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Hungary Charges Syrian with 'Terrorism' after Border Riot

Hungarian prosecutors charged Thursday a Syrian migrant with committing an "act of terror" during fierce clashes with border forces last year, in the first case of its kind under tough new laws.

The September 16 disturbances occurred when several dozen migrants demanded to be allowed to cross Hungary's southern border with Serbia at Roszke, a day after the frontier was sealed with razor wire.

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Hungary Anti-Terror Plan is 'Attack on Human Rights', Says Amnesty

Amnesty International on Monday slammed plans by the Hungarian government to introduce sweeping anti-terror laws including curfews and Internet restrictions, calling the proposal an "attack on human rights".

According to a draft leaked to the media last month, the cabinet of right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban wants to amend the constitution by creating a new category of emergency -- "terror threat situation" -- that if declared would enable it to issue decrees, suspend certain laws, and modify others.

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Hungary Would Block EU Sanctions on Poland, Says Orban

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a key ally of Warsaw's conservative government, said Friday that Budapest would move to block any EU sanctions on Poland.

"Hungary would never support sanctions against Poland," Orban said in his weekly interview on public radio.

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Hungary Accuses Austria of 'Stupidity' in Refugee Crisis

Hungary has accused Austria of confusing "solidarity and stupidity" after Vienna said that nations which do not accept their share of refugees under European Union quotas should face sanctions.

Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann had said that countries who did not cooperate with the program and received more money from the EU than they put in should see their subsidies cut.

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Hungary Launches Media Campaign Attacking EU Migrant Quotas

Hungary has launched a vitriolic media campaign attacking the EU's plan to distribute 160,000 asylum-seekers among member states, and warned it would file a legal challenge against the quota scheme later Thursday.

Full-page messages appeared in national newspapers with the headline: "The quota increases the terror threat!" against a black background.

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British 'Terror Sponsors' Held in Hungary

Two British nationals banned from traveling abroad after serving jail terms for financing terrorism have been apprehended in Hungary on a train headed for Romania, Hungarian police said Wednesday.

The two men, named as Jonathan K., 40, and Trevor B., 44, were intercepted on Saturday on an international train at Lokoshaza, a crossing point on the Romanian border.

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Hungary Takes over Austrian Migrant Truck Deaths Probe

Hungarian authorities on Wednesday said they had accepted an Austrian request to take over a probe into the deaths of 71 migrants found in a truck on an Austrian motorway in August.

Vienna asked Budapest last month to handle the case, because the 59 men, eight women and four children were thought to have suffocated while the lorry was still in Hungary.

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Islam Was 'Never Part of Europe', Says Hungary's Orban

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban defended his hardline stance against refugees, the vast majority of whom are Muslim, saying in an interview published Friday that Islam "has never been part of Europe".

Speaking to Germany's Focus news weekly about the record migrant influx, he said "the language of the European elite is ideological and dogmatic".

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Hungary PM Tells U.S., Australia to Take some of Europe's Migrants

Hungary's populist prime minister called Friday on the U.S., Australia, Israel and "rich Arab nations" to take in some of the migrants flowing into Europe, while likening the influx to an "army".

"It's not fair, that the USA doesn't take any in, or only 10,000-15,000 refugees," Viktor Orban told radio station Kossuth.

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Tracing the Missing on Europe's Refugee Trail

His eyes crinkle as he smiles softly at the camera, a trim white moustache contrasting with his tanned, weathered skin, the top button of his striped shirt casually undone.

"Mohammad Abo Khaled (64) From: Syria. He was on his way to Greek island last contact: 20/8/2015," reads a post next to the photo published on a Facebook page for missing refugees.

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