1 Dead, 5 Hurt as Hizbullah Members Clash with Palestinians in Burj al-Barajneh

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

One person was killed and five others were wounded Sunday in an armed clash between members of Hizbullah and Palestinian young men near the Burj al-Barajneh refugee camp in Beirut's southern suburbs.

State-run National News Agency identified the dead man as Palestinian national Mohammed al-Simrawi, saying the gunfight erupted when a number of Palestinians in a wedding convoy refused that their cars be searched by a Hizbullah checkpoint.

“Security forces and representatives of the factions of the Palestine Liberation Organization intervened in a bid to contain the incident as clashes abated,” the agency added.

Earlier, MTV said a number of Palestinians “opened fire on a Hizbullah checkpoint near the Burj al-Barajneh slaughterhouse after they refused to be searched.”

Al-Jadeed television said Hizbullah was “communicating with the camp's security committee to pacify the situation.”

LBCI television said protesters burned tires at the camp's entrance and shouted anti-Hizbullah slogans in the wake of the clash.

Later on Sunday, NNA said a meeting got underway between Hizbullah and the Palestinian factions at the party's office in Haret Hreik and that a joint statement would be issued after the talks.

Hizbullah had beefed up its security measures in and around Beirut's southern suburbs in the wake of a powerful car bombing that rocked the Rweiss neighborhood in Dahieh and left 27 people dead and around 300 wounded.

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Missing samiam 08 September 2013, 22:51

This is a reason why security should be in the hands of the state, not with a terrorist organization like hizb iran. Unfortunately, this is a sign of things to come. :(

Thumb cityboy 08 September 2013, 23:19

Mr. smarty pants, you don't think the Palestinians would have shot at a Lebanese army checkpoint. At least in this case it was a Palestinian killed rather than a member of the Lebanese army.

Missing samiam 08 September 2013, 23:26

I don't think they would have shot at the Lebanese army---again, this is vigilantism. The only agency responsible for checkpoints is the Lebanese government, not hizb iran or any other vigilante/terrorist group.

Missing canadianadam 08 September 2013, 23:48

No I don't think they would have either. Not al Palis are Fatah Al Islam.

Normal people just don't take well to being stopped by militias.... I wonder why ya hayt.

Missing samiam 09 September 2013, 00:41

ft--in any case, you don't seem to care about the LEBANESE state.

What COUNTRY in the world allows non state entities to man checkpoints? I am guessing you are going to make excuse for your hizb iran buddies. In any case, we know you don't stand for the state of Lebanon but rather fpm and hizb iran. Please, let us hear your rationalizations--we are all on pins and needles awaiting your excuses.

Thumb scorpyonn 09 September 2013, 04:06

They are both scum and need to be eliminated- too bad the Lebanese govt is impotent to do anything about it/

Thumb zahle1 09 September 2013, 06:57

I would like to hear from those who gave a thumbs down. Do you really think the above statement is false? Let's just be honest. I am not with HA. I am not with Palestinians in our country. But there is no doubt these Palestinians would shoot at our army. They do it all of the time.

Missing lebanese_uae 09 September 2013, 08:32

ya Boy.. this is Hizb Iran who stopped them not the Lebanese Army if you don't understand Arabic...

Default-user-icon mo (Guest) 10 September 2013, 09:22

Wrong again FT. His Father is Lebanese, and in Middle Eastern Society and Lebanese law, one goes by the father's lineage. Hence, he is Lebanese.

Thumb benzona 08 September 2013, 22:54

After killing Samer Hanna because he took off without their authorisation, they take down people who don't stop at their illegal checkpoints. ARAF ARAF!

Lebanon's economy is going to suffer more than ever.... merci Hezb Ebola and allies.

Thumb fero 09 September 2013, 00:51

you do realize that it was the Palestinians who fired first right ? ... I mean are you that blind while reading not to notice that hezbullah only fired when fired upon

Thumb kanaanljdid 09 September 2013, 02:15

Maybe Hizbelkezzeb will now accuse them of being Zionist agents, who knows!

Thumb fero 09 September 2013, 04:13

ok so your theory is that these guys came to the checkpoint refused to be searched and then got shot..you will have to excuse me when I find it hard to believe someone who cant even use there real name and is obviously biased and blindly hating them. the facts are there my friend and you guys can insult me and them all you want the fact of the matter is that you hare basing your allegations on pure spite and I feel sorry for you

Thumb fero 09 September 2013, 04:15

oh an just to add just in case you forgot the article clearly states"a number of Palestinians “opened fire on a Hizbullah checkpoint near the Burj al-Barajneh slaughterhouse after they refused to be searched" so I rest my case

Thumb ironlikelion 09 September 2013, 06:05

@fero- I think that what people are trying to say here is that regardless of who opened fire fist in this specific situation, this event represents certain fundamental issues that many would like to see change. I think most would agree that both of the parties involved in this situation are guilty; the reason that most people are focusing on the actions of HA is because many people(including me) do not believe that non-government organizations should be allowed to participate is activities that are intended to be the responsibility of the government.

