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France Warned on Rating as EU Debt Hopes Dampened

France vowed Tuesday to do everything in its power to keep its triple-A rating following a warning from Moody's, as markets fell after Germany dampened hopes that an EU summit will resolve the Eurozone crisis.

Paris shares tumbled by as much as 2.01 percent early Tuesday after the Moody's warning, following earlier falls on Asian markets amid concerns over the spreading impact of the Eurozone's debt woes.

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IBM Stock Sags on Revenue Target Miss

IBM on Monday reported revenue and profit rose in the recently ended quarter but its stock sagged as the U.S. technology stalwart missed marks set by Wall Street analysts.

IBM made a profit of $3.8 billion on total revenue of $26.2 billion, outperforming the same period last year by seven and eight percent respectively.

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Occupy Wall Street Flexes Muscles One Month on

Exactly a month after a few hundred anti-capitalism activists set up camp in New York, the Occupy Wall Street movement has gone international and won the attention of the White House -- even if no one knows where it will go next.

Protesters sheltering under plastic tarps in the well organized camp at Zuccotti Park, near Wall Street, began their second month Monday with plans to follow up on big demonstrations that swept through the popular Times Square area over the weekend.

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Air France-KLM CEO Resigns

The head of Air France-KLM Pierre-Henri Gourgeon resigned Monday at an extraordinary board of directors meeting, a company statement said.

He will be replaced by as CEO by Jean-Cyril Spinetta who was already serving as the chairman of the board of directors and played a key role in setting up the Air-France KLM group.

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Oil Prices Drop after G20 Fail to Lift Confidence

Oil prices ended lower Monday after the Group of 20 meeting in Paris on the weekend failed to solidify market confidence in the global growth picture and Europe's financial soundness.

New York's main contract, light sweet crude for delivery in November, fell 42 cents from Friday's close to finish at $86.38 a barrel.

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200 Gather on Third Day of London Anti-Banker Protests

More than 200 protesters awoke in the heart of London's financial district on Monday for a third day of demonstrations against corporate greed and state spending cutbacks.

After a second night camped on the pavement near St Paul's Cathedral, they huddled with cups of tea in the cold autumn sunshine as bankers, lawyers and business people flooded into the area for the start of the working week.

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Dubai Gasoline Company Questions Cut-Rate Fuel

When its gasoline pumps started going dry in the United Arab Emirates' poorer northern states earlier this year, Dubai's oil company blamed mysterious service upgrades.

Few believed that at the time, and now the company is dropping its subtlety, triggering an uncharacteristically public spat over fuel pricing policies.

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Germany: Banks to Take Bigger Losses on Greek Debt

Germany's finance minister says private holders of Greek government bonds must accept bigger losses to achieve "a durable and sustainable solution" for Europe's debt crisis.

Wolfgang Schaeuble told German public broadcaster ARD on Sunday that an agreement struck in July when banks and other investors agreed to renounce on 20 percent of their Greek debt must be renegotiated.

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BMW Wants Stake in SGL Carbon: Report

German automaker BMW wants a stake in SGL Carbon, already one of its strategic partners and the leading carbon-based product maker, the weekly Der Spiegel reported Sunday.

"We have a fundamental interest in SGL Carbon," a senior BMW executive told the magazine.

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Iraq Talks Investment with India Delegation

Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Hussein al-Shahristani on Sunday called on a visiting Indian delegation to make much-needed investments in Iraq's energy, industry and housing sectors.

"Shahristani discussed the means for Indian investment and developing the industrial and oil sectors in Iraq with an Indian delegation," according to a statement from his office.

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