ملاكم لبناني يرفع علم حزب الله على حلبة أميركية

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خاض الملاكم اللبناني محمد علي مباراة في الملاكمة ضد لاعب عالمي آخر وربح المباراة.

إنما ما جعل الموضوع أكثر اثارة هو عندما صرخ محمد قائلاً :"يا حسين" ليسدد بعدها الضربة القاضية ويفوز و يرفع وطاقمه علم حزب الله في الولايات المتحدة وسط الجماهير الامركية التي أتت لمشاهدة المباراة.

ووفق ما يظهر الفيديو أتى رفاق محمد علي حاملين له العلم ومن ثم عاد ورفعه هو ورفع علامات النصر.

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Missing applesandoranges 19:20 ,2011 تشرين الثاني 30

It would have been so much better had he raised the LEBANESE flag instead.

Missing hiram-of-tyre 19:49 ,2011 تشرين الثاني 30

They identify more with Hizbola than Lebanon...

Default-user-icon Lebanese first (ضيف) 20:03 ,2011 تشرين الثاني 30

Just to show the real allegiance of these thugs... a flag of an organization instead of the flag of his country! Do these guys understand why we utterly reject them, their party, their ideology, and everything they represent?

The day will come when we will kick those thugs out of country, and restore Lebanon to the true Lebanese... Soon inch'allah!

Default-user-icon kamall (ضيف) 20:14 ,2011 تشرين الثاني 30

unfortunately the Karbalaa industry is just like the holocaust these days... so far from the true meaning of ISlam when we worship a person..

Missing realist 20:53 ,2011 تشرين الثاني 30

They are living their last days.. let them enjoy the jackpot.. the house always wins

Default-user-icon Murad (ضيف) 20:53 ,2011 تشرين الثاني 30

I love it when naharnet's Lebanese bien2ifshu. The Hizbullah flag in this case is more significant because the land of freedom forbids it.

Default-user-icon hanna (ضيف) 21:11 ,2011 تشرين الثاني 30

Might be mistaken, but all talk in british or Australian accent and not us

Thumb libnani 22:13 ,2011 تشرين الثاني 30

The West is what has given us all our problems. If they never took part in the post Ottoman Empire reconstruction of the Middle East, we would not have these stupid parties anyway, we would have just had the values that allowed the Arabs to succeed in the past.

Thumb chrisrushlau 22:18 ,2011 تشرين الثاني 30

"Brandish" makes you at Naharnet sound like you regard a flag as a weapon. Moverover, a weapon which you fear.

Missing youssefhaddad 22:20 ,2011 تشرين الثاني 30

Just being a cage fighter shows the intellectual level of this guy!

Default-user-icon Sal (ضيف) 22:30 ,2011 تشرين الثاني 30

Oh man, the FBI will be up his ying yang now for showing this flag.

Default-user-icon Gabby (ضيف) 22:34 ,2011 تشرين الثاني 30

They only resort to brutality. They can't win politically or intellectually.

Too bad they have no patriotism.

Default-user-icon Luxembourg Bob (ضيف) 23:28 ,2011 تشرين الثاني 30

At least he did not hang a huge picture of the saudi king in Beirut while proclaiming Lebanon First....

Default-user-icon F LF (ضيف) 03:08 ,2011 كانون الأول 01

CFC is in australia im pretty sure, which is why he holds it up. He'd be too afraid to raise it live in the States because they would rape him. plus theres plenty of Christians in UFC that could out fight him.

Missing aussileb 04:23 ,2011 كانون الأول 01

all u haters keep on hating. RESPECT to this warrior.

Missing rognation 05:03 ,2011 كانون الأول 01

if your Lebanese you raise your country's flag if he's American / Lebanese he should raise both flags. regardless that was a good knock out.

@bigdig; If America is their enemy, then are half of them are living in Dearborn, Mitchigan???

Thumb mrbrain 07:22 ,2011 كانون الأول 01


Default-user-icon hanna (ضيف) 07:43 ,2011 كانون الأول 01

thanks mcbrain, i tried to say that earlier yet no one took notice. The announcers and refs are not speaking with a us accent...

Default-user-icon observor (ضيف) 08:59 ,2011 كانون الأول 01

A disgusting thug.....He is a citizen of the statelet of hizb of thugs!