Missing VINCENT 09 September 2013, 07:28

ironlikelion. Well said. For those who do not understand the severity of the situation. We, the moderate average Lebanese, want all foreign interests and their proxy armies and/or militias gone from Lebanon. We want a strong army and qualified politicians and care takers of Lebanon to put us back on the correct path for peace, prosperity and freedom from tyranny and despots.

Thumb ironlikelion 09 September 2013, 10:22

Thank you Vincent. I completely agree that implementing the changes that you have mentioned would surly be of great benefit and would definitely help Lebanon to overcome the challenges and obstacles that have been holding her back from reaching her potential. I am very glad to hear that are many others who share these aspirations with you and although I am not Lebanese, as your neighbor, I sincerely wish you all the success in achieving these goals and securing the prosperous future that Lebanon deserves!

Default-user-icon A jew in Israel (Guest) 08 September 2013, 23:12

All the enemies of the jews will eat themselves and be killed by their own weapon.
So said Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi.
We can see by our eyes he is right.

Thumb primesuspect 08 September 2013, 23:49

southern, don't play his game,,,,, he;s not worth it.

and stop talking for the palestinians, we all know u despise them....

just leave these tontos alone, let them kill each other whether they r israelis or palestinians.

Missing canadianadam 08 September 2013, 23:49

That was probably one of your southern suburb buddies posting to give the resistance some legitimacy lol.

Missing helicopter 09 September 2013, 00:54

Zionism is the enemy of the jews just like Salafism and Takfiris are enemies of Islam. Radicals of any religion justify taking life by claiming is is God who commands them to do so. Radicals have no human brians and no human hearts, even animals behave better than they.

Thumb cityboy 08 September 2013, 23:22

I notice Kerry is meeting lots with members of the Palestinians, be it with Abbas or Hamas. I don't trust this situation, what are they promising the Palestinians this time in order to turn against HA in case there is an attack on Syria. As usual, many of the Palestinians will fall for it, probably a few dollars involved.

Thumb primesuspect 08 September 2013, 23:27

as long as it doesn't come from ur pockets, it doesn't concern any of us. ¿Am I wrong?

Missing awireless 08 September 2013, 23:23

Part 3:
We did tolerate them in the name of their cause and because we were told that we are all moslems after all. I say no...we are not.

Talking about the zo3aiter and Jaafar family as zo3ran? Those came later and learned from your filth..to hell with all the zo3ran and people who think like you.

Missing samiam 08 September 2013, 23:29

Hey, don't like the palestinians here either--I wish the refugee camps would disappear too since these seem to be a hotbed of illegal activity. That isn't the point though--no group except for the lebanese government has the right to man checkpoints. Why can't you figure that out?

What country in the world lets armed groups take over government duties like that?

Thumb primesuspect 08 September 2013, 23:41

banana republics...... such as Congo, Somalia, and so on.

on other words, nations where inhabitants never get visas to travel to the civilized world.

Default-user-icon mouwatin (Guest) 08 September 2013, 23:49

weinik ya dawleh???

Default-user-icon A jew in Israel (Guest) 08 September 2013, 23:56

You can google the words نير بن آرتسي and see what is the aim of this war.
Good luck to the palestinians in thir struggle with the hizbs. Good luck to the Egyptians fighting the hamas, and to you- the muslim rebbels in Syria- Good luck. Good luck to the murderer Assad in his war against the ext muslims, and good luck to the hizbs in killing the palestinians murderers. Good luck to you Erdujan in opposing Assad, and good luck to El Sisi - keep on and fight the islamic terrorists.

Thanks to our father in heaven, we pray to you - go on with the success of the state of Israel.

Missing peace 09 September 2013, 00:30

law of the jungle supported by M8... great country lebanon has become thx to them....

Missing samiam 09 September 2013, 00:38

hizb iran isn't the law--in fact, it can't even obey the laws.

you make no sense, AGAIN.

