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Mawlawi urges Lebanese to trust security agencies, says Lebanon can't bear strife

Caretaker Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi on Tuesday called on the Lebanese “not to compare the murder of Pascal Sleiman” to other cases, while urging citizens to “preserve the country’s security” and show “wisdom and patience” pending the end of investigations.

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Nadim Gemayel hits back at Nasrallah over 1975 remarks

MP Nadim Gemayel of the Kataeb Party on Tuesday snapped back at Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah over the latter’s accusations regarding the side that started the 1975-1990 civil war.

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Sleiman's murder triggers backlash against Syrian refugees

The killing of Lebanese Forces Jbeil coordinator Pascal Sleiman by a Syrian gang has triggered a backlash against Syrian refugees

"The number of people arrested for kidnapping and killing... Sleiman, rose to seven, all of them Syrian," a judicial official told AFP.

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Israel-Hezbollah border clashes: Latest developments

Hezbollah and the Israeli army traded fire Tuesday as Hezbollah attacked several Israeli posts in northern Israel and in the occupied Shebaa Farms.

Hezbollah said it targeted a group of soldiers and a Merkava tank in the Dovev barracks and another group of soldiers in the Jal al-Alam post. The group also targeted the Zebdine barracks in the occupied Shebaa Farms while Israeli artillery bombed Yaroun's forest.

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Beacon of hope: Beirut's Middle East Clean Energy returns

Lebanon is facing tough times, but amidst the challenges, a beacon of hope shines bright. The 3rd edition of the Middle East Clean Energy (MECE) is set to take place in Beirut from May 8 to May 10, 2024. This exciting event showcases the latest advancements in clean and renewable energy, offering a glimpse into a greener future for Lebanon and the region.

Why You Should Care About Clean Energy:

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How was Sleiman killed? Judicial official reveals murder details

Lebanese security forces have arrested seven Syrians on suspicion of involvement in the abduction and murder of Lebanese Forces politician Pascal Sleiman opposed to the Syrian government, a judicial official said Tuesday.

Sleiman was the coordinator in the Byblos (Jbeil) area, north of Beirut, for the Lebanese Forces which opposes Damascus and its ally Hezbollah.

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Al-Rahi calls for self-restraint after Sleiman's killing

Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi called Tuesday for self-control and restraint after the killing of Lebanese Forces Jbeil coordinator Pascal Sleiman sparked outrage and condemnation across Lebanon.

After the army's investigation said that Sleiman was killed by a gang while they were trying to steal his car, the Lebanese Forces said they consider Sleiman's killing "a political assassination until proven otherwise" but called on supporters to stop blocking roads.

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Zahedi, Iran general killed in Syria, was on Hezbollah's top council

An Iranian general killed in a strike in Syria's capital was a member of Hezbollah's Shura Council, the powerful Lebanese group's decision-making body, a source close to the movement said.

The April 1 air strike levelled the Iranian embassy's consular annex in Damascus, killing seven Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) members, including two generals.

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Lebanon shaken after Sleiman killing, LF says it's 'a political assassination'

Syrian kidnappers killed a Lebanese local political official belonging to a party that opposes Hezbollah, in a case that shook the country.

Pascal Sleiman was local coordinator in the Jbeil (Byblos) area, north of Beirut, for the Christian Lebanese Forces party that opposes Damascus and its ally Hezbollah -- which has been exchanging near-daily cross-border fire with Israel since Israel began fighting Hamas militants in Gaza six months ago.

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Army says LF official killed during attempt to steal his car, body taken to Syria

The Lebanese Forces’ coordinator in Jbeil, Pascal Sleiman, was killed during the attempt to steal his car Sunday in the Jbeil district, the Lebanese Army announced on Monday, after the man’s reported abduction raised tensions in the country and prompted protesters to block the vital Jbeil highway.

“The army’s Intelligence Directorate has managed to arrest most of the Syrian members of the gang that carried out the abduction operation,” the army said in a statement.

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