مسؤول في حزب الله: الناس لن يقبلوا وجود قوات تعيش بينهم وتعتبرهم إرهابيين

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أعلن مسؤول في حزب الله أن أهل الجنوب لن يقبلون بقوات دولية "تعتبرهم إرهابيين" في حين قلل رئيس إحدى بلديات المحافظة من احتمال اندلاع أعمال عنف ردا على القرار الأوروبي بإدراج "الجناح العسكري" لحزب الله على لائحة الإرهاب.

وفي التفاصيل قالت صحيفة "فايننشال تايمز" الخميس ان القرار "وضع قوات الأمم المتحدة المؤقتة لحفظ السلام في لبنان "يونيفيل" في موضع حرج".

ونسبت الصحيفة إلى قائد الكتيبة الإيرلندية، طوني ماكينا، قوله إن "المجتمعات المحلية الموالية لحزب الله التي تنسّق وحدته معها بانتظام، لم تثر مسألة قرار الاتحاد الأوروبي حتى الآن، مع أننا كنا نتوقع أن يكون هناك رد فعل عنيف لكننا لم نواجه مثل هذا الموقف حتى الآن".

وأشارت إلى أن مسؤولا في حزب الله، لم تكشف عن هويته، أكد بأن الناس "لن يقبلوا وجود قوات تعيش بينهم وتعتبرهم دولها إرهابيين".

إلا أن الصحيفة نقلت عن أحمد الزاوي، رئيس بلدية قرية في جنوب لبنان، وهو مؤيد لحزب الله، قوله "نحن كسكان محليين في الجنوب عاملنا قوات يونيفيل مثل ضيوف مقدّسين وحميناها، لكن ماذا فعلوا في المقابل؟ وضعونا على لائحة الإرهاب".

وقلل الزاوي من شأن أي اقتراح باندلاع أعمال عنف، وأصرّ على أن حزب الله "سيرد بالطرق السياسية على قرار الاتحاد الأوروبي، الذي وضعنا على لائحة الإرهاب، لكننا سنعامل قوات يونيفيل بطريقة حسنة لأن ذلك يمثل طريقنا".

يذكر ان الاتحاد الاوروبي قرر في 26 تموز الفائت تبني عقوبات ضد الجناح العسكري لحزب الله وادرجه على اللائحة السوداء للاشخاص والمجموعات او الكيانات التي تعتبر ارهابية.

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Thumb bigsami 17:09 ,2013 آب 08

Idiots! Talking about shooting yourself in the foot...again. Without UNIFL Israel would have had you for breakfast and spit you out after having indigestion. And let's not forget....Hassan to come out and say HA won.

Thumb bigsami 17:20 ,2013 آب 08

Have no need for them? lololol. Terrorists they are and will be as long as they continue killing innocent people across the globe! Scums!

Thumb geha 17:48 ,2013 آب 08

the m8 comments confirm my post: hizbushaitan are getting crazier by the day.
they are seeing how much they are hated across the world and in Lebanon in particular, and they are unable to deal with reality. :)

Thumb geha 17:21 ,2013 آب 08

hzbushaitan is getting crazy!
nasrallah had said "let them put hizbushaitan on the terror list" and now they are threatening?
it seems like this Iranian terrorist militia has lost it, and they are going to commit something they will regret.

Thumb benzona 22:16 ,2013 آب 08

And no sympathy from Lebanese civilian's that aren't on the petro-embargo Iranian dollars perfusion.

الله يلعن بشار & نصر الله

Les terroristes!

Thumb shab 17:36 ,2013 آب 08

So what's this article about? The filthy militia won't accept troops living among them and then “They put us on the terrorist list, but we’re going to treat (UNIFIL) well, because that’s our way,”? So what's the conclusion?

Missing un520 18:43 ,2013 آب 08

I agree 100% with texas. UNIFIL and the lebanese shia cummunity of all sects has strong relations than even Hezbollah cant manage to break. This reminds me of a muslim cleric in Iraq who tried to prevent his supporters from watching football, saying that people should focus on their religious duties instead. Most people just want to live their life, to enjoy things like music, sports, social life, to make business that can make a better future for their families.
Most european UNIFIL soldiers who came to lebanon in the late 70s and onwards came with pro-Israeli views due to the effects of WW2/holocaust (deny it or not). However during their stay in Lebanon they saw what was really going on here, and their witness accounts about Israeli violations had a massive influence in changing the opionion in their homelands. Today most people in (UNIFIL)countries like the nordic countries, Ireland and France are sympathetic towards the palesitinan cause and Lebanon. (cont..)

Missing un520 18:43 ,2013 آب 08

Since someone mentiones Qana, a documentary was made where UN soldiers told about what they saw as targeted bombing using drones (including video)and about the terrible scenes on the ground. If you thing that it will be difficult for shiah to live with european UNIFIL-soldiers from now on, its clearly another bad analysis from Hezbollah.

Missing nuetral 19:32 ,2013 آب 08

Check this out the reason for the war in Syria.


Missing helicopter 20:16 ,2013 آب 08

How typical, ignore the official position of the Lebanese Government .......... they want to behave as the state they think they are.
They support UN presence as long as it is to their benefit.
They support the LAF so long it is to their benefit.
They support the formation of a Cabinet so long it is to their benefit
Go bless Lebanon, its president and the LAF.

Default-user-icon Joe (ضيف) 20:51 ,2013 آب 08

No such thing as Israeli Violations.. The Unifil actually is there to protect the population for the terror of hizballah.

Israel has every right to defend itself from these terrorists in any way it sees fit.

Thumb lebanon_first 20:53 ,2013 آب 08

"HA welcomed UNIFIL and protected them".... What an arrogant thing to say!
UNIFIL soldiers have other things to do. they are here to fix the mistake of your boss HASSAN. Their presence is protecting us from israel. You should thank them for sacrificing and being here instead of saying arrogant nonsense.

Thumb benzona 22:14 ,2013 آب 08

Ya fake southerner. Hezb Ebola has no say on the matter.... They're barking, that's all they can do in Lebanon after they proved to the WORLD that they are terrorists.

Missing helicopter 04:18 ,2013 آب 09

Happy Eid to you too. May Allah make Lebanon a real country with the LAF protecting all of us from takfiris and from HA.

Missing greatpierro 14:59 ,2013 آب 09

so let terrorist ha show the un how a terrorist organization behaves.

Missing taraman1 15:04 ,2013 آب 09

The people who would end up regretting the departure of UNIFIL the most would be those who live in the area patrolled by UNIFIL troops. For all those who think that UNIFIL does not do anything for the south: Stop deluding yourselves. UNIFIL provides thousands of jobs for local people, be it directly or indirectly. Their departure would hurt the south economically, an area of Lebanon that needs external help to prosper. The departure of UNIFIL would have disastrous economic consequences for the locals. HA knows this quite well. All their current declarations are smokescreens. UNIFIL will stay and HA will be glad they did.

Thumb bashir 16:15 ,2013 آب 09

"Hizbullah Official on Hizbullah: People Accept Troops Living among Them, Forgetting We are Terrorists"

would have been more accurate