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Wikileaks: Hariri: Suleiman Assisting Syria and Hizbullah’s Agendas

A Wikileaks report revealed that caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri had advised the international community to keep Syria and Iran in a state of "imbalance".

He added, according to the leaked cable published exclusively in Al-Akhbar newspaper on Wednesday, that despite Hizbullah's claims of victory in the July 2006 war, the party was in fact greatly harmed in the war and it is weaker politically and militarily.

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Syrian Ambassador Invites al-Rahi to Damascus, Says ‘We Want All the Best for Lebanon’

The Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon invited newly elected Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi to visit Syria in the near future, stressing that Damascus wants all the best for Lebanon.

“The new Patriarch is invited to visit Syria where he’s always welcomed,” Ali Abdul Karim Ali said Wednesday in remarks to the press after visiting Bkirki to congratulate the patriarch.

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Hizbullah Slams Arab Military Intervention in Bahrain

Hizbullah has criticized Arab military intervention in Bahrain, saying it would hamper efforts at finding a peaceful solution to a pro-democracy uprising in the kingdom.

"Military intervention and the use of force against a peaceful popular movement will not lead to a solution and will complicate matters while hampering chances of finding a solution," the party said in a statement late Tuesday.

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Sources: No Hizbullah Condition on Miqati to Cut Ties with Tribunal

Political sources have denied that Hizbullah has conditioned Premier-designate Najib Miqati on the inclusion of an article in the cabinet’s policy statement that cuts Lebanon’s ties with the international tribunal.

Hizbullah has decided to deal with each case as it arises, the sources said, adding that Miqati’s government will seek to avoid a confrontation with the international community by steering clear of an immediate agreement to abolish the court.

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Miqati: Constitution Doesn’t Allow Any Group to Get Decisive or Blocking Cabinet Share

Prime Minister-designate Najib Miqati has noted that “the political, economic and social challenges facing our country, in addition to the dangerous developments in the region, require the formation of a balanced cabinet in which no group would have the upper hand over the other participating parties.”

“From the time I was designated to form the cabinet, we had decided, the president and I, to abide by the provisions of the Constitution, which defines the duties of each branch of government,” Miqati told his visitors Wednesday.

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Hariri in Tripoli for Meetings with al-Mustaqbal Supporters

Caretaker Premier Saad Hariri is scheduled to hold meetings with al-Mustaqbal leaderships and supporters in the northern port city of Tripoli on Wednesday.

As Safir daily said Hariri went to Tripoli on Tuesday night and is expected to reside at the Quality Inn hotel for three days.

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Berri: Oil Exploration Will be the Priority of the Next Cabinet

Speaker Nabih Berri reiterated the need to speed up the cabinet formation process and said “it wasn’t acceptable to waste more time anymore.”

In remarks to An Nahar and As Safir dailies published Wednesday, Berri called for dealing with the daily problems of the Lebanese, including social and economic issues, away from the political bickering.

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Muallem Confident in March 8 Ability to Form Cabinet, Says he Won’t Take his Jacket Off

Foreign Minister Walid Muallem has denied Syrian interference in Lebanon’s internal affairs and expressed confidence in the March 8 forces’ ability to form the new Lebanese government.

“We don’t interfere in the formation of the Lebanese cabinet. We have confidence in the majority in Lebanon which has enough awareness and absolute faith in Lebanon’s interests,” Muallem said Tuesday during a joint press conference with his Spanish counterpart Trinidad Jimenez.

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Interior Ministry Stresses Compliance with U.N. Investigators Requests

The interior ministry expressed Tuesday "extreme regret over the breach of the (U.N.) investigation's confidentiality through publishing information and sometimes proceedings which are supposed to be confidential," after a report published by The Daily Star newspaper accused Interior Minister Ziad Baroud of "procrastination" in responding to requests by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

As the ministry criticized media leaks, it stressed that it will continue to perform its duties, asking the caretaker cabinet to address the issue "as no minister should be unwarrantedly accused in light of the split in the country over such a major topic."

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Hundreds Protest in Tripoli against Wahhab's Remarks on Saudi Women

Hundreds of angry protesters took to the streets in the northern city of Tripoli Tuesday, burning tires and blocking roads in protest against Tawheed Movement leader Wiam Wahhab's recent remarks on Saudi women.

Around 500 protesters gathered and chanted "There is no God but God" and "Wiam, you pig; you should be chained down."

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