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Danish Police: Lebanese Ship Likely to Have Dumped Cows

Fourteen dead cows that washed up on the beaches of Denmark and Sweden were probably dumped overboard by the crew of a Lebanese ship after it encountered bad weather, Danish police said.

"The police suspects that (the source is) a Lebanese ship that was transporting live cattle from a U.S. port to Europe," the South Zealand and Lolland-Falster Police said in a statement.

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Bolivia Expels Danish NGO for Meddling

Bolivia on Friday announced the expulsion of the Danish non-governmental education development agency IBIS, accusing it of meddling in its internal affairs.

In announcing the decision, a top aide to leftist President Evo Morales said the expulsion should be seen as a clear warning to other non-governmental groups active in the poor Andean country.

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Greenland to Ask Denmark to Compensate Illegitimate Children

Greenland wants former colonial master Denmark to compensate what could be thousands of people who were left legally fatherless after being born out of wedlock, a lawmaker from the territory said on Monday.

While all Danes have been able to find out who their father is since 1938, the same right was not given to people in Greenland, now an autonomous territory, until 1963 -- and in some parts of the world's largest island not until 1974.

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Denmark Raises Growth Forecast, Sees Signs of Recovery

The Danish government doubled its growth forecast for this year to 0.4 percent from 0.2 percent on Thursday, saying the economy was showing signs of recovery.

"The Danish economy is showing signs of recovery. It's not happening quickly, but it's moving forward," the Ministry of Economic Affairs said in a statement.

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Canada Set to Clash with Russia, Denmark over North Pole

Canada is expected to file an application with the United Nations on Friday seeking to vastly expand its Arctic sea boundary, setting it on a collision course with Russia and Denmark.

Orders from the prime minister to eventually also include the North Pole in the claim, revealed in a recent news report, is expected to rankle Moscow and Copenhagen, which also have their eyes on the region.

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Tired of Excuses, Danish City Wakes Students at Home

Social workers in a wealthy Copenhagen neighborhood have begun making house calls to wake up students with high rates of absenteeism, sparking accusations that Denmark's welfare state has become too intrusive.

"There have been conflicts, but the people we've sent out are trained to handle situations like that. Of course there's been resistance," said Barbro Lundqvist, a social worker in the upscale Oesterbro district.

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Denmark to Help with Shipping of Syria Chemical Arms

Denmark said Friday it would provide transport and security for the international effort to destroy Syria's arsenal of chemical weapons, after receiving a request from the U.N.

"The U.N. has contacted Denmark about sending a personal protection team for the leaders of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) delegation," Denmark's development minister, Christian Friis Bach, told AFP.

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Storm-Battered Northern Europe Slowly Gets Back to Normal

Countries in northern Europe lashed by a storm that killed 16 people were on Tuesday still struggling with power outages and travel disruptions a day after the tempest.

After gusting winds and heavy rain, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and northern Germany began weighing up the damage left in the storm's wake.

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Denmark Frees Chinese Duo Held in 'Fake' Coin Mix-Up

Denmark has freed two Chinese held for 48 days after they tried to exchange a massive hoard of scrap Danish coins that were mistaken for counterfeit money, media said Wednesday.

The pair was found not guilty and released on Tuesday after the central bank and police determined the Danish kroner worth 32,765 euro ($44,207) were not fake, the daily Politiken said.

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Danish Bank Worker Fired for Facebook Rant Wins Damages

A Danish bank worker who was fired for using Facebook to tell late-running customers to "go to hell" has won a dispute with her former employer, her union said Tuesday.

The Danish pensions administrator logged on to the social networking site to vent on December 28 -- the last business day of the year in Denmark -- after being inundated with requests from clients.

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