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Over 10 MPs file appeal against 2022 state budget law

MP Paula Yacoubian on Monday filed an appeal before the Constitutional Council against the 2022 state budget law.

The appeal carried the signatures of more than ten lawmakers.

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Congress delegation meets Mikati, Berri, Bou Habib in Beirut

A delegation from the U.S. Congress headed by lawmaker Mark Takano, and Congressmen Colin Allred and Katie Porter, arrived Monday in Beirut.

The American delegation met with Speaker Nabih Berri, caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati and caretaker Foreign Minister Abdallah Bou Habib.

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Report: Western, Arab officials to visit Beirut soon

Senior western officials, as well as officials from the Gulf countries and the Arab League, may soon visit Beirut, al-Joumhouria newspaper said Monday.

The daily reported that the western diplomatic drive would include visits from senior officials from France and the Vatican.

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Report: Qatar suggests Army chief as presidential candidate

Qatari officials have suggested to Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil the name of Army chief Gen. Joseph Aoun as a presidential candidate as France got closer to announcing its support for Aoun, al-Akhbar newspaper reported.

The daily said Monday that France's endorsement for Aoun has been confirmed. Backed by Riyadh and Washington, France is now close to announcing its support for the army chief's candidacy, al-Akhbar had previously said.

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Kataeb denies alleged meeting with Hezbollah amid conflicting reports

Kataeb Secretary-General Serge Dagher denied Monday an alleged meeting with Hezbollah, after a local media report had claimed a meeting between representatives from Hezbollah and the Kataeb party in Beirut's southern suburb.

A Hezbollah MP, Hezbollah political bureau member Mohammad Khansa, and Dagher have attended a meeting at the Kataeb's request, al-Akhbar newspaper said, in remarks published Monday.

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Assad vows to 'continue backing Hezbollah'

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has pledged that Damascus will continue to back Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah.

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'Lenghty' vacuum expected despite Paris bid to 'convince Riyadh' with Hezbollah role

The presidential vacuum will be lengthy despite the "intensity" of the French efforts and attempts by Paris, backed by Washington, Riyadh and some local forces, to reach a "compromise candidate called Joseph Aoun," al-Akhbar newspaper reported on Saturday.

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Qassem stresses that not only Hezbollah is responsible for president election

Hezbollah deputy chief Sheikh Naim Qassem on Friday emphasized that the election of a new president for the country is not solely the responsibility of Hezbollah.

“The obligatory path for the beginning of reforms and the beginning of working for rescuing Lebanon is the election of the president, that’s why all blocs are responsible for the election of the president and let no one hold Hezbollah alone responsible,” Qassem said.

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Mikati discusses various issues with Berri, including electricity

Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati on Friday held a meeting in Ain el-Tineh with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri.

State-run National News Agency said the talks tackled “the general situations and the latest political developments.”

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Marada Minister: Hezbollah to endorse Franjieh even without FPM approval

Hezbollah might endorse the presidential nomination of al-Marada chief Suleiman Franjieh without the approval of the Free Patriotic Movement, caretaker Minister of information Ziad Makari said.

"I can confirm that Hezbollah will endorse Franjieh," Makari told al-Jadeed TV on Friday.

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