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Airport Authorities Foil Smuggling of 7.5 Kilos of Cocaine into Lebanon

Customs authorities at the Rafik Hariri International Airport foiled two attempts to smuggle 7.5 kilograms of cocaine into the country on Friday.

“Two Turkish citizens were arrested for trying to smuggle the drugs from Venezuela into Lebanon,” NNA said, noting that one of the Turks arrived from France and the other from Abu Dhabi.

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Rihanna Ordered Out of UAE Mosque Complex over Photo Shoot

Pop star Rihanna was asked to leave Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque complex for posing for "inappropriate" pictures outside one of the world's largest Muslim places of worship.

Authorities said they had taken action before the Barbadian diva entered the mosque itself, which is not off-limits to non-Muslims and has become a major tourist attraction in the United Arab Emirates capital.

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Brother of Abducted Lebanese Cameraman in Syria Demands to Know his Fate

George Kassab, the brother of a Lebanese cameraman who disappeared in Syria, said on Thursday that the Lebanese authorities isn't seeking to reveal the fate of Samir.

“Should we start burning tires?” George wondered in comments to Free Lebanon radio.

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Report: Abu Dhabi to Invest $50bn in India Infrastructure

Abu Dhabi has promised to invest $50 billion in India's cash-hungry infrastructure at a time when growth in Asia's third-largest economy has sharply slowed, a newspaper reported Wednesday.

The pledge by Abu Dhabi was the key factor in pushing New Delhi to approve a bilateral deal to increase flights between the two countries, an Indian official told the Indian Express.

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Abu Dhabi Expels 20 Lebanese Nationals

Oil-rich Gulf emirate Abu Dhabi expelled around twenty Lebanese nationals without any clear reasons, media reports said on Wednesday.

According to al-Akhbar newspaper, Abu Dhabi authorities deported the Lebanese citizens last week, noting that they have been living in the emirate for a long period of time.

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UAE Opens World's Largest Solar Power Plant

Oil-rich Abu Dhabi on Sunday officially opened the world's largest concentrated solar power plant, which cost $600 million to build and will provide electricity to 20,000 homes.

The 100-megawatt Shams 1 is "the world's largest concentrated solar power plant in operation" said Sultan al-Jaber, the head of Abu Dhabi's Masdar, which oversees the emirate's plan to generate seven percent of its energy needs by 2020 from renewable sources.

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Abu Dhabi Agrees Malaysian Investments Worth Billions

Abu Dhabi struck deals worth billions of dollars with Malaysia on Tuesday, a state-owned company announced, as Kuala Lumpur seeks investment to boost the economy before polls due by June.

The deals were announced after Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak met United Arab Emirates (UAE) Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahayan in the administrative capital of Putrajaya, just outside Kuala Lumpur

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94 Islamists on Trial Charged with Plotting against UAE

The trial of 94 Islamists accused of plotting against the United Arab Emirates began Monday in the absence of rights activists and foreign reporters, who according to witnesses were barred from the court.

The Federal Supreme Court, which also acts as state security court, convened in Abu Dhabi to try the activists arrested between March and December last year.

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Experts Urge Arab Nations to Train Forces in Crowd Control

Defense experts who say many lives could have been saved during Arab uprisings if states used proper crowd control measures sought to tap into a growing market at an Abu Dhabi arms fair.

Anti-riot vehicles with sophisticated acoustic repellents have boldly taken their place alongside the likes of Eurofighter's Typhoon warplane and the bristling firepower of rocket launchers at the arms industry's biennial quest for petrodollars in the Gulf emirate.

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Arabtec to Build Abu Dhabi Louvre for $654 mn

A consortium led by Dubai-based Arabtec Holding will build the Louvre Abu Dhabi art gallery for $654 million, the developers of the much-delayed project announced on Tuesday.

Abu Dhabi Tourism Development and Investment Company said construction would start immediately with the aim of opening the museum in 2015, three years later than originally planned.

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