraq. Just another laughable presentation. Syria take a pride in these hallow accusation and insist on the USA, Saudi, Israel fabrication

Thumb benzona 02 September 2013, 15:20

News of the day, Homs is inhabited by chias after the extermination of Sunni populations.

Thumb justice 02 September 2013, 15:52

still posting along your twin Southern? Shame on You!

Thumb benzona 02 September 2013, 15:21

Gather educated Christians and Moslems and fight the terrorists screwing up with our heritage.

Default-user-icon 1 (Guest) 04 September 2013, 17:34

A real God would not want any of this.

Thumb beiruti 02 September 2013, 16:55

Hezbollah is anticipating just what I suspected on yesterday. A US action sufficient to warrant a retaliatory strike, authorized by Iran and executed by Hezbollah, if it came from Lebanon, would give Israel the pretext to come after Hezbollah in Lebanon as a defensive rather than an offensive measure. However, if the retaliation is executed from Syrian territory, then Israel to retaliate, would have to justify a strike at Hezbollah in Lebanon, or put boots on the ground in Syria. This makes an Israeli response to a missile attack not so easy - either an attack on Lebanese territory, or entering the Syrian war

Thumb shab 02 September 2013, 17:58

Picture of two devils.

Missing helicopter 02 September 2013, 18:03

I am not too unhappy about this. For decades Iran and Syria and KSA and the PLO used Lebanon to stir the Lebanese front with Israel. This time It is Iran's and Syria's agent (HA) stirring the Syrian front. THis is a welcome change.

Thumb benzona 02 September 2013, 19:28

I'm ready to pay for it if they promise never to return. They're going to destroy Syria like they did for Lebanon. Ultimately, they should move to Iran..... I don't even think the good people of Iran will want assassins among themselves.

Default-user-icon larry (Guest) 03 September 2013, 07:33

I hope this report is correct. The only thing that has prevented Israel from destroying hezb is the U.S. If hezb attacks Israel without Israel participation in the syria strike, Israel will have carte blanche to destroy hezb, regarless of from where hezb launches. Do you relly think Israel and the u.s. Wont know where and when hezb is in syria? Any syrian or hezb attack on Israel will mean real war (not the limited skirmish of 2006 but a full scale blitz from Israel's thousand plane airforce and 400,000 man army). Sixty thousand rockets sounds impressive, but hexb wont have the space, time, or manpower concentration, while under full invasion to launch more than a fraction of those missiles, who really only kill one person for every fifteen hundred launched. Go for it hezb. Im sick of you and will be happy to see you destroyed.

Default-user-icon VoiceOfReason (Guest) 03 September 2013, 17:35


Israel has long stated that they will hold Lebanon responsible for any aggression by Hezbollah. HA is part of the Lebanese Government and supported by a portion of the Lebanese people. Whether they strike from Syria or from South Lebanon, Israel will have its excuse to involve us all in this war. And objectively speaking, they will be correct. If an organisation that was a part of the American government launched an attack on Russia or some other state from Georgia(the country), do you think the state being assaulted would/should just ignore the fact that in essence the United States launched an attack regardless of where from? Thankfully, I don't believe that Israel's silent supporters are keen on seeing this happen. Bitamena whatever happens it will stay in Syria.

Default-user-icon Jay (Guest) 06 September 2013, 03:25

Why would Hiz attack Israel? Because they are U.S. ally? If they think that is a good enough reason, when Israel is a sovereign nation that has not attacked them first, then Israel has the right to attack them where the shots came from, if not where the attack was planned.