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India Seeks 'Climate Justice' for Poor Nations at Paris Talks

India will urge rich nations to deliver "climate justice" for developing countries at a major environmental conference in Paris later this month, the environment minister has said in an interview with AFP.

Prakash Javadekar called on industrialized countries to commit to more stringent targets to free up "carbon space" for the developing world to generate emissions as a necessary byproduct of growth.

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Toxic Sludge from Deadly Brazil Mine Accident Reaches the Atlantic

The torrent of mud and toxic mineral waste that buried a Brazilian village earlier this month has reached the Atlantic Ocean after a long passage down the Doce river, officials said.

Environment Ministry officials told local media the sludge arrived Saturday at the mouth of the Doce River, and could extend some six miles (nine kilometers) into the ocean.

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Carbon Capture: Key Green Technology Shackled by Costs

Every credible plan to save humanity from global warming reserves a key role for a green energy technology called carbon capture and storage. 

But there's a problem: no one has figured out a viable way to pay for it. 

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Despite Attacks, 138 World Leaders to Attend Paris Climate Summit

The Paris attacks are affecting preparations for the climate change conference in the French capital, but leaders are still focussed on clinching a deal, a U.N. envoy said Friday.

"World leaders, one after the other, are reconfirming that they are going to Paris because they think this is an important event," said Janos Pasztor, the U.N. Assistant Secretary-General on climate change.

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Energy Secretary ‘All of the above’ Includes Reducing Emissions

Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said Friday that the Obama administration’s “all of the above” approach to energy sources means it seeks to reduce carbon dioxide from the energy sector.

Moniz sought to clarify the “all of the above” policy, saying that while certain energy sources such as wind and solar have no carbon emissions, the administration is truly committed to all forms of energy, including fossil fuels.

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Collapsing Greenland Glacier could Raise Sea Levels by Half a Meter, Say Scientists

A major glacier in Greenland that holds enough water to raise global sea levels by half a meter has begun to crumble into the North Atlantic Ocean, scientists say.

The huge Zachariae Isstrom glacier in northeast Greenland started to melt rapidly in 2012 and is now breaking up into large icebergs where the glacier meets the sea, monitoring has revealed.

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Bill Nye Wants Us to Invent our Way out of Climate Change

When it comes to his role in the climate change debate, we’ve learned in recent years to think of Bill Nye as a kind of warrior on behalf of reason — the guy who goes on cable TV and stands up to the voices of doubt and denial.

But that’s not the Nye of Bill Nye the Science Guy, the beloved kids show. And it’s not the picture you get from reading his new book Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World — which is fundamentally about changing how we get energy and thereby solving global warming. Here, Nye the inventor and engineer shines through — celebrating causes ranging from designing better batteries (doing so could get someone “rich, crazy rich,” he writes) to deploying fleets of robocabs in cities, to eventually powering rockets using hydrogen fuel.

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Scientists are Breeding 'Super Corals' to Save Reefs from Global Warming

For thousands of years, human beings have been helping evolution along by tinkering with the breeding habits of plants and animals.

Now, as one of our favorite underwater features faces serious threats from warming oceans, acidification, pollution and overfishing, scientists are rallying to breed a better future for coral reefs.

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UK Becomes Only G7 Country to Increase Fossil Fuel Subsidies

The UK is alone among G7 nations in dramatically increasing its fossil fuel subsidies, despite an earlier pledge to phase them out, a new report has found.

The revelation will embarrass ministers who want to take a leading role at a crunch UN climate change summit in Paris in December, but who have been sharply cutting support for green energy at home.

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Paris Climate Talks to Move Forward Despite Attacks; Obama to Attend

A major international climate conference in Paris will move forward later this month, and President Obama is still slated to attend, despite a series of attacks in the city Friday.

An administration official confirmed Saturday that Obama is still planning on going to Paris later this month to attend early sessions of the United Nations climate change conference.

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