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Palestinian fighter killed by Israeli troops in West Bank

Israeli troops killed a Palestinian militant in the occupied West Bank on Sunday, Palestinian sources said, with Israel's army saying soldiers fired on "armed suspects" during a routine patrol.

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Morocco sentences 12 more migrants following border tragedy

A Moroccan appeals court has sentenced 12 Sudanese migrants to three years in jail over violence in the run-up to a June 24 border tragedy in which two dozen migrants died, a rights group said Friday.

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Israel no longer 'partner' for peace, Abbas tells UN

Israel is deliberately impeding progress toward a two-state solution and can no longer be considered a reliable partner in the peace process, Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas told the United Nations on Friday.

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Iraq's Green Zone: seat of power, heart of protests

In the heart of Iraq's capital lies Baghdad's fortified Green Zone, which last month saw angry protesters storm its perimeter -- the latest in nearly two decades of assaults on the seat of power.

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Palestinian killed after stabbing in central Israel

A Palestinian man was shot and killed by an off-duty policeman after stabbing a pair of Israeli motorists at an intersection in central Israel, Israeli officials and media said.

The incident came at a time of heightened Israeli-Palestinian violence.

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Palestinian strife highlights lost hopes of armed youths

Nablus was a battered city. Shops gaped open to the street, their windows smashed. Street signs were overturned. Ash stained the roads. Armored vehicles roamed the city center, still pockmarked and splattered with paint from a day of protests.

The destruction resembled the aftermath of firefights between Palestinian youths and the Israeli military in the occupied West Bank's second-largest city, where posters of killed Palestinians paper the old city's limestone walls. But this time, Israel was not involved. The violent chaos on Tuesday that left a 53-year-old man dead erupted between Palestinians and their own security forces, who coordinate with Israel in an uneasy alliance against Islamic militants.

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Israel PM: World must use force if Iran builds nuclear bomb

The international community should use military force if Iran develops nuclear weapons, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid told the United Nations, as he reiterated support for creation of a "peaceful" Palestinian state.

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Saudi Arabia plans to send female astronaut to space in 2023

Saudi Arabia said Thursday it will launch a training program with the goal of sending its own astronauts, including a woman, into space next year.

The kingdom is actively promoting science and technology as part of its wide-ranging Vision 2030 plan to overhaul its economy and reduce its dependency on oil.

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Hamas threatens violence over contested Jerusalem holy site

The Palestinian militant group Hamas on Thursday threatened hostile actions against Israel over what it called "violations against Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque" ahead of the upcoming Jewish High Holidays.

Hamas's threats came just ahead of Sunday's Jewish new year, and a day after a group of Jewish religious extremists visited a contested holy site revered by both Jews and Muslims and blew the shofar — a ram's horn that's trumpeted in the run-up to and during the Jewish High Holidays.

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Visions of creativity in Middle East youth art scene

From a Lebanese student decrying government failures through art to a Palestinian teacher seeking escape in music, young people across the Middle East are creatively giving voice to complex situations.

In a series exploring youth aspirations in the volatile region -- where more than half of the population is under 30 -- AFP speaks to artists in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, the Gaza Strip, Israel and Iraq about the hardships, uncertainties and challenges they face.

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