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Israel PM Hails Common Front with Arabs on Iran in Warsaw Talks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday hailed as a breakthrough a conference in Warsaw where he is standing side-by-side with Arab powers to confront Iran, hoping their common front can pave the way to greater normalisation of relations.

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Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Warsaw over Explosives Fear

Warsaw firefighters said Thursday that a Ryanair plane carrying 160 passengers from Oslo, Norway, to Warsaw's Modlin Airport made an emergency landing there because there was a suspicion of explosives on the aircraft.

Spokesman Pawel Pomorski said that 13 units of firefighters assisted the safe landing. No one was hurt.

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Bells Toll for Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 70 Years On

Sirens and church bells are set to ring across Warsaw Friday to mark 70 years to the day since hundreds of young, poorly armed Jews rose up against the Nazis in a doomed revolt.

Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski will lead a ceremony at the Monument to the Ghetto Heroes, with thousands of people including Holocaust survivors due to attend.

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Ghetto Prayer Case Unveiled at Polish Jews Museum

Poland's chief rabbi on Sunday unveiled a special prayer case at a new Polish Jews museum, days before its opening on the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw ghetto uprising.

"With the Mezuzah here, it really means we're at home," Rabbi Michael Schudrich said of the case, containing a scroll inscribed with a Hebrew prayer to protect the hearth.

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Quaint Finnish Homes in Warsaw Face Destruction

Nearby the big city rumbles, but one feels almost transported to a quiet forest village when standing amid a colony of Finnish wooden houses in Warsaw's government district.

The homes, erected as temporary housing in the destroyed capital just after World War II, have dwindled over the years from 90 to about 25. Now the surviving structures have become a point of contention between their inhabitants and a city government keen on tearing them down to make way for new developments.

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Activists Try to Save Old Warsaw Ghetto Building

It was the place where Jewish women did their ritual bathing. It was a tuberculosis clinic. It survived the German onslaught and became a gathering point for Holocaust survivors.

Now "the white building," the headquarters of the Jewish community and one of the few surviving remnants of the infamous Warsaw Ghetto, could be torn down to make way for a multistory tower that would fit seamlessly into a modern city skyline.

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'Invisible Exhibition' Opens Eyes to Blindness

The darkness is total. Mundane gestures suddenly become complicated. How do you find the door to your room, cook a meal or cross the road?

The "Invisible Exhibition" in the Polish capital Warsaw offers an opportunity to understand what it is like to be sightless, as blind guides steer visitors round in blacked-out rooms .

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Warsaw Commuter Trains Crash Head-On, 2 Hurt

Two commuter trains collided head-on in Warsaw Wednesday, injuring two people, on a stretch of railway near Poland's new national stadium where the Euro 2012 football championships kick off in June.

The crash caused major train delays, Polish State Railways spokesman Miroslaw Siemieniec said, according to PAP news agency. He said it was not yet known why both trains were travelling in opposite directions on the same track.

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Russian Whizzes Win Global Collegiate IT Contest

Three Russian computer whizzes were crowned the world's top collegiate programmers Thursday, when they clobbered 111 other teams from across the globe to win the 36th annual "Battle of Brains" in Warsaw.

Students Eugeniy Kapun, Mikhail Kever and Niyaz Nigmatullin from St. Petersburg State University of IT, Mechanics and Optics managed to solve nine of 12 problems in the allotted five hours, displaying the mental gymnastics required in the field.

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Poles Turn to Internet to Circumvent New Pet Breeding Laws

Poles have turned to cyberspace to circumvent a new animal rights law in Poland forbidding the sale of dogs and cats without a breeding license, which had been intended to stamp out cruelty to animals.

The law, which came into force on January 1, was intended to tackle the appalling conditions in which some unlicensed breeders kept their animals.

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