Missing helicopter 09 September 2013, 01:00

This is a multi-tiered problem. Tier one is weapons in the hands of everyone and even in wedding convoys. This by far is the core of the problem. Second problem is too many refugees whose loyalty is not to Lebanon. Third problem is too many Lebanese whose first loyalty is to their sect whether the trail leads to Tehran or to Jedda. And finally it is those radicals who carry arms while the moderates are busy getting education and applying for visas to leave.

Thumb ironlikelion 09 September 2013, 05:38

@"A Jew In Israel"- I doubt that you are actually a Jew from Israel, but in the event that you are, you should be ashamed of yourself for your comment!You do NOT represent our national opinion and you clearly do not share our values! You have offended me and I'm sure you have also offended everyone else on this forum!

Thumb ironlikelion 09 September 2013, 05:38

@"A Jew In Israel"- I doubt that you are actually a Jew from Israel, but in the event that you are, you should be ashamed of yourself for your comment!You do NOT represent our national opinion and you clearly do not share our values! You have offended me and I'm sure you have also offended everyone else on this forum!

Thumb zahle1 09 September 2013, 07:12

Attention all Lebanese Christians on this board!!! Learn from our mistakes. The same sunni that were slaughtering us in the 70's and 80's we are allying with now. These sunni are the same ones that recently killed our nuns, burn churches in Egypt and Syria, cut off peoples heads in Afghanistan, killing Christians everyday in Syria. Christians don't have it good in Iran, but much better situation than Saudi. Me I hated the Assad regime for years because all of the political assassinations, Lebanese in Syrian jails, and for what they did to Zahle for no reason. They did these things while Assad treated the Syrian Christians well. Yes I know the Syrian Christians did nothing while we were attached by the Assad regime.

Thumb zahle1 09 September 2013, 07:15

All I am saying is today, while I look at the history of Christians in the Middle East, and the past 35 years in Lebanon where Syrians did horrible things to our country, it is mild compared to what these Salafi/Takfiri would have done, and will do to us. At the end of the day, given the weapons and numbers HA has had, they have been harmless compared to what the Sunni would have done. Today, if I had to pick one, I honestly think HA is a better bet for Christians in the Levant. But why pick Sunni vs Shiite? We should not have to. We need to unite Aouni and LF and take our country back. They all are out to get us, and exploit us. But if you really have to pick, HA is more reasonable then these Sunni. FT, if Assad wasn't so adamant about weakening Lebanon, especially the Christians in Lebanon, I would be all in.

Thumb smarty 09 September 2013, 07:45

please don't involve lebanese christians in your choices.
takfeerees and hezbollah are two sides of the same coin. we want none!
if you want to pick who's going to behead you and your family feel free to do so without involving us. the exactions committed by HA in Syria are far worse in number than a few beheadings uploaded to youtube. don't you worry about the state of mind of the lebanese assistants of the Shabiha when they return to the house next door? what they did to syrian civilians can be done to us. look at the way they attacked to Assir guy. the truth is they are arrogant and extremely dangerous. Mr Aoun's dangerous alliance with them endangers all of us just of the sake of having his in-law in a government so he can pump our money with untied hands. that's his only interest...

Thumb zahle1 09 September 2013, 15:05


I agree I do not want either running my county. I am with you on that point. I do not want to choose, that is why we need to be united on the same page on key principles. I thank God I do not have to make the choice you stated about who beheads my family. Unfortunately, there are Christians in Syria right now having to make that choice. I am well aware the war is ugly. I disagree that in Syria the Assad/HA team are far worse than the rebels. I think in Lebanon what they did to Assir is a moot point. We don't need another armed militia like that. Again, this guy Assir and his crew are a greater threat to a Christian presence than HA. Take a look around the entire Middle East. Its the Assir types, not HA. Again, I am against the double standards for HA. At the same time who is attacking all of our churches across the Middle East right now today? Answer that question! It is not Shiites.

Thumb zahle1 09 September 2013, 15:19

There is no where right here right now, where Christians fear for their lives and being asked to change their religion because of Shiite hands. There is no where in the world where Iran is paying people to kidnap our women, rape them, force conversions, and force marriage. This is my point. Just like the mistake with Israel, we have made alliances over history, sometimes we have had no choice. All I am saying is think big. I will never forget our Lebanese in jails, and what Assad did to us with his military and intelligence might. At the same time, I had two Syrian girls yesterday come to my church, and they have their sister with two small children in Sadnaya Syria. These takfiri who we do not admit most of us are indirectly supporting, have already destroyed at least one church in the blessed town. They are forcing people to convert or be killed. Where in Lebanon is this happening today?

