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US, Iran in tense sea incident; Tehran preps new centrifuges

A U.S. Navy warship fired a warning flare to wave off an Iranian Revolutionary Guard speedboat coming straight at it during a tense encounter in the strategic Strait of Hormuz, officials said Tuesday.

The incident on Monday involving the Guard and the Navy comes as tensions remain high over stalled negotiations over Iran's tattered nuclear deal with world powers and as Tehran enriches uranium closer than ever to weapons-grade levels under decreasing international oversight.

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Iran hangs man convicted of killing clerics in April attack

Iran on Monday morning hanged a man convicted of killing two clerics in a stabbing attack in April at a revered Shiite shrine, the country's state television reported.

The report says the death penalty was carried out by hanging after the country's Supreme Court upheld a verdict issued earlier by a Revolutionary Court in northeastern city of Mashhad, the place of the attack.

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Russia still pounds eastern Ukraine amid surging prices of food, fuel

Russia's military machine persevered in its ferocious effort to grind down Ukraine's defenses Monday, as the war's consequences for food and fuel supplies increasingly weighed on minds around the globe after warnings that the fighting could go on for years.

In Ukraine's eastern Luhansk region, which in recent weeks has become the focal point of Moscow's attempt to impose its will on its neighbor, battles raged for the control of multiple villages, the local governor said.

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How did Russia-Ukraine war trigger a food crisis in Lebanon, developing countries

Weeks of negotiations on safe corridors to get grain out of Ukraine's Black Sea ports have made little progress, with urgency rising as the summer harvest season arrives.

Countries like Lebanon, Somalia, Libya, Egypt and Sudan are heavily reliant on wheat, corn and sunflower oil from Ukraine and Russia.

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Colombia picks 1st leftist president in tight runoff contest

Colombia will be governed by a leftist president for the first time after former rebel Gustavo Petro narrowly defeated a real estate millionaire in a runoff election that underscored people's disgust with the country's traditional politicians.

Petro's third attempt to win the presidency earned him 50.48% of the votes Sunday, while political outsider Rodolfo Hernández got 47.26%, according to results released by election authorities.

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Macron alliance projected to lose parliamentary majority

French President Emmanuel Macron's centrist alliance was projected to lose its majority despite getting the most seats in the final round of parliamentary elections Sunday, while the far-right National Rally appeared to have made big gains.

The projections, which are based on partial results, say Macron's candidates would win between 230 and 250 seats — much less than the 289 required to have a straight majority at the National Assembly, France's most powerful house of parliament.

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Macron's second term on line in parliamentary election

France began voting Sunday in the final round of parliamentary elections, with centrist President Emmanuel Macron's coalition looking to hold off a challenge from a newly formed left-wing alliance.

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Germany says will take emergency measures to meet energy needs

Germany will take emergency measures to ensure it meets its energy needs after the drop in supply of Russian gas, including increased use of coal, the government said Sunday.

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Ukraine says repulsed Russian attacks near Severodonetsk

Ukrainian troops repulsed Russian attacks on villages near the eastern city of Severodonetsk, where the two armies have fought bloody battles for weeks, Kyiv's armed forces said Sunday.

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Zelensky hails EU backing as intense shelling hits Donbas

President Volodymyr Zelensky hailed Brussels' support for Ukraine's European Union bid a historic achievement, as his country's eastern Donbas region faced intense Russian shelling. 

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