Ziad Baroud
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Rain Finally Arrives, Dousing Dozens of Forest Fires

Lebanon on Monday finally received the much-awaited rain that helped douse dozens of forest fires, including a 7-day blaze on the outskirts of the Jbeil town of Fatri.

"The sky saved the earth," said the Voice of Lebanon radio station.

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Baroud: ISF should Not Fall in Political Rhetoric Trap

Interior Minister Ziad Baroud denied on Saturday that he had problems with the general directorate of the Internal Security Forces, but said the institution should not fall in the trap of political rhetoric and should abide by rules and regulations.

“I was surprised to see that (ISF chief) Ashraf Rifi’s answer was published in one of the newspapers,” Baroud told LBC TV network.

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Baroud: I will Reveal the Name of Any Officer Who Doesn’t Perform his Duty

Interior Minister Ziad Baroud condemned on Tuesday politicians’ protection of officers who have had shortcomings in performing their duties in traffic control.

He said during a press conference that he will reveal the name of any officer who does not perform his duty, adding that the tense political situation in Lebanon does not exempt any one from his obligations in tackling traffic issues.

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