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21 Arrested in Raids on Syrian Encampments in Zgharta

The army carried out on Saturday raids against Syrian refugee encampments in the northern area of Zgharta, reported the National News Agency.

It said that 21 Syrians were arrested in the region of Zgharta and Miziara.

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Scores, Including Suspected Syrian Terrorists, Arrested

The Lebanese army said on Monday that it has arrested two Syrians on the main road of Labweh-Arsal in the eastern Bekaa Valley on suspicion of belonging to terrorist groups.

A communique issued by the military command identified the two suspects as Mohammed Mustafa al-Jaour and Khaled Mohammed al-Ghawi.

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12 Wounded in Zgharta Balcony Collapse

Twelve people were injured on Saturday when the balcony of a house in the northern Zgharta district collapsed, the state-run National News Agency reported.

NNA said that around 30 people had gathered on the four-meter-square balcony in the town of al-Fuwwar to cheer a bride when it gave way under their weight.

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Health Ministry Puts End to Debate on Infant's Death in Zgharta Hospital

The Ministry of Health put an end Thursday to an uproar over the death of an infant at the Family Medical Center in the northern district of Zgharta, declaring that the child died of “severe medical complications and pulmonary infections.”

The controversy had started after members of the infant's family spoke of “medical negligence due to financial reasons.”

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Army, Police Arrest Suspected Terrorists in Bekaa, North

The Lebanese army and police arrested on Thursday several suspects including a Lebanese and a Syrian on suspicion of having ties with terrorist organizations.

Judicial police apprehended Ali Mohammed Tareq Safsouf in the area of al-Ayrounieh in the northern Zgharta district, said the state-run National News Agency.

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Military Expert Detonates Bomb in Zgharta's Majdlaya

A military expert detonated a bomb that was found on a side road between the district of Zgharta and the northern city of Tripoli, the military said on Saturday.

“At 8:30 p.m. on Friday an army unit located four kilograms of explosives on Majdlaya - al-Qobbeh road,” the army said in a communique.

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ISF Intelligence Officer Gunned Down in Zgharta as Army Seizes Bomb

An Internal Security Forces intelligence officer was killed at dawn Monday after gunmen opened fire at him in the northern district of Zgharta, the ISF and the state-run National News Agency said, while an explosive device was seized later in the day in the region.

NNA said Chief Warrant Officer Ghassan Ajaj, 47, died after an armed man shot him near his house in the town of Meryata.

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Army Defuses 10-Kg Bomb Found on Zgharta Road

A military expert dismantled on Wednesday around 10 kilograms of explosives found on a road in Zgharta district in northern Lebanon, the army said.

The bomb was discovered by General Security's Intelligence Branch officers on the road of Majdlaya that lies between the city of Tripoli and the town of Zgharta.

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Army Nabs Several Suspects as Crackdown on Offenders Continues

The army continued on Friday clamping down on offenders across Lebanon, detaining several suspects linked to terror acts, the military command said in a statement.

An army unit raided Syrian encampments in the Zgharta town of Meryata, arresting ten Syrians who entered the country illegally.

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More Than 20 Syrians Arrested in Raids throughout Lebanon

The Army Intelligence carried out on Saturday raids on Syrian refugee encampments in the northern city of Zgharta and the Mount Lebanon region of Iqlim al-Kharroub, reported the National News Agency.

It said that 15 Syrians were arrested during the operation in Zgharta.

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