Thumb zahle1 09 September 2013, 15:20

I am not SSNP, I am not with HA, but these people are a short car drive from Zahle, these are our people, these are the first Christians, they speak the language of Jesus. I am spending today helping these people trying to get a Senator or Congressmen to help get them to the US. There is no where in Lebanon where Christians are experiencing this today by HA hands. The Pope has asked us to pray for them. Our priest asked us to pray for the Syrian Christians. The Lebanese at church said the priest talked more about Syrian Christians back home than Lebanese :( This is our backward mentality FT laughs at. This is my point Smarty. We need to clean our house, and then figure out how to work with our Muslim brethren. We have no real leadership, all of the Islam know it. This is why I will not go to an LF events anymore. What a waste of money! I would rather do charity and not politics from Michigan.

Thumb zahle1 09 September 2013, 14:58

Yes, they have been readily bought and sold no doubt. This has been the trend for a long time. Unfortunately in more recent history the Assad regime has hurt us the most with this tactic, but yes the Saudi too. We have not had many real leaders in our sect that care about us more than money; definitely not the same dedicated leadership as you have. But it is the Turks that made us this way.

Missing halaktouna77 09 September 2013, 08:54

Scientists have not yet figured out why in some situations cancer cells start attacking each other and the outcome is a healthy person.
I hope the same happens here where all these cancer cells keep on attacking each other in roder for Lebanon to get out of this as a healthy country.
And despite all the haters, Lebanon will prevail.

Thumb Machia 09 September 2013, 10:48

I thought Hezbollah's reason of being is for Palestine??? Now they are killing Palestinians???
I thought the Assad moto was Arab pride, now he is killing Arabs in tens of thousands???
It is time that Assad the Ripper, Hassanstein and Khamaneicula retire and let Iranians, Syrians and Lebanese have a life.
They have stolen enough of their resources, their lives and their freedoms. It is enough.

Missing peace 09 September 2013, 10:49

lol...a party has NO right to set up and control people instead of the state apart if you are pro milicias...
you have NO respect for the state of lebanon, poor you.

Thumb rover98 09 September 2013, 13:26

Hizbolly should no they are an minority in Lebanon same as Alwites in Syria.

Thumb Senescence 09 September 2013, 17:14

The great thing about Lebanon is that everybody's a minority.

e.g. Lebanese demographics: Muslim 59.7% (27%Shia, 27%Sunni, 5%Druze, Isma'ilite, Alawite or Nusayri), Christian 39% (Maronite Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Melkite Catholic, Armenian Orthodox, Syrian Catholic, Armenian Catholic, Syrian Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Chaldean, Assyrian, Coptic, Protestant), other 1.3%
note: 17 religious sects recognized

Default-user-icon Danny B (Guest) 09 September 2013, 13:42

I'm an Israeli and a Jew.I don't pray to the death of any one as all people on earth are equal.
What I want is peace on eearth, as 2nd generation of holocaust survivors we saw death to many times.
As an Israeli we have no conflict with Lebanese people and we all wish for peace and prosperity for Lebanon.
We object that Lebanon became a warm nest for terrorists who acted against the Israeli people.
Those who paid the price are the Lebanese.
We just celebrated last week the Jewish new year. Hope the next year peace will prevail in Lebanon and Israel.
Wishing you all "SHANA TOVA" - Happy new year.and wish for brave leaders from both sides of border to sit to the table and make peace once and for all.

Missing hb9z 10 September 2013, 05:09

hope u are what u say and wish back to you what you wish for the lebanese... to answer you , not all the lebanese have hatred for jews , a lot do and some of them are misguided...you have to agree that israel like always has acted selfishly and a times in a barbaric manner with arabs the same way Hitler behaved with the european jews. So the most good you can do is go to the Knesset or call your elected official in the parliament and support the peace process and support stopping the savage implantations....good luck to you....

Default-user-icon Danny B (Guest) 10 September 2013, 09:16

To: HB9Z: To compare between Israel's acts to defend its inhabitants to the massacre of Jews by Hitler just show your ignorance.
Should I remind you The Mufti of Jerusalem who sent his troops to Germany to help the massacre of Jews and by declaring Jihad on them ?
It was not toward Israel as Israel even was not existing then, it was toward all Jews.
So to compare Israel to Hitler you should really change your history teachers or better to stop the incitement.
If Arabs were investing 1 pct of the money they spend for propaganda against Jews there was peace long time ago.

Thumb shab 09 September 2013, 15:49

Let them kill each others. Pure filth

Thumb tareksheen 10 September 2013, 09:22

الله سيبلي الطالم بالطالم الفلسطيني طلم نفسو وتخلى عن ارضو وحزب نصرالله عميطلم شعبو

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