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Saniora before STL: I am Not in Position to Say that Hizbullah Assassinated Hariri

Head of the Mustaqbal bloc MP Fouad Saniora resumed on Wednesday his testimony at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon by being cross-examined by the Defense that focused on the Syrian and Lebanese security systems in Lebanon during the 1990s and up until the assassination of former Premier Rafik Hariri in 2005, as well as Hizbullah's role in Lebanon.

He said: “I am not in a position to say that Hizbullah assassinated Hariri”

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Saniora to STL: Hariri Told me about Murder Plots by Hizbullah

Al-Mustaqbal bloc leader MP Fouad Saniora said on Tuesday that his longtime friend, slain former Premier Rafik Hariri, confided to him that he had discovered several assassination attempts by Hizbullah against him.

“Hariri was driving his car and I was sitting next to him when he suddenly turned towards me and said: 'You know Fouad, by now we have discovered several assassination attempts by Hizbullah against me',” Saniora told the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

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Saniora before STL: Syria Promised us 'New Lahoud' if We Accepted Extension

Head of the Mustaqbal bloc MP Fouad Saniora started on Monday giving his testimony at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, focusing on the ties between former Premier Rafik Hariri and the Syrian regime during the 1990s and early 2000s, as well as the influence the Syrian security apparatus wielded on Lebanon.

He said before the trial chamber at The Hague: “The Syrian regime sought to extend the term of then President Emile Lahoud, promising us that a 'new Lahoud' would emerge in the aftermath of the constitutional amendment.”

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Report: Saniora to Present Testimony before STL on Monday

Head of the Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc MP Fouad Saniora is scheduled to present his testimony before the Special Tribunal for Lebanon on Monday, reported al-Joumhouria newspaper on Saturday.

Widely-informed sources told the daily that the testimony “introduces a new phase of the trial.”

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Hariri on March 14 Anniversary: Protecting Tyranny Wrong Way to Combat Terrorism

Head of the Mustaqbal Movement MP Saad Hariri stressed that the March 14, 2005 “independence intifada” will be remembered as a day when the Lebanese achieved a victory in the name of “their freedom, sovereignty, and national dignity,” while remarking that “protecting tyranny is not the right way to combat terrorism.”

He said in a statement on the tenth anniversary of the uprising: “Dragging Lebanon towards neighboring civil wars is the easiest way to ruin the lives of the Lebanese, who will not accept to become a part of the Iranian empire.”

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STL Unveils Audio Recording of 2005 Hariri-Ghazali Meeting

The U.N.-backed Special Tribunal for Lebanon disclosed Wednesday during a televised session an audio recording for a 2005 meeting that took place at the Qureitem Palace between ex-PM Rafik Hariri and then-chief of Syrian intelligence in Lebanon Rustom Ghazali.

The meeting -- which was also attended by Ad Diyar newspaper editor-in-chief Charles Ayoub -- focused on the electoral law that was being debated for the 2005 parliamentary vote.

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PSP: Taymour to Run Normally in Elections, Remarks on 'Ceding Seat' to Him in May Inaccurate

The Progressive Socialist Party clarified Tuesday afternoon the content of an interview for party chief MP Walid Jumblat with As Safir newspaper, noting that his son, Taymour, will run normally in parliamentary elections “just like other candidates.”

The line saying “Jumblat will hand over his Shouf parliamentary seat to his son Taymour in May” was “inaccurate”, the PSP said in a statement.

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Hariri Leaves Beirut after 12 Days of Political Activity

Al-Mustaqbal movement leader ex-PM Saad Hariri left Beirut for Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, after he stayed in Lebanon for twelve days.

Former “premier Saad Hariri left Beirut this evening for Riyadh,” Hariri's press office announced.

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Hariri Underlines Importance of Dialogue, Moderation in Battle against Extremism

Al-Mustaqbal Movement leader and ex-Prime Minister Saad Hariri stressed the importance of dialogue and moderation to combat the terrorism of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), local newspapers reported on Tuesday.

Hariri's statement came during a meeting for the leaders and members of al-Mustaqbal movement at the Center House in downtown Beirut on Monday night.

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Abdullah Azzam Brigades Warn Security Agencies, Call on Sunnis to Defect Army

The Qaida-linked Abdullah Azzam Brigades warned the Lebanese security agencies from continuing their war against Sunnis in Lebanon and detaining their youth, considering the apparatuses a direct enemy.

“Any Lebanese security agency that participates in oppressing the Sunnis in Lebanon and Syria will be our direct enemy,” the brigades said in a statement under the title “a message to the Lebanese people, government and army - 2.”

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