Default-user-icon Reader (ضيف) 09:05 ,2011 كانون الأول 01

@Luxembourg Bob, you seem to lack the ability to think things out. Don't you think it would have been rather stupid for Hariri to put that poster there when he was talking about Lebanon first? Don't you think it made him look bad? The answer is yes. The poster wasn't hanging the whole time, just dropped when Hariri went up. Why? To make him look bad. Now think, who owns the building the poster was dropped from?

There, now you can shut up.

Thumb thepatriot 10:09 ,2011 كانون الأول 01


Default-user-icon G (ضيف) 10:28 ,2011 كانون الأول 01

CFC is in Australia i believe. It wasnt so smart to lift the flag up at this stage of career cuz it will not move him forward, politically they wont let him. He is not even in the big leagues (UFC) to give the big FU to whomever.

Was it even a title fight?

Anyways, IF he does make it big, if his fight card is against a jew, he will have to directly forfeit due to Lebanese law

There was a boxing match in Canada that had a Lebanese vs a South american and it was a fight of the century, as commentators described it. Both gave it their best.

I support Lebanon first, thats patriotism.

Thumb thepatriot 10:29 ,2011 كانون الأول 01

A "Mc brain" does not sound super appealing ;-)

Thumb leblover 10:46 ,2011 كانون الأول 01

لو كان مسافر على حساب الحزهاد شي بسموه نكران للجميل, كانهم مش معترفين بلبنان و يمكن يكون تكاليف سفرته و اقامته و فريقة على حساب الدولة اللبنانية فانا كالبناني بقله الله يخليلك حزب الله يلي كل يوم عم يعطينا ضربة قاضية من الفقيه

Thumb mrbrain 11:56 ,2011 كانون الأول 01

Hanna there are many important subject to discuss..However the sectarian bloggers are focusing on trivial subjects...Biased Naharnet won’t ban the people who spread hatred.....If you live abroad do yourself a favor and avoid having a relationship with the Lebanese …They will bring you worthless headaches and the comments are the best example....

Default-user-icon User (ضيف) 12:01 ,2011 كانون الأول 01

What the hell is this guy doing in the USA, living there, earning money there, PAYING HIS TAXES, living the American dream, If he likes the Hizb that much.

Knowing that this party says every day: death to America.

He is betraying this party AND the USA somehow!

I would love to see him fight in south Lebanon instead.

Default-user-icon User (ضيف) 13:48 ,2011 كانون الأول 01

Sweating_demon-- it is a matter of principle. IF i hate Nigeria and I am a racist guy for example, I won't go there, work and wave the KKK flag!

But this is hypocrisy!!

Default-user-icon Topgun (ضيف) 15:55 ,2011 كانون الأول 01


Missing roomforalan 23:30 ,2011 كانون الأول 01

@youssefhaddad loooooool!! Little does this guy know that all the gym and muscles = 1 bullet :) Hizbollah rules lebanon.. how beautiful

Default-user-icon GodBlessLebanon (ضيف) 17:49 ,2011 كانون الأول 14

Respect to our hero Mohammad Ali.. Allah ma3ak bro

Default-user-icon rawdem (ضيف) 22:03 ,2011 كانون الأول 14

That fight was in the UK, vs scott stribbling (israeli Jew). Tony khalife did an interview with Ali on alNasher (Newtv) where he recounts the story how it happened. It's best to know the facts before commenting...

Default-user-icon jamsta (ضيف) 13:14 ,2011 كانون الأول 16

You idiots, it is a statement and stand he is making by raising the flag and because he is not allowed to do that, he is also proud like many other Lebanese of the resistant, and for those who think they should go to Iran cause they are getting the support from them,so what, during the WW2 many resistance movements used to get help from the U.k, the French and the Norwegian resistant used to have their headquarters offices in London, so next time thing before you talk and remember history well, all the Lebanese should be proud of them cause they liberate the country from the Israeli invasion, not only the Shi'ite area and trying to make them look as if they are the bad guys.

Default-user-icon mister ayre fecon ya haters (ضيف) 00:33 ,2012 كانون الثاني 15

i like wat he did, he is free to do watever he wants
i respect that, and i hate those peaple who dont ....

Default-user-icon Hani (ضيف) 16:09 ,2012 آب 26

Just for your info all of you, he was wearing the lebanese flag. but i guess your terrorist thinking and hate toward some of the lebanese society blinded your eyes :)
Go Mohammad Ali, we adore you