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Countries Tussle as Europe's Migrant Crisis Deepens

Thousands of migrants sought their way through a chaotic maze of rumor and proliferating border controls in the western Balkans on Saturday.

In the latest chapter in the EU's escalating refugee crisis, Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia tussled over how to cope with a wave of refugees desperate to reach northern Europe.

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Migrants Mob Train in Re-opened Budapest Train Station

Hundreds of migrants stormed Budapest's main international station early Thursday after police re-opened it following a two-day standoff only to find that train services to western Europe had been suspended.

The main entrance was re-opened around 08:15 am (0615 GMT) and migrants burst in, rushing towards a train standing on one of the platforms, pushing, shoving and fighting with each other to get on board.

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Chaos in Hungary as Figures Show Gravity of Europe Migrant Crisis

Hungarian police blocked hundreds of migrants from boarding trains to western Europe from Budapest's main rail station Tuesday, as figures showed more than 350,000 have risked their lives to cross the Mediterranean this year.

As hundreds of police, some in riot gear, moved people out of Keleti station, statistics from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) revealed the scale of the crisis in Europe which is facing the biggest movement of people since World War II.

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2,000 Hungarians Protest in Budapest on Eve of Putin Visit

Hundreds of Hungarians took to the streets of Budapest on Monday to protest against Vladimir Putin, a day ahead of the Russian leader's visit to Budapest. 

According to an Agence France-Presse photographer, around 2,000 people marched between the capital's two main train depots, the Eastern and Western stations. 

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Explosion Rocks Budapest Bank Branch

A bomb exploded early Monday at a branch of an Italian-owned bank in the Hungarian capital Budapest, demolishing the facade but causing no injuries, police said.

The explosion smashed windows in the area of the branch of CIB Bank, which is part of the Italian Intesa Sanpaolo group, and was heard over a kilometer away.

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Budapest Gay Pride Parade Draws Record Crowd

Eight thousand people joined the annual Gay Pride parade in Budapest on Saturday, organizers said, marking the biggest participation in the event's 16-year history.

The parade, which in recent years has been disrupted by far-right protesters, took place without any violent incidents, although about 200 far-right nationalists shouted insults at participants.

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World Jewish Congress Urges Ban on Neo-Nazi Parties

The World Jewish Congress (WJC) urged Europe's governments to consider a ban on far-right parties Tuesday at the end of a three-day conference held in Budapest.

The WJC, which represents Jewish communities outside Israel, adopted a resolution calling on governments in Europe to "consider banning neo-Nazi parties or organizations whose aim is to overthrow the democratic order, or which pose a threat to the safety and well-being of ethnic, religious or other minorities."

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Jewish Meeting Highlights anti-Semitism in Hungary

Right-wing extremists shout Nazi salutes and attack a man they believe is Jewish. Black-booted militants frighten aging Holocaust survivors. Writings of authors linked to a pro-Nazi regime are recommended reading for school children. Hungary is seeing a rise in anti-Semitism, something the prime minister is now vowing to fight.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban told a gathering of Jewish representatives Sunday that anti-Semitism is "unacceptable and intolerable." The meeting of the World Jewish Congress is being held in Budapest to draw attention to a rise in anti-Semitism in this Eastern European country. Here's a look at recent developments:

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8,000 Evacuated in Hungary after WWII Bomb Found

Hungarian authorities evacuated on Friday around 8,000 people after the discovery of a 500-kilo (1,100-pound) unexploded bomb dating from World War II in Budapest.

The device was discovered close to a railway bridge over the river Danube in the north of the city on Wednesday, and identified on Thursday as a U.S.-made bomb, the Defense Ministry said.

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New 'Complicity' Charge Against 1956 Hungarian Ex-Communist Leader

Hungarian prosecutors brought a new charge of "complicity in criminal acts" on Friday against Bela Biszku, a former communist leader under investigation for alleged war crimes in the aftermath of the 1956 anti-Soviet uprising in Budapest.

"In March 1957, at a time when Bela Biszku was interior minister, policemen severely beat three members of the Hungarian Academy of Science who had taken part in the events of 1956," the Prosecution Office in Budapest said in a statement